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This story is a sequel to The Five Second War

The five-second war is over, as have four weeks of careful deliberation and discussion. All that is left is for Equestria's elected officials to weigh in on their changeling problem. That shouldn't be hard, right?

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To the person who disliked this within 30 seconds of it being posted... why? XD

Actually that's a special action and cannot be responded to. As such it goes through before we can do anything,

Okay, fair, but does it trigger any abilities we can respond to?
What? We're clearly getting into Magic: the Gathering levels of legal chicanery here. :derpytongue2:

Ah. Not entirely accurate assessment on my part. After all, changelings would normally have every creature type, including Noble. Fascinating to see you continue this, and just why Celestia let it play out. Looking forward to seeing what more you may do with the concept.

Lost the war, win the heart of the sun. Way to go, my queen!

I was thinking the exact same thing. I'd guess it's either a state-based action or something similar to a morphed creature flipping.

Great continuation btw, I'm now invested on the Everfree Barony Hive

“I- you, wait,” Gerry Mander huffed and puffed for several seconds before sitting back down. “I really should have finished grade school.”

Then why is this guy a lord?! Don't they have minimum instruction requirements?

A special action is like playing a land, morphing a creature that type of deal. State-based actions are like Elesh Norn's static ability. So the equivalent here would be a morph effect which I feel is fitting for a changeling.

Just like becoming the president of the united states in this fantasy world there are no requirements save for age, and citizenship.

Chrysalis scowled. “Let me guess, he was the one with the resplendent pantaloons?”
“No, that was lord Resplendent Pantaloons,” Celestai answered.
Chrysalis blinked. “You’re joking.”

You can never be completely sure whether a pony name is real or merely made up...

Then again his name was Cannon Fodder so I probably should have seen that coming. Chrysalis thought to herself.

What kind of parents would use a name like this in a world where names are often directly tied to destiny?

“It was that law which started the spilled jasmine tea crisis of fourteen seventy nine.”
“Nice,” someone whispered.

Indeed nice. I wonder what happened back then.

“I- you, wait,” Gerry Mander huffed and puffed for several seconds before sitting back down. “I really should have finished grade school.”

That's actually a good idea. One of the best he had so far.

A sly smile slowly spread across Chrysalis’ face. “That is downright dastardly. I love it.”


Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Small thing:

We will now open up questions to the peanut gallery,

Did you mean "peasant"?

Probably one of the nobles from the house of lords.

Amazing sequel.


You can never be completely sure whether a pony name is real or merely made up...

It is a pony name, they're all made up. ^^

Nah that guy has little respect for the randos in the audience. To him its the peanut gallery.

All words are made up. You think the universe assigned a series of grunts to every object in existance? XD


some ppl can read 4,333 words in less than 30 sec? wow... that's is fking fast...:rainbowlaugh:
like princes Book-horse fast :twilightoops:
If I can read that fast..., I don't know really... it too fast for me, I can only read like 8,665 words per min :trollestia: (not really, I read this in like 30 min because have to translate some words and that)
I think if you can read that fast don't like it, is a totally 100% real, no fake dislike :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Well, you had my curiosity... now good writer, you have my attention! :moustache:

Definitely looking forward to more of this in the future. The comedy and the world building are both quite enjoyable.

This was great.

“So if I were to construct my hive there that would make me what… a baroness?” Chrysalis mused.

I would actually argue “Marchioness” or “Margravine”.

Baron is the lowest inherited noble rank basically given to someone who just doesn’t have a claim to anything else. A Duke conversely tends to be quite powerful and with vast lands, possibly even a sovereign royal in their own right.

Between the two we have the rank of earl/count and marquess (or marquis or margrave on the continent). Nominally they’re pretty similar in rank, both ruling over what should be styled as “counties”, but a marqess traditionally has a county (or rather, a “march”) that’s on the border of the realm and another realm. This makes them more important since they have to defend and keep and eye on another realm, thus, the marquess is considered to be of a higher rank than the count.

Anyway my point is that an argument could be made that the Everfree Forest is sufficiently dangerous and also sufficiently large enough to warrant being called a march despite not being on the border of the realm, and thus, Chrysalis could style herself as a marchioness (the feminine form of marquess which, despite its appearance, is actually masculine), or if Equestria’s titles are more Continental than British, a margravine.

Well, this was fun. I'll have to keep an eye out for if/when you make more.

Also, I ended up giving Like #69.

Well, just look who decided to show up after all this time.

I have some words for you, Chrysalis. Some choice fucking words.

(Ah, Celestia... finding a way to achieve victory in defeat, mutual victory, that will support both parties and strengthen relations... also, maybe get herself a marefriend. I very much approve of this version of the Solar Diarch!)

