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This story is a sequel to Five Weeks Of Deliberation

The Everfree Hive rises high above the landscape, leaving much of the forest in shadow. With her city thriving, and her changelings growing in number Chrysalis aims higher still. Unfortunately for her, Celestia has other plans.

Check out the first in the series, here!

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didn't the wedding invasion last 5 seconds? When did Chrysalis sing a song there?
especially since in this universe the invasion was not even at the wedding.

There is always time for a villainous song.

Ooo didn't see that coming also so far Chrysalis seems like she's going to be a total tsundere towards Celestia

White queen TAKES black queen...
Check MATE...
HAHAHAHA... ahem... sorry...

PFFT! Okay, this was entertaining and that ending was priceless.

What next? Five Decades of Bliss?

That is the fastest way to take over a kingdom.

I guess Celestia takes the phrase "make love not war" literally.

That was such a lovely ending!

Getting everything she ever wanted in the most unexpected way possible. That’s going to mess with her head for a bit.

Oh my, where is Luna in all of this? Is this set before her return because if that's so, then she's in for a surprise.

This series is amazing. Well done:rainbowlaugh:

[As Dr. Wolf]: "I. Have. No. Words."

I...well that's an interesting ship. Not my thing, but go for it.

Don't do it! She's just trying to saddle you with the cake bills!

Yes but you have to admit Celestia was right.

Its in very VERY poor form to write a song derived from an alternate version of you's work. I mean copying from someone else is bad, but copying from yourself....come on... why would you cheat yourself out of your own work like that. :P

Ya that checks out, Celestia would be attracted to big schemers

"I'm going to take over the world!"
"Yes, Yes, You can do it!" :trollestia:
"Quiet you!"

“Nothing. Continue,” Chrysalis declared, waving her hoof in a ‘please continue before I smack you’ kind of way.

Considering who we are talking about this is far from an empty threat.

Chrysalis frowned, only now realizing just how much of her growing kingdom was devoted to making things comfortable for ponies.

A happy pony produces more positive emotions, which in the end would be exactly what you want.
So making them comfortable does actually serve your goals.

“What is the news from Canterlot? Has Celestia finally set any new laws into motion which would hinder our efforts?”
Cracked Carapace blinked. “Um, no?”
Chrysalis tapped a hoof against the balcony as she stared off into the distance. “What is that mare waiting for?”

:trollestia:: "And here I thought you would be happy about this..."

Chrysalis sighed and rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Just get on with it already before I… I don't even have the energy to insult you. Just go.”

If she can't even insult a pony of all things she must be really tired...

Which was now open, and had within it a smiling white earth pony, his hoof resting on the bronze fence. [...]
“This is your stop,” offered the unicorn shakily, his hoof struggling to pull the fence open.

Others may say this was a mistake of the author, but I'm sure this was intentional:
While flying around inside the elevator she bumped his head several times, creating a bump. This happened so often his bump eventually transformed into a horn. Because magic, you know.

Why it was enough to make Chrysalis leap into the air, a song already worming its way past her lips.

It's common knowledge everyone within Equestria likes to randomly burst into songs, ponies and changelings alike.

“What, couldn't think of another song so you had to rework the one you sang before your failed invasion of Canterlot?” Celestia teased.

Wait, if she knows about this song, where she explained her whole plan, why didn't she step in sooner?
Another of Celestias Friendship Lessons?

“Chrysalis. Would you marry me?” Celestia whispered.

Okay, now I really look forwards for the next part!
Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

oh ho ho you caught the unicorn joke and yes there was an error, I meant to include a joke about him having a bump on his head but accidently left it out. XD

Reminds me in a weird way of the story martial bliss

“I’m sorry your going to have to speak up!” should be you're

Never expected that ending. Bravo!

“What, couldn't think of another song so you had to rework the one you sang before your failed invasion of Canterlot?” Celestia teased.

Chrysalis hissed angrily.

