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Sonata comes home on Mother's Day with presents for Adagio. Needless to say, Aria is confused.

A fun, short piece in honor of Mother's Day in the UK. Teen rating for bad language. Part of The Dazzlings Watch Monster Movies continuity, but can be read on it's own. Cover art used with permission by DilEmmas4U.

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“I had to make it look like it was her idea… I’m a master at getting what I want.”
Aria scoffed.
“You are not.”
“I ammmmmmmmmm,” she shrieked.
“Argh!” Aria growled, holding her hands to her ears. “Fine, fine, you are, you are!”
Sonata crossed her arms and smiled adorably, “see?”

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and see a positive angle to them, but I absolutely despise your Sonata, and if Aria can survive being burned badly enough that a leg comes off, I hope she's hit by several buses. With winter tires. :facehoof:
(I mean, unless they've since lost that toughness, in which case I would tone it down to a dope-slap for every time she pushes the others like she does. :twilightsheepish:)

Fuck… you found the test didn’t you?

Not sure if she's just messing with them, or... if that would explain a little too much. :twilightoops:

And, happy Mothering Sunday, I guess! :twilightsmile:
(Today's comment brought to you by Twi-face!)

This had a disproportionate amount of swearing for something so adorable. I don't think I minded very much.

I gotta tell you, I've always been a sucker for domestic Dazzlings. Something about them just going about their day-to-day is extremely captivating to me. And you did them well (for the most part. I had issues with Sonata, but nothing damning). Despite being a touch rough around the edges, I quite enjoyed this.

The artist is dilemmas4u, btw. It's amazing what you can find with a simple reverse-image search.

“Thank god for that.”


But wait a minute, why would Aria thank God?

“I was getting nun school flashbacks for a minute.”

Ohhhhhhh... :rainbowlaugh:

I wasn't combing through it, but a couple of lines I spotted appeared to have words missing:

She wasn’t going to lie, Sonata was an uncomfortable amount of sense for once.

Next Sonata pulled out a picture frame that was disproportionally for the size of the bag


“Adagio saved me from that,” Aria thought, remising. “Took the mayor under her control. Had every member of that village executed. Even the younglings.”

'Reminiscing,' I'd guess? I looked up 'remise,' and, uh... 'make a second thrust after the first has failed.' ...that makes it sound like a slightly different kind of story.

Also, this?

“The British have Mother’s Day in March.

“I don’t fu-“ Adagio stopped mid-march.

I see what you did there.

And then there was the line I most appreciated:

“Elizabeth something, I don’t know. The Mistress of Death, something edgy like that,” Aria smiled.

I hope the blood of the executed younglings mentioned above didn't go to waste!

I was hoping to save the third line for a chapter title (I checked: one topaz variant is red), but...

Maleficent in dusky rose,
Gathered satin lapped her breasts like blood upon the snow.
A tourniquet of topaz glistened at her throat.

Awakening, pulled from the tomb,
Her spirit freed eclipsed the moon
That she outshone, as a fallen star,
A regal ornament from a far-flung nebular.

...Yeah, there's no way Adagio wasn't the Blood Countess.

8052272 I wrote this more of a parody than anything serious. I usually get bored with stories that have Aria and Sonata as polar opposites and never stray from their character, but I thought what the hell, I'd have a bit of fun :pinkiehappy:

8052296 Domestic Dazzlings are best Dazzlings, I think 80% of my stories on here are about exactly that :rainbowlaugh:

8052413 My savior as usual, thank you for that :twilightblush: Adagio being the Mistress of Death is the best headcanon and I've tried to inject it into as many fics as I can :pinkiecrazy:

“That bottle is wine shaped.”

I think you mean, "That present is bottle-shaped." I take it your version of Adagio is a real heavy "conisseur," not that I'd blame her.

I can't stop laughing
That was cute tho

I'm saying it here for the first time is almost two years: Everything was perfect. Beyond the shadow of a doubt. Storytelling done right. Smooth, edgy, never droling and fun from start to finish.

And that God damn twist... You, sir or madam, are f**king genius.


Adagio you got some explaining to do!

This is absolutely amazing, fantastic, and cool.

I loved every aspect of it, and it's woosh, in my favourites.

Wait... WHAT? Adagio Aphrodite Dazzle, what have you been up to?!?

8052457 No worries! What did your mum say when you read the story to her?

8054100 :pinkiegasp: She's been doing a bit of the sex! :pinkiegasp:

im going to assume in this universe they are not evil sirens? :rainbowhuh:

I'm just going to say that Elizabeth Bathory is fucking metal which makes Adagio metal by proxy media1.giphy.com/media/cnKxdCIih7yIU/giphy.gif

8056011 I was about to say that she showed up to a MLP movie covered in spikes, and has even bigger hair than the guys in Nitro, so we can probably do away with the 'by proxy.'

Then I googled Jim Gillette just to check, and, Jesus, I think he might actually have her beat...


You almost lost me at the wooden leg joke.

“Yeah!” Sonata smiled. “These are proper ones too, not like that toaster you tried that time!”

“Were you shoplifting again!?” Aria asked, almost impressed.

“Fuck… you found the test didn’t you?”

After that first quote, I legitimate had to scroll back up to the top of the page to make sure I had read the author name correctly and hadn't somehow misread Majin Syeekoh. I just finished reading Burnonomics, so I got the sense of humor mixed up. Still, they were really funny lines. :rainbowlaugh:

This made me laugh so much, I'm so happy I read it. Mondays are the worst, so it was nice to be recommended this one.

8054100 Can we agree on that as her middle name? I would not put it passed Sirens, I mean they are Greek...

8058587 Only thing she's missing are the tattoos and I am totally willing to draw a tattooed Adagio.

I thought long and hard on what Greek goddess was perfect for Adagio's middle name and I think that Aphrodite was perfect. Please feel free to use it! :pinkiehappy:

Wow, all the history points! Adagio was Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess!?! And a mini follow-up for the test thing would be perfect 😀

Adagio is Elizabeth Bathory, accepted. What I want to know is does she still bathe in human blood or do you just have to do that x number of times before immortality kicks in.

Sonata really is, like, the siren version of Pinkie Pie. Not just because of her silliness, but because she deeply cares for her fellow sirens and wants them to be happy.

Great story.

omg...I wanted to read this story and just left it on hold for a while...that was back in 2017...holy crap.
this was a cute story regardless

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