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6-D Pegasus

Me or my OC?


Celestia counts down the centuries until her sister's return.

Thanks so much to Soaring for pre-reading this!

Cover art found here by Rodrigues404!

The original speedwrite (in author's notes) was written for the Quills and Sofa's "Time Pressure" Speedwrite Contest, on August 29, 2023. I've polished this a bit more for publish!

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away from the earth and see

should be sea

I didn't want to hurting more ponies

want to hurt

Damn good read. Impressive.

First one was on 6-D, second one was on me. Nice catches!

Fixed! Thanks so much for catching that!^^

‘Thumbs up kid gif here’

actually gave me goosebumps near the end, +1 like

More similar than what I am seeing from the algorithm at this time: A story called."Statistics".
Reciprocal link also added.

1000 years in (almost) a thousand words.

Very well done!

I know this is story is from Celestia's perspective, but man does it make me feel bad for Luna.

Yayyyy then it has done its job well x33

this was really sweet, Sixdy!

Shouldn't we have gotten a mention of Sunset Shimmer, whom Celestia thought was going to save Luna, but fell into darkness herself instead?

RB_ #13 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Lovely story :twilightsmile:

I haven't seen you upload in a hot second, 6D. And, look, it's a good story! And only written in a half hour! I'm thoroughly impressed. Even the grammar is great.

Good read, now smiling sadly.

Lovely story :rainbowkiss:

Simply wonderful.

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