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Sequel to The Queen of Hearts.

Queen Nymph has truly made her mark as the ruler of the changelings. Because of her hard efforts, her changelings never again have to worry of finding enough love to survive and now can enjoy new lives in Equestria. With the Changeling Kingdom no longer struggling, Nymph sets her eyes on her toughest challenge yet: To have her sister Chrysalis forgiven and able to return home with her. Queen Nymph travels to Equestria and swears to make her family whole again, no matter what it takes.

Thanks to musicman722 and atikin for proofreading the story. Thanks also to Feng Leigh for commissioning this awesome picture and to the artist SonicSweeti.

Chapters (22)
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Good start so far. Definitely hope to see more.

Its actually happening? (checks to see if dreaming). Today is a good day, thank you.

Was not actually expecting a sequel. Sounds nice so far.

A crescent moon‐shaped bed sounds like an awfully impractical thing. I dare say that it’d be worse than even a heart‐shaped bed.

"to act as tough and as Luna"
"to act as tough as Luna"?

"asked herself what would the late Queen Rhopa"
"what the"?

"can they possibly love her anymore"
"any more"?

"There lied the queen who"

"wasn’t too much to talk about the kingdom had"
"about; the"?

Fixed. Thank you for finding those.

You're welcome. :)

Ah, I had forgotten about that. I was thinking… flatter…‐wise. :twilightsheepish: I’d recommend wording it such that there’s no ambiguity but I can’t think of an elegant way to do so. :unsuresweetie:

Yay, sequel!!

Ouch, poor Chryssie. Good that Luna's always there with hugs for the hug bug.

... I want those Chryssie dolls. <.< - >.>

'no matter what it take' - takes (in the description)

'Amd Luna' - And

Is it gonna be mainly Queen Nymph's perspective, or evenly split with Chrysalis, or it will be mainly Chrysalis's perspective?

Nymph's, but there will be a few moments with Chrysalis. The reason I chose Nymph was because Chrysalis's character had already gone through a lot of development in the first story and I wasn't entirely sure where I could take it for a second story.

Hurrah, a sequel!

For some reason I imagine the bed rocks slowly at the press of a button. Maybe there's a second button that makes it pivot like a pirate ship ride.
I cant decide if it's relaxing or the thing you think is a good idea when you buy it but regret on the first usage


Queen of Hearts is my favourite MLP fic, and I've really been looking forward to a potential sequel. The fact I managed to find this on my birthday raises suspicion, though. I suspect changelings may be involved....

another wonderful chapter, thank you


A new chapter.



~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Hey, since this is AFTER Twilight got her castle does that mean the Cutie Map is working also what about the Mirror Portal, is it in the castle and working, maybe you could have Chrysalis and Nymph find the portal by mistake and they fall through it and end up in the Human Equestria and find out about humans then, I bet that they could morph into their human forms after they would return to pony equestria.

... This is going to end badly.

Hey, Chryssie can't help that Celestia's plot is such a broad topic. :3

That's one way to expedite politics.


'Her rug between her bed' - The rug

'sounding rather disappointing' - disappointed

'resulted her in receiving' - in her

Well, it could've gone worse, I guess?

Pfft, of course she'd stumble into Shining's mom.

Luna's a trooper, but even she has her limits.

Poor coffee maker.


'I’ve spent so much time her from my numerous visits' - time here from

'Why are you riding on your guards on such a manner!?' - guards in such

Didn't know a sequel was made.
I was browsing when I found The Queen of Hearts again along with its newly made sequel.
I eagerly await to see what you deliver.

They are taking the Chryssy too lightly.

so the firstvchapter is before Rainbow Rocks but thos one is after?

Yes. A few weeks passed between chapters.

Uuumm. The media can be sued for slander. Opinion is one thing, false reporting is another.

Snrk. Everything's going simply swimmingly, I see.

Good to see Nymph is putting so much thought into her actions. >.>

Nymph was no match for Millie's powers.


Welp, I hope this reporter is keen towards full body casts.

'Luna turned to them, loudly make noises as chunks of her breakfast splattered the floor' - making

You would think so, but Ponyville Confidential kinda shows that newspapers, even ones run by schools, can pretty much get away with anything, even when they stretch the truth. Even a bad story about Celestia herself didn't cause any consequences to them, so I guess newspapers have a lot more freedom in Equestria.

Actually in a rough draft of the story, the CMC become the Changeling Mark Crusaders to see if they can help changelings get cutie marks and no adult wants to tell them it's not possible because it's like telling them there is no Santa Hooves. I dropped it because it doesn't really contribute much to the main plot, but Apple Bloom might bring up it was something they tried in the future.

I didn't turn them into changedlings because there's not really a way to make it work in this universe. Changelings already express love so that wouldn't make sense. I can't say that simply being exposed to all the love in Equestria does it either as not only Chrysalis once took a vast amount of love from Shining Armor, but also has been living in Equestria for months without anything happening.

Comment posted by Razzy deleted Dec 31st, 2017

Pfft, poor Thorax.

Drowning in them ladies.

... Rarity's secret. XD

Hopefully they didn't plant any of those flowers around Chryssie's house.

Just get a Blueblood dumny to release your anger on, Chryssie. >.>

'summoned to hear our even more tedious demands' - hear out

'model her clothes as a changeling in perfect for her line of work' - clothes, as a changeling I'm perfect

'Looking back her sister' - back to her

How that story have so few views

I'd say it boils down to two main reasons.

1. People are still reading the first story. I still get notifications now and then that people have been adding it to their favorites and it's a long story, so it will probably be a long time before they get to this one.

2. People are scared of chapter lengths. I will admit I write really damn long chapters. It's not on purpose, but I try to make each chapter as eventful and memorable as possible. I could break each chapter to 2-3 parts, but I feel like the story would be easier to follow and remember if they were big chunks rather than little pieces. What would scare a reader more? About 25 long chapters or about 60-75 medium length chapters?

Did you add it to groups? Pretty often ppl miss that there is sequel.

It's in a few groups, but I probably should look around to find any more it can fit in. I do have plenty of groups in mind to add this to, but we haven't reached that far in the story yet.

There is always option to throw some info in previous story about sequel or something. Anyway great story sad that it don't have enough recognition

It's really odd and kind of upsetting this doesn't have that much attention. Especially because this is one of my more favored stories.

didn't know sequel existed reading fest engaged

Well i enjoyed that chaper, Now to wait for the next one

I ship Nymph/Thorax so badly now

This could've gone better. (understatement of the century)

Pfft, Star Bugs. XD

Jeez, Thorax really is sheltered.

Uh oh, Nymph is really crushed by all this.

'hastily as the others watch with worry.' - watched

'her eyes become bloodshot' - became

'Cadance and I have actually been actually talking' - have actually been talking

'would let out go around' - let her go

'should just hideout as Cherub' - hide out

'to make to him a certain' - make up to him

I feel with Nymph here. This Chrysse never attack the Empire and they handled her worst of any.

There was Spike, her lifelong companion, Pinkie, the sugar crazed pony who somehow managed to reach out to Chrysalis, Fluttershy, the kindhearted marefriend of Pinkie and keeper of the adorable and delicious animals, Rarity, the beautiful seamstress, Rainbow Dash, the talented yet boastful flier, and Applejack, the...farmer.

Applejack the dependable and honest farmer.

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