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Non-professional editor. Wannabe composer. I've explored all sides of the mlp fandom and decided it's worth tagging along. So here I am, in the best part of it.


Of failure and apology · 3:00am Apr 1st, 2017

I have two pieces of news, both regarding Love, Ruin, and Retribution.

First, Chapter 4 is coming along nicely.
Second, Chapter 4 is coming along nicely.

It's then end of the month and the chapter's not out, even though I said it would be. I'm not sure why I set myself a deadline; I'm usually not too good with those. Thus, for those of you looking forward to a new chapter, I'm sorry. When it does come out, I hope you'll find it to be worth the wait.

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A Little About Me

Name: Cyanhyde §

Started getting into MLP: September 2013, I believe.

Favorite Pony: Vinyl Scratch, by far. She's actually the main reason I got into MLP. (And she needs to have her own emoticon.) Second favorite would have to be Rainbow Dash because she and I have a lot in common.

Favorite entire episode: Slice Of Life. It's too good. I know it's pandering and I know it shouldn't really be considerable as a favorite of MLP episodes, but I've always been more impressed with this fandom and its connection with the creators, so I can't help but love it most. Also, everyone wanted a Vinyl/Octavia duet. Everyone.

MLP familiarity: I'm learning more every day, but I'm very-well enamored with the show's lore and its ponies' as well. In terms of the fandom, I'm most familiar with the literary sect of it and least familiar with it's musical sect (I know: coming from a wannabe composer that's pretty poor of me). Nevertheless, I'm interested in all aspects of the fandom and thoroughly enjoyed my attendance both at BronyCon 2015 and 2016, and can't wait for the next one. Here's to this fandom still being awesome!

Fic reading: Actually, I'd never visited a fic site before this one. I only visited it because, while I was reading about her name's history, I found there was a fic of Octavia.
As of right now, I'm up-to-date with ALL the major Fallout: Equestia side-stories, am fully tracking the Winningverse (working through its companion stories), have read gratuitous amounts of TaviScratch, and have perused a number of the greatest, best known, and most notorious tales to come out of the literary side of this fandom. I'm also working on clearing my frustrating "Read It Later" list because I want it empty, damnit!

Fic writing: I've FINALLY begun with a changeling fic, and if you give it a gander, I hope you enjoy it! I've got four more working their way to being written on pages: a Discord-centric, a Celestia-centric, a Luna-centric and... an OC backstory. (I'm apologizing for that last one in advance; I'm sure it'll be terrible. And before you ask, NO, it's NOT a red-and-black character OR an alicorn!)

Fic editing: I'm an editor on this site. I'd like to think of myself as pretty reliable and well-versed in corrections, but that's, of course, my biased opinion. If you want a less influenced take, go ask Mariacheat-Brony, TheWraithWriter, LeonOfSweden, daOtterGuy, FuzzyVeeVee, Fresh Blood, Mister Friendly or Chengar Quordath—I've edited for them all and currently edit frequently for the latter two, so they can let you know how I do (please be polite; they're all friendly authors).

Feel free to ask me questions or whatever. I'll definitely answer them in a week, but you'll most likely get a response the day after or even the day of.

- Cyanhyde §

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