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Started writing stories as a way to escape from reality for a few moments, will mainly focus on crossovers and alt. Universe stories with Adventure, Drama and Romance.


A young man who's dying with less than a year left in good health decides to put his fate in the Tarot Cards and follow a rumor, hoping for it to be true. Cosplaying as Velvet Room Resident Minato he searches and finds the Mercant and makes a special order.

With access to the Wild Card he will change his fate, seek out the truth and break the chains of rebellion in order to find his true purpose in existence and make sure to enjoy every second of it as the new Messiah of Equestria.

(This is a traditional displaced story)
(I want to give this genre a try and just have fun with it. This story will however not take place in the displaced multiverse, at least I don't plan too. Might change in the future but I want the story to get a proper start first before I do any crossovers.)
(The sex tag is more for descriptions, innuendos and other sexual implications.)

Mlp owned by Hasbro
Persona and Shin Megami Tensei is owned by Atlus

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Although a bit redundant with the merchant trope, the sudden twist still gives it a breath of fresh air for a prologue. Hope you can keep making this.

Thank you Always wanted to like persona displaced Story Which game is based on the persona 3 or persona 4 or persona 5?

Can't wait for the next chapter and great beginning

The overall mechanics will be based on Persona 5 Royal but there will be Personas, skills and abilities from all of the games.

Good choice in not doing cross-overs until you've gotten a good amount of character growth, world building, and plot progression going.

Yeah, it's one of the things that always bothered me with a lot of displaced stories. Many times they do crossovers way to early and it kinda takes you away from the main story. Don't get me wrong, crossovers can be good and be done right. But it's hard to really enjoy a crossover when you don't feel like you know the characters.

I'm well aware as i've came across those issues before in another of cross-overs, its either too early or too much. Cross-overs need to have purpose than just general screwing around.

Daybreaker is celestia’s shadow

That was really good at first I was confused because of Jack but then you adressed daybreaker you did a good job

I am so glad I found this story! I love the Persona series... even though I've only played persona 4 golden and persona 5, as well as a little bit of Royal... I still think it's a great thing and you should be proud of what you have created! I look forward to more!

Thank you, it makes me happy to hear that. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Once again, you made an excellent chapter! I don't know much about the arcana details, but from what was said, I think you picked a great persona for Daybreaker. Keep up the great work!

If or when Minato acquires the four mitama(Kusi, Nigi, Ara and Saki), he should get them all at once because all four of them represent the different emotions of a dead person's soul.

Yes this is good I'll read and read and read some until there's not a letter left and do it again Ò\___/Ó

"Why is it that people can get in here in every way except the door?" I asked no one in particular.

That is my question

So far, your story is good. Not too fast and still enjoyable. I thought Matador would have his signature move El Capote and Andalusia, he's really a pain in SMT series. And the way you color the text makes it easier to know which one is which.
I think Minato would be in velvet room for around 200 days?
Also, Minato. This is THE velvet room, a safehaven for every lost soul, you should expect random people or in this case ponies to enter in every way possible except the door.
Can't wait to see more of this story!

The Dazzlings officially enter The Velvet Room.

I always consider Adagio part of The Tower Arcana.

Sonata part of The Lovers Arcana.

And Aria part of The Emperor Arcana.

But these are just my suggestions.:twilightsmile:

Those are some good suggestions, but I have already made plans with them considering a particular trio of Personas. The Arcanas might not match, but I think you'll like what I did.
But, I'm still planning out the chapter and I'm still working on what other Personas the main 6/7 will have.

Thank you for explaining more about the arcana for us in the story! I think it helped me understand a bit more even if it was a little complicated. Also, great chapter! I laughed a little at the jealousy part.

Glad to hear! :twilightsmile:
I felt like some sort of explaination was necessary.
And yeah, Arcanas are complicated and sometime don't make 100% sense.

I wonder if minato is going to make an assistant like how igor made lavenza.

OMG! :pinkiegasp:
You just unintentionally solved one of my biggest problems I had with certain characters. :pinkiehappy:
Thank you! :twilightsmile: :rainbowkiss:

Currently a bit busy with college, but I should have time later this week if not next week to start wrighting again.

"But of course!" I say with a french accent.

It seems I am not the only spy

If 4 days equals 6 months that means a there are 8 days to a year. 8x500=4000/365=10.96 rounded. So it would be about 11 years in the velvet room if my math is correct.

Chrysalis is more of a Tower Arcana than Adagio, none of her schemes ever went right for her.

You got a point.

But for me I think Chrysalis is more of a Devil Arcana, because of her obsession for conquest and abuse. (In the way you look at how she treats her own kind.)

But that just me.

Thank you :twilightsmile: It's been so long since I've done math and I couldn't figure it out. :derpytongue2: This will help with my planning for the story.

Not a problem I saw a math problem and solved it. Besides math was one of my strong points... Writing not so much. :ajbemused:

People always say that the world is filled with amazing wonders and colours.

I hope people don't actually take me serious,

Because they're all trapped them out one place for now

Writing it as we speak. :pinkiehappy:
Currently I'm not sure how often I'll get opportunities to write, I'm probably gonna make future chapters longer. That way it won't take forever for the story to move forward and it won't feel underwhelming for those that are waiting for new chapters. I also went back to previous chapters and did some editing, fixing spelling and grammer errors, I also figured out how to add pictures to the chapters so people can see what the personas actuelly look like. :twilightsmile:

Fine chapter. If you are worried about perspective then i suggest putting a title naming whose perpective it is from.

Right next to him is a tall Alicorn with white fur skin, a flaming mane, amber eyes with black sclera, wearing a white and golden dress.

Her sclera look more maroon to me.

I just found this story and saw this line. The stone bricks that make up the platform are square shape but somehow the platform is a circle.

Such a sweet chapte

Taking another look now... yeah you're right. :twilightsheepish:

i love the story so far made this accountant just to fallow you and this story. take your time writing but so you you have at least one deatchaed fan (bad at selling) waiting for you

This is a great story keep it up.

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