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Equestria has witnessed centuries of rapid technological advancement during Twilight's rule. Innovations in the production and integration of magic has led to countless improvements in the quality and efficiency of life in Equestria, and enabling ponies to finally touch the stars and new worlds. However, with the rise of more and more energy-heavy processes and a stagnation in development regarding the extraction of energy, Twilight turns to the biggest and final step in energy extraction: a dyson sphere: a massive device that would surround the sun and allow virtually all the energy released through nuclear fusion to be harnessed by Equestria.

Two former princesses have some concerns.

Written as an entry for the Science Fiction Contest III.

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That's an abrupt ending. Or maybe it's just me. I still like the story at least.

I have to agree with the princesses; use the Penrose process on a black hole instead. Or make a Dyson sphere that doesn't completely encompass the sun, just a partial one of orbiting mirrors to focus the light. (I've not read the fic yet; this is based on the image and desc)

This story strikes me with an interesting tone. It's ... solemn? It's rare for a story - particularly a sci-fi story - to have a solemn tone without delving into true sadness. This one's solemn, but leaning toward the happier end of the scale. I don't think I've often been struck by a feeling of "pride"(?) at progress at the same time as solemness for what used to be. Very interesting tone, and a fascinating glimpse into what seems like a somewhat unique take on future-Equestria.

Fallout: Equestria depressed me at the loss of the Equestria we're familiar with, but this story makes me nostalgic for the Equestria we're familiar with. I sympathize with Celestia and Luna in that regard.

... I appreciate the good-naturedness of this story. The princesses aren't here to disparage Twilight's plan, only for her to have to either give up on it or disappoint them (potentially driving a wedge in between their relationships forever), they're here to express their thoughts, share in this moment. It's nice.

Is it wrong that I’m disappointed that this story isn’t even 5,000 words long? Please respond to this question.

It's great. What you experience is commonly known as enjoyment and can be considered as a greatest compliment the author might receive. Sadly, some stories do not stretch as long as we'd like them to :twilightsmile:

I have now read it and big sad... although, why can't Twi pipe in power from a star that isn't Celestia’s? It's either a matter of lazering back to Equis or portaling it. And poor Celestia and Luna. Twilight, how don't you understand its literally their cutie marks.

Я почему-то ожидал, что они скажут, что если светила будут скрыты сферами Дайсона, они умрут.

I mean cmon!
*phone call sean!*
Hang on...
Oh so im getting words that ...apparently dyson swarms aren't as good huh?
B S!
Like cmon THEY WORK

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened" 🙂

Also now I wonder... is there Flurry, Cadence and possibly others Alicorns out there?

Fascinating. A thought experiment: Twi said that a Dysom Swarm would only suffice for a millennium. Well, she can move stars, so why can't she use that millennium to move a nearby star closer, and then build the sphere around that one?

It's sad that she doesn't even see the problem with blocking out Celestia's sun, and basically replacing it with a giant light bulb.

As a Trekker, I was expecting the Dyson Sphere to be like the one from the TNG episode.

This is a charming story! Though poor Luna is always the butt of everyone's jokes. :twilightsmile:

"In the far corner, obscured in shadow, was the tattered remains of the Wonderbolts back before flight enhancements were even a thought."
Damn. I guess she really is a fan :twilightoops:

That would be called a Dyson swarm. On a second note, have you ever played Dyson sphers program?

Never mind the story brings that up

At least the story didn’t imply that I said project would kill them somehow

To tell the truth, this is the type of story that causes a particularly sad aftertaste.

I wonder if she would go as far as to try and control death. She’s already controlling or manipulating all nature has to offer except for the last vestiges being the sun.

She's making a dyson sphere... that surrounds the sun but not also the moon an Equestria? Really? Was the plan to somehow shoot the energy back via microwave?

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