"It's a reprisal! It takes the themes and music from my first song and changes them to show the development of my plan! It's referencing my old song and plans to show how much I've changed, while twisting the narrative to say that I really haven't 'changed' like you and everypony else thought I did! There's a depth to it, a hidden meaning that fits well with my character. I'm a changeling who refuses to change so it thematically makes sense to not change my original song too much, you philistine."

"That's a long winded way of saying you were too busy or lazy."

"Fuck you and fight me!"

"I'll do the first with pleasure.~"

I'm guessing that you have some sort of opinion on the song December by Earth Wind & Fire, then? (Not to be confused with a previous song of theirs, September, which has the same instrumental track and very similar lyrics.)

What, and you thought mine wasn't? :derpytongue2:

...though it *is* also kind of funny that, yes, they're basically both the same song with a couple words changed around here and there. :trollestia::facehoof:

Duchess Chrysalis or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sun.

Okay. That ending got me. If you do a 3rd story, I'll be eager to read it.

its coming. Oh and this is the third one.

Comment posted by TheBrony deleted Jan 13th, 2022

awwwwww, i hope they make baby

I predict that it's a mind control ring. I also predict Celestia will put it on knowing full well that it's a mind control ring. She's kinky like that.

"with various parts pulsing and twitching as she opreated operated it."
"Alignging the pair over one another,"
"and a breif brief spell "
" he squiremed slightly,"

"Don’t worry, we've made sure to keep Twilight Sparkle very busy," offered the guard.

Their wedding is during the Canterlot wedding invasion?!

Chrysalis chuckled. "What would I do without my loyal changelings?"

Slowly becoming crazy and eventually start speaking with a purple branch?

I thought of that line as calling out Twilight to be the only one OCD enough to lecture a newlywed for being tardy.

Operator: "Hey C.C. Wanna know a fun fact about elevators?"

Cracked: "Oh, yes. What is it."

Operator: "They're not the only things willing to go down, if you catch my drift."

Cracked; 'I-duh-bu-"

Operator: "Also, I get off at six, and I can get you off by six fifteen."

Chrysalis is a mastermind, but Celestia invented the word :rainbowkiss:

Damn... Short yet so very eventfull... Most lovely ♡

The drone pulled out a peice of paper and cleared her throat. “Your partnership with Frothy Mug has continued to pay dividends and by now almost his entire company is being run by changelings.”

Who the heck is Frothy Mug, he was mentioned in the first story? :trixieshiftleft:

“Excellent. As soon as we take over his beet burger king empire we will have all the capital we require to expand into other industries,” Chrysalis continued, a crooked grin crossing her face. “Next stop Disneyland, and then the whole of Disneyworld!”

.........huh... that sounds like rather familiar plan actually, Chrysalis wouldn't happen to have been a part-timer at some point would she? :trixieshiftright:

“Enough C.C. We are not dating!” Chrysalis shrieked.

She never said you were :trollestia:

Whatever he was about to say was cut off when Chrysalis began to shreik as if someone had set her mane aflame. Not only did she scream like some sort of prepubescent bug monster, but she also began to fly around the tight compartment, bumping into the walls like a moth. Further muddying my otherwise amazing metaphor.

No respect :coolphoto:

By then the changeling had built up a slight resistance to Celestia’s powerful emotions, and quickly pushed her away. Chrysalis then hastily wiped her lips before standing on her own four hooves, and glared at Celestia with all the malice she could muster. Which wasn't much given how embarrassed she was, but the changeling tried anyway. Bless her heart.

I don't know, she was pretty disrespectful towards the metaphor earlier :applejackunsure:

"Don’t worry, we've made sure to keep Twilight Sparkle very busy," offered the guard.

Oh that's cute, you think that would stop her :pinkiecrazy:

Tsun Tsun Tsun.

Hehe, Chryssie loves lifts.

Do it, bugbutt!


Also, they moved around random books in Twilight's library.

You couldn't let us have the wedding at least. Maybe throw discord in there for laughs.

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