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Woopsiedoodle. (Also, big announcement! The 12 days of Fimfestmas!) · 5:25am Last Friday

Forgot to update the usual fics. Got my dates mixed up. Regular updates dropping on the second (tmrw), at about noon. Also, I am doing an amazing 12 days of christmas blitz!

What will I be putting out? Well, I'm glad you asked, voice in my head!

1-3 new chapter(s) of hostile history
2 new chapters of Mother of All.
7 new chapters of queen of the wasteland.
4 new short, one off smut fics. (and counting)
(2 boob related)
(1 the usual kinks)
(1 lamia related)

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Horror Fic Reveiw Thread · 5:58am October 29th

Also, my new horror fic(s) will be linked here at the top.
1. Candlejack Candlejack Candlejack
Pinkie Pie is desperate to invite an old friend over, but he isn't responding. Now, she just needs to figure out how to stop everyone else from saying his name while convincing him to show up.

2. Stares Back.

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Show Me What You Got · 5:18am October 12th

Post your absolute favorite horror fic below. Self-promotion is alright with me, but it's gotta be good. I have a horror fic round-up in the works, but I wanted to get a few more before I posted it.


SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! (I'll also be avoiding any story thats too long, or unfinished.)

Currently on the docket to be reveiwed.

2.Blink Again
3.Princess Day
4.The Changeling Queen
5.Somethings always watching.
6.The Outer Dark
7 Whose ready for trouble?

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October Update (The Cottage Is Finished!) (Fimfiction Mirror) · 3:34am October 5th

First off, the page count was abysmal. I only worked half as many days as I would have liked, but, BUT! That comes with good news. The cottage is done! Like, at least until spring, because I ran out of money and couldn't finish drywalling, mudding, painting. But hey, it's livable! I included some pics if you'd like to see.

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Well It Finally Happened (I Got Covid) · 10:42pm July 18th

I've been careful, I've been planning, but in the end I succumbed to Nurgle. I got the Rona, and though the symptoms aren't severe, I'm bedridden at times and can't sit upright for long periods of time. The mental fog is also a bit uncomfortable, to say the least, so I'm going to take it easy lest my work suffer. I've still got a ton of stuff I'm editing, however, and I have a few chapters already done so expect to see those over the coming days.

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On second thought, I think I'll keep writing. · 5:07am April 2nd

Streaming was fun, but ultimately writing is my true passion. Thanks for everyone who showed up. I'll probably stream in the evenings after I've done all my work and can just chillax with you all.

Happy April First!

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I have decided to give up writing, and will now be a full time streamer. · 5:32pm April 1st

There will be no more updates, no more new stories. The only thing I will be writing is thank yous for donos. I know this may all come as a shock to you, but I assure you I am serious. In fact, I am going to stream constantly until I become the greatest streamer to have ever lived. And to prove that I am super serial, I am streaming right now.

Come check me out at yourdemonicdad.tv

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Why This Year Has Sucked. · 11:00pm Nov 26th, 2021

As many of you probably already know, this year has been... terrible for me. What started as some seasonal depression lingering from last year combined with the covid blues became much worse at around my birthday (About 5 months ago) when a close personal friend attempted to blackmail me. He claimed to have incriminating evidence of me doing something horrible, and demanded I pay him a considerable sum. I don't need to tell you all this but writing horse words ain't exactly lucrative, so I

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Future Interludes In The First Law · 8:43pm May 28th, 2021

I'm curious as to what you guys might want to see within the world I've crafted. Perhaps you want to see a day in the life of a resistance member hiding out in Canterlot. Or Cadance and Chrysalis' first date. Maybe you want a three thousand word description of what Celestia has for lunch most days. The future of the various interludes is in your hands.

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Its my Birthday! (in 6 days) · 4:42am May 27th, 2021

And all I'm asking for this year is either mass effect legendary edition or a doodle/fic, whatever with my OC in it.

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