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When we become so attached to the masks we wear, who are we when we take them off?

Covert art by Sea-Maas

Now with an audio-reading by StraightToThePointStudio!
Another audio-reading by Oakheart (lonedemongirl)!

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Such an beautifully done story. I really enjoy sensitive Rainbow Dash, especially autophobic (the fear of isolation) Rainbow, and this really conveys that sense of isolation as well as identity with the idea that Rainbow has worn this mask for so long she can’t bring herself to take it off in public for fear of being lonely as a result. Good job.

This is really really good. At first, I saw the use of first person and present tense as a strange choice, but it just works here and fits perfectly into the story.

This is definitely better than the shitty vent stories I have stored in my google docs. I hope you get through whatever triggered you to write a vent.

I know this does not mean much being a random on the internet, but you have my support. :twilightsmile:

You have a way of making words work, unlike me.

This is a vent story? I hope you're doing okay.

I bet the next thing she'll say is that Rainbow Dash isn't her real name...

really getting some Ciaphas Cain vibes from this

When we become so attached to the masks we wear, who are we when we take them off?

This line.

This line occupies more of my thoughts than I'd like it to. Identity is tough to define, when we interact differently with different groups.

An old boss gave me advice on how to move up in the world. "Fake it 'till you make it," he said. "Project confidence even when there is none, and sure enough that confidence will become real."

People ask where my self-esteem comes from. I never really think that I am confident, but I know how to act as if I was. So, is that confidence really mine?

It feels nice to see these topics explored in a character for which we never really get a chance to see what lies beneath. At what point, if ever, would she accept Rainbow Dash as her identity?

Wow, this is deep. My man, this is beatiful, and I'm pretty sure this'll pop up in my head from time to time...but dude, if this is vent story, I hope you're doing alright. Identity crisis happen, but nothing lasts forever

Beautifully written fic, emotions running high with this and a lot of memorable quotes, well done.

This was a very touching story, I liked how the brash and cocky Rainbow we're familiar with is just an act, and it's instead someone much more timid and scared underneath, putting on a mask to appear more confident.

I don't know what you're going through, but I can tell you you're not alone. I myself experienced a bit of a traumatic episode recently, and while I'm over it and feeling better now, it still makes me uncomfortable whenever I look back at it. I've thought about maybe using it as the basis for a story as you did, but I feel like it's too fresh in my mind currently, and writing about it won't help my psyche.

Anyway, great job here, and I hope you start feeling better soon.

I know this was a vent story for you, but it also felt like something I needed to read due to some things I myself am facing.

I appreciate you writing this great story, and I hope you’re okay :heart:

AC97 #11 · July 19th · · ·

This does feel fitting for Rainbow Dash, oddly enough. Perhaps it's because she's shown a side of herself on some occasions where she's deeply insecure about herself (telling herself she's dumb in front of Twilight, in Testing Testing 1, 2, 3, having performance anxiety in Sonic Rainboom, not actually thinking she could do a Sonic Rainboom in one of the timeline branches in the S5 finale when Twilight tried to encourage it, or even in her prospects in racing an actual adult, underneath the bravado). It's not too much of a stretch to think there's a sense of Impostor Syndrome involved with her, if that's the right way to put it.

She is, most likely, wrong about not being accepted if she let the mask down around those close to her. Especially with say, Twilight. But it's all they've ever known. The front is all she's ever really known, in a sense, so it is what it is. It's familiar, and the loss of it is a terrifying prospect, as hard as it is to upkeep it.

I hope you're doing ok. Best wishes as always

This sounds like a good time for Luna to visit rainbow dash in the dream world and help her out. Very well written first-person fanfic, great job!

This is me. I can’t put it as eloquently as it was written out here, but…really loved this story. As I kept reading along, it kept increasing in relatability. Hope you’re ok, since this was a vent. :heart: I think I needed to read this too, saving this to come back to.

I hope you doing good bro, your story do not reflect yourself, but us do too! Def to my fav.

We are what we do. Even when we think the mask falls away, sometimes we don't recognize the one we put on for ourselves. It's much easier to believe a lie we tell ourselves, when we know we won't challenge that lie because we think it's the truth.

Ah yes...impostor syndrome. In an effort to help you the author and this unnamed pony both, sending an internet hug.

I had a good thought a few minutes ago, but it escaped me and now I feel bad for losing it.

Step 1: go on a fun outing with friends!!!
Step 2: pretend to bang your head super hard on something.
Step 3: drop the act and say it was the head injury that caused it
Step 4: profit.

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