Im glad you liked it because I've already planned out five weeks of planning, five months of work, five years of struggle, and five decades of hardship. As well as five centuries of love.


“Is it true you can turn into anything?” shouted a young filly who was only just barely tall enough to peek over the railing. “What about my stuffed bear Wiggles?”

I see what you did there.
Since Gerry Mander's introduction I waited for a filly Buster. You did not disappoint.

Resplendent Pantaloons is going to be really sad if they ever find out their name was mocked as such.

I am 1000% for this specific Chrysalis Celestia pairing

Being a lord is equivalent to being rich. You can easily be born into it without doing anything of note more impressive than picking your nose.

“No, that was lord Resplendent Pantaloons,” Celestai answered.


My head echos with a single letter .... And the is "e"
I want so much more of this

To be fair, even in such times where nobility were common, to play an active member of government beyond managing the lands owned by ones family, an individual would have to attend educational institutions to act as an absolute minimum education.

Of course, it was difficult to NOT graduate, because nobility. But, there was such a thing as too incompetent to not get expelled. Royalty had absolute power, with few restrictions and they stood to gain little by allowing idiots to facilitate infrastructure.

I remember that at some point there was a minimum instruction requirement to get elected here in Italy. I forgot we aren't talking of an elected position here...

5 Years of Flirting.

Five years had passed from the Changelings unconditional surrender, five years after a five second war that Luna missed. Five years since a five week deliberation that she was all but barred from attending after her suggestions to "make the problem disappear." Five damnable years of seeing her sister do more than fraternize with the enemy, she was outright flirting with them!

Many a good breakfasts were lost to the porcelain throne in those five years as Luna was forced to bare witness to the nauseating back and forth of her sister and the baroness supreme, a title that shouldn't exist but did thanks to their inane flirting.


I guess it depends on whether the universe is predetermined or not. XD

Helix Splice still plots to destroy the horrid bug ponies. Because bugs are gross! TOTALLY LEGITIMATE REASONING!!! So there! Nyah!


"I've been thinking, Celestia. What's the real reason you chose to help me?"

"Because I like you."


"Yes, that is included in our deal. All you must do is ask."

prequel - Hi! I'm chrysalis *slap* nice to meet you :twilightsmile:
current - HA! I win! *blush* Wait what!?:trollestia:
sequel - senpai:yay: ... notice me senpai!!!:heart:

Who's on First is a great sketch that I haven't thought about in years. Thanks for the reminder.

Definitely had to read after the first one. Loved it thoroughly and would definitely keep reading of you put out more sequels. I'd say my only complaint would be that the flirting kind of came out of nowhere. The slightest explanation of where it had started or that it was just starting as a way of trying to screw with Celestia would be all it would take. Just something to consider if you are planning on continuing the story. But even if you decide not to it is still an enjoyable read.

Happy to stumble onto this story.

Hm Baroness is QUITE lower in the peerage than Duchess. As one is the LOWEST rank and the other as high as can be without going to Queen, Princess and Empress

Loved this one, will there be or is there more?

There is a very good chance there will be more.

That is the one flaw in her plan...she 'Surrendered' her nation is no more, and her rights are only the rights of the defeated. There was requirements for treatment and such, but she said it was unconditional, that means this band of fools could have done a lot to make her changelings lives hell...they didn't, because Celestia is not the type to rule a country like that. An eternal grindstone, she has sanded off the rougher edges of her nation, till only the gleaming jewel remains, they could only think to bluster, rather than cruelties.

That all said, you have my respect as an author, you spun quite the nice tale, twice over. Thank you for the read.

This was fun and cute. I really enjoyed this continuation, and if more happens to come out, I'd be glad to read it. :twilightsmile:


Are the sequels going to follow the same naming schema?
3. Five Hours of Twilight Panicking
4. Five Months of Transition
5. Five Years of Integration

Like I've said before. Im glad you liked it because I've already planned out five weeks of planning, five months of work, five years of struggle, and five decades of hardship. As well as five centuries of love.

Hmmm... 1st chapter — 2.1k words, 2nd chapter — 4.3k words... If this pattern holds, then the last chapter will be 64k words?

Translated: FicBook, PonyFiction (I added your sequel as next chapter of the first fic, if you don't mind — I don't wanna make 100500 sequel fics, because anthology really better than many discrete sequels), Tabun.

The 15 minute Great War comes to mind

So THIS is why Celestia sent the Changelings to the Everfree. When I re-read the first story I was so confused because I remembered reading the part where Celestia sent the Changelings to live in the Everfree. Now I see why you deleted that part from the original story.

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