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Celestia and Chrysalis, two of the most powerful mares in all of Equestria, have waged a surreptitious war against one another for millennia. Though many are aware of the invasion of Canterlot, their conflict has mostly been relegated to petty, almost foal-like pranks - that was until one of them went too far...

Artwork by Exxi00

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NVC #1 · Sep 14th, 2022 · · 2 ·

I would love a possible sequel where Chrysalis goes with a stronger potion just to get Celestia to come back and do more "revenge". It would be interesting that maybe this could leave to Chrysalis loving the euphoric feeling and maybe garner some feelings towards Celestia. Idk, regardless I enjoyed this as someone that loves MLP characters growing bigger.

I was not expecting to read about fat people

Went into this assuming M.A.D. was for Mutually Assured Dicking
Am a bit disappointed

Pay a bit more attention; not all of Leech's stories are rated Mature.

what would happen if she doubled down and dosed the vindictive alicorn with an even more potent potion?

Well, I think the rating would go from "T" to "M."

Extra thhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccccccccccccc

Oh boy, that was good. Really loving the interplay here and hope Chrysalis gets some tasty revenge on Celestia. Something about antagonistic lovers really draws me in. Especially these two, and the chubby element too! Didn't need an M rating to be hot for me.

So Chrysalis is now a "Tubby Wubby Buggy Waifu". Brilliant. ;)

Until she metabolizes it off, ye

HA! Nice.

Tubby wubby changeling waifu <3

Equestrian warfare is SAVAGE.

This feels like porn. I'm pretty sure for some people it is explicitly porn.

A sequel is in the works...

Ha! This was amazing!~ What a novel concept, using affection as a weapon is just hilariously evil!

Chunky Tia, overfeeding a Changeling and Chrysalis starting to question if she should adopt a rounder form? Leech you absolute madman.

Please tell me there's a part two planned! Would love to see more!

There is a sequel in the works, yes.

During some childish festival, one where the ponies of Equestria celebrated the warmth of spring, the colorful, overly cheerful pegasi, earth ponies, and unicorns were shocked to discover that their precious and carefully painted holiday eggs had been covertly replaced with fertilized changeling ovum.

This might have actually ended on a positive note if the ponies would have instead adopted the little 'lings.
Growing up in a loving pony family they wouldn't grow hungry, and once they get used to the presence of changelings the Chrysalis and the others may eventually join them.

How could their ruler, motherly and caring, possibly be capable of gambling, helping herself to excessive amounts of apple fritters, and shamelessly hitting on cowponies?!

Considering what she could have done (and the author of this story is sometimes known for) Chrysalis actually kept it civil.

Theatrics were all well and good, but the destruction her visitor had wrought would take days - possibly months to repair.

Celestia's accountant might actually have a heart attack once he receives the bill with the compensation claims...

For all the hive knew, she’d actually been the victor in what would believably be a pitched battle with the alicorn, and that’s exactly what the hive would learn. As far as any drone would ever know, her size was the result of her feasting upon and subsequently vanquishing her foe.

Did it work though?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Should Cadance join the battle one day something like this might happen, right?

There's a sequel in the works

With any luck, it'll go up in late November or early December!

Kinda wish this happened in canon. This would be hilarious to see

This was weird :)

can I have a link to the artist perhaps?

While I don't have the kinks this fic is obviously targeted at (me not having a kink, there's a rare concept), this story is still very funny and quite cute.

Razzy #28 · May 19th · · ·

Snrk, that ended well.

Too bad Chryssie can just shape shift it away until she burns through an that love. Unless whatever pocket dimension a changeling's excess mass goes to when shape-shifting would burst under ask that strain.

Unlimited power!

Very fun and cute, and fetish or not I feel like the Weight Gain comes off as more "warm" then "sexy". I've grown to love this concept I've discovered in the fandom of a "non-hostile Chrysalis whom is equally as hostile but only in ways that aren't lethal or seriously dangerous". It's a cute way to show a softer Chrysalis and the potential ways she can and could play off of the other character! Plus it's nice to see her be happy about something that didn't involve hurting someone, Chrysalis deserves love to after all :trollestia:

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