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This story is a sequel to Five Decades Of Strife

Sometimes it's not easy to understand the ones you love, and it can be even harder to help them. Celestia knows this all too well.

Check out the first in the series, here!

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Content warnings: Adult themes, and mentions of sex and violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

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If this gets [Insert number of likes here] I'll post the final chapter of this fic tomorrow! So make sure to smash that like button and hit that bell icon.

No bell. Instructions unclear. Hit like a second time.

Next could be Five Millennia of Fondness
- This story clearly implies that Celestia should outlive Chrysalis, but what if Celestia leaves/dies, and we have a story about Chrysalis' mourning.
- Bonus points if you make it a G5 story
- Title is based on the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder"

Ooh more in this line.

a.) No, as long as Chrysalis gets love to feed on, she will continue to live.
Basically. Celestia makes her Immortal.

b.) No, please god no, not G5 Nonsense -.-

c.) I want to see them travel on their honeymoon, annoy Lulu as has been stated.
And i want Chryssie doing her Guet Lecture Thing and annoy sparkles with the
Fact that she has now more changeling kids than the Queen herself and what the
implications are.

A) Sure, but if Celestia's gone, then how long does Chrysalis last?
B) Matter of opinion and nothing wrong with your opinion.
C) Can all be covered within this story. It doesn't need to wait for a 5000 year story.

hell yeah! Chryslestia good

love the dynamic with cadance, too. I wonder how many of her weddings Chryssy's crashed

From her perch, Chrysalis observed that despite their squabbling, the chamber was effective. Though their choice of titles left much to be desired they were worthy of bearing the mantle of leadership. That was probably due to the fact that a surprising number of Twilight Sparkle’s descendants were present. The ancient alicorn had sired a frankly disturbing number of changelings over the years, taking more shapeshifting lovers then even Chrysalis had at this point.

Impressive, both the Chamber's efficiency and Twilight’s 'efficiency' :trollestia:

“I must remember to tease her about that the next time I give a quest lecture,” Chrysalis thought aloud.

Should be fun :trollestia:

“You are not old,” Celestia stated. “And I will never get tired of you, my little love bug.”

“Nor will I tire of you, my little sunspot,” Chrysalis shot back.

The pair leaned forward, and kissed for the first time, again

D'aww :eeyup:

The griffin assisting Chrysalis wore in the changeling’s opinion, the most garish outfit she had seen in at least five hundred years. Bright orange socks, purple leggings, light blue, reflective shorts, and a t-shirt sporting dozens of different colored triangles arranged at odd angles. Such fashion was becoming more common, Chrysalis remembered, as the age of immortals finally gave way to the era marked by democracy, and a culture led not by the ageless but by the young.

Oh no, it's the 80's!

“This is going to be the family reunion of sixty-three all over again,” muttered another purple-hued changeling.

Jeez Twilight, how many bugs did you boink?

this story is just simply AMAZING and I am actually REALLY sad that its ending but hey we are already at Centuries, what are you gonna stretch it to next?

Just know that I enjoyed every second of this Story and its Characters!

From the Department of Redundancy Department:

“What was that hun?” asked Sunny Star inquired.

Did she ask or inquire?

Nice chapter. Next time: bang, zoom, straight to the moon?

That looks like a replacement error, but not. Well, thanks for spotting that.

So was this meant to be marked incomplete at the same time as the publication of the sequel?

Just figured I'd ask before checking out the (assumedly final) installment.

You managed to get in on the thirty seconds before I could change that, congrats, lol.

“I must remember to tease her about that the next time I give a quest lecture,” Chrysalis thought aloud.

I only read two of the other stories in the series so I may have missed a joke about "quest lecture". Is that a guest lecture (for a school) or a quest lecture. "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!"

I cant wait for a Millennium, then an epoch, then an aeon, then the fucking heat death of the univeres. Then the big bang again, and have it all start over

I feel relieved reading this. I want to say thanks for writing a nice, cool, and relaxing story. Of course, I have to point out my feelings for Chrysalis. I feel for her in this and you did well in demonstrating it. It is interesting how you wrote the other characters. But, going back to the main meat of it, I would say this is a new favorite. I always like stories that touch upon changes and the passing of time. Good work.

“I can't believe it. After all this time, it's mine,” Chrysalis whispered, her gaze going to the plains beyond. “I’m a queen again,”
“You were always a queen. It's more apt to say you’re a double queen now. Though the monarchy really only exists for show, and tourism at this point,” Celestia pointed out with a chuckle.


“I’m thinking…” Chrysalis began, a small smirk crossing her face. “How about another honeymoon?”
“It has been over a hundred years at this point,” Celestia added.
“I think it's high time we cut loose and renew our vows. Maybe even torment that sister of yours,” Chrysalis offered.

Somewhere far away a blue alicorn's ear suddenly twitched.

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.

If anyone observed the alicorn they would have thought her to be a normal flesh and blood pony but they would be wrong. Those with a discerning gaze would have noticed that her fur was a little too perfect, her footsteps heavier than they otherwise should be. Her eyes were the only thing that gave away her true nature, for they glowed with a soft, electric purple light.

From unicorn Twilight to alicorn Twilight to cyborg Twilight?
I wonder what's the next step in that evolution...

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

And now I wonder what Cadance is planning...

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