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Sonata Dusk gets a government job in Equestria.

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Loosely inspired by a drawing of Chrysalis waving an EBT "food stamps" card at Cadance, I wrote the first draft of this story last Friday.

This bit of fluff might be an entry in Bicyclette's Polyship Contest, idk? (link)

Cover image: I had a lot of trouble finding art of Sonata dressed as an office worker, so I experimented with purplesmart.ai and edited the results.

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I guess if I didn't have anything to eat, that might make me feel angry too. Resentful. Lots of negative feelings there.

A mutually beneficial arrangement is a beautiful thing.

Lovely bit of silliness, and it's nice to see a Dulci who has a brighter outlook on life. Thank you for this.

It's nice to see that their personalities haven't changed at all. Sonata is still as bubbly as ever and the one who was always seen as the least evil of the three Dazzlings. Aria is still sour and that makes her so appealing. She knows how to be blunt and isn't afraid to be honest; even when she doesn't like to admit things. As for Adagio... She's the one who keeps the other two in line. Though, I sometimes wonder how she can handle them.

Chrysalis is in so much denial. It won't do her any good at all.

That was a good story.

Aww, what an adorable goofy soul. She would indeed do great at government work haha.

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