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A pony of mystery in the darkness. Or I forgot to take the lens cap off. (They/them is fine.)


Here's a "Featured Box" Without Anon Stories · 1:19pm August 15th

Edit/Update: The search by 'heat' doesn't treat story length in quite the same way as the Featured Box's full algorithm does, so the results are NOT entirely comparable. When I tested this initially, the Box had such a large proportion of Anon stories in it that any discrepancy in NON-ANON story results wasn't initially obvious.

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Writing With a T Rating About Topics That Could Have Received an M Rating (Broadening Your Audience) · 1:01am August 7th

Blog Post's Rating: T for Teen

In the official fimfiction.net discord, I saw an interesting question in #site-dev-and-help.

"Recon" asked:

If I have a long story (over 100k words) that is rated T and I have a small portion late in the story where some very M rated events take place, what's the best way to handle that?

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Cover Image Source: Mockingbirb edited and/or cropped a public domain and/or CC-licensed artwork or photograph (details are usually in the story's 'long description'.) · 7:13pm June 2nd

For stories like...

TDante's Inferno, Canto Thirteen
Like all the other high schools in the country, Canterlot High has a new Mandatory Moral Education program. The VR technology is very advanced! The morals...maybe not so much.
Mockingbirb · 1.2k words  ·  9  2 · 308 views
TThe Town Without a Mirror
A traveling salespony stumbles into a mystery: a town where there are no mirrors. Eventually, he finds out why.
Mockingbirb · 1.5k words  ·  14  1 · 278 views

...and another story soon to be posted, or maybe already posted when you see this:

TNo Hiding Place Down Here
In the Everfree Forest, Wallflower and Fluttershy try to become trees.
Mockingbirb · 1.6k words  ·  11  2 · 195 views

Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈 🌈 · 6:55pm June 1st

This also applies if you're a 'boring' cisgender heterosexual person. The right to be all those things is important, if that's what's right for you!

Anyone who tells you otherwise is not really supporting Pride.



"Arboreal Yearnings" contest closes at the end of 2023 April 22nd, Saturday, at midnight Pacific Time. · 2:09pm April 22nd


(This is a change from the "Pacific Standard Time" listed in the original contest rules, which caused some confusion. PST would have ended the contest an hour earlier than Pacific Time, because PST doesn't include daylight savings time.)



Does a shipfic mean, "I ship these characters!" or is a shipfic just about "What if these characters had a relationship?" (I think there's room for different points of view on this.) · 7:12pm March 21st

I mean...in THEORY, a shipfic could be...

(1) Positive. Some people write shipfics because (1) they fervently believe a set of characters (say, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash) should be in a serious romantic relationship, or at least that the relationship would be a good thing.

(2) Neutral? Some people might write a shipfic because (2) they think a relationship between the characters would be ENTERTAINING, but maybe not an entirely GOOD thing for the characters in it.

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Arboreal Yearnings Story Contest I: How to Enter Stories Shorter Than 1000 Words, Script Format, and Similar Special Cases · 7:21am March 12th


Example of How Some Story Contests on fimfiction.net Could Allow Script Format by Permitting Entries to Be Posted to Blogs: "Interspecies Romance, A Scandal in One Act" · 6:12am March 12th

Author's Note

"This script is an entry for the 'Arboreal Yearnings Story Contest I' (this text is a link.)" But that isn't true! This is just a FORMAT EXAMPLE, NOT a real contest entry!

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"I'd LIKE to be a tree," Fluttershy said. ("Arboreal Yearnings" group and story contest) · 5:31am March 5th

Would you like to write a story about a pony wanting to be a tree, or maybe even becoming or already being a tree?

I'm running a story contest, and a new group.

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Inspirations and Originality; Credit and Self-Awareness...ALSO, a Rainbow x Gilda Story Idea With Fluttershy In There Too... · 5:27am January 24th

In a discord, I just remarked:

But how do you feel about crediting ideas somewhere, in Author's Note or LD?
I am in favor of crediting inspirations, that is ALL OVER my back catalog.
I also know at least one person who is like 'eh, ideas are not for crediting, they belong to everyone.'
And it is true that some ideas are available to everyone. Like..."I want to write Rainbow x Gilda." That might not require a VAST amount of creativity until you actually write it.

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