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A pony and a human discover that the veil separating their worlds is... nothing more than an old shower curtain?

Featured on 2/1/23! Wooo! /)
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How very odd. If I had a nickel for every time someone's shower turned out to be a portal to a magical realm, I'd have two nickels.

Which isn't a lot, but it's strange that it's happened twice.

Good start mate, I'm definitely interested to see where things go from here.

Interesting premise! I look forward to your future updates! :D

Interesting. I will be tracking this story; it reminds me of Letters from a Friend.

The old, humble shower curtain still beats my current portal to Equestria - the darn toilet seat.

I don’t visit as much as I’d like, nor do I get that many visitors. Wonder why...

Good thing they heard each other after our hero got out, would be awkward if he wound up naked in someone else shower.

Okay, this is hilarious. Looking forward to more :twilightsmile:

Who knows what other shower-curtain related shenanigans the two will experience! Could this be Cave Johnson's origin story!?!?! :pinkiegasp:

11494490 You're lucky. Most toilet seat portals go to New Jersey. :trollestia:

(... Well, this has my interest. I look forward to seeing where the majestic power of the shower curtain leads.)

Lol I wonder what universe poor Spike got shunted too. Maybe he is floating around in Discords dimension.

Look promising. Bookmarked it for now and see where this would lead me to.

Aperture Science must be behind this.

How would that portal "curtain" even work anyway?

The twenty-three year old web developer ...

oh no

As best I recall, I think that was Aperture Science's original company game plan (normal shower curtains). Then they stumbled into portal technology and changed the focus of the company.

Interesting, can't wait to see where this goes.

Yes, yes and yes if that story turns out good then i will definetly fav it, the concept itself is so promising and the writing is also good im really looking forward into it

The lore, as I recall, was that Aperture Science owner, Cave Johnson, wanted to find a new way to get in and out of a shower than an ordinary shower curtain...and eventually settled on doing it with portals instead.

Because that's what Aperture Science does--overengineer every simple thing needlessly...FOR SCIENCE! :rainbowlaugh:

One of the most unique takes on a pony-human first contact I've ever read.

I wish I could give you more likes.

That’s an interesting concept for a story. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Woah, did you just make it rain over there? How are you-

Psst--it's a shower curtain

This is turning out to be a very interesting story. Only two chapters in. Keep up the good work.

"No, this is scientifically impossible. YOU are scientifically impossible!

Don't think so. So far, there is no tell-tale sign that he involves. He would have make it more flair than a mundane shower curtain.

(Well! First contact with a species in another dimension through a SHOWER CURTAIN... Twilight's going to have to bring her friends if she starts to write a thesis about it. Need someponies to prove she's not crazy.)

It was meant to be a reference to when Twilight meets herself from the future, but I just looked up the clip now and realized a botched it xD it's "This isn't scientifically possible. YOU are not scientifically possible!" So I fixed it hahaha

"Last year, there was a brief, weird conspiracy spread around town by some wackos about whether we were all living in a giant shared dream created by Princess Luna."

In fairness, this is a theoretically real circumstance that could potentially happen in Equestria...should Luna ever decide she wanted to. But how would you ever know if you are or are not, hmm?

"They each then read the first word at the top of that page and recited it one after another. If they were in a dream, they would've likely all said different words, but since they all said the same thing, they figured that they were all indeed awake and were satisfied, albeit extremely embarassed."

Well, actually...that'd only work if we assume they themselves were each individually in control of what they perceived of the world around them within their respective perspectives of the supposed shared dream, and that it's not solely Luna who is the controlling factor of what is perceived within the dream. E.g. the books they were referring from were all created from within solely Luna's mind, OR all participants in the shared dream are sharing information of what is perceived with each other universally for consistency's sake, in which case of course whatever they read off the pages would be the same, because it was still all coming from a singular universal source...meaning they haven't necessarily disproved they aren't in a shared dream after all.

But another test they could do so to take that possibility into effect is to stand in a group and at a signal all shout out a number each individual has chosen at random. If they all consistently have chosen the same numbers each time, then it's likely a shared dream. If not the same numbers as you'd expect, then they can safely assume they're probably not in a shared dream.

"Is your United States a small island chain overseas?"

Ha! If only--that'd certainly put a frankly needed damper on the Great American Ego, wouldn't it? :trollestia:

You have my attention with this story

Well now they are getting along like a house on fire. Dude's lucky his phone didn't pull Uptown Funk or summat for him to try and explain...

I must say, I'm curious to see what happens next.

Loving this interesting concept

in my choice of state living, it technically could be an island chain.

11497012 It's very easy to disprove the dream thing. The brain has a limited capacity for processing sensory inputs, AND it cannot re-create more than a couple sensory inputs at a time, since it has to drag them entirely from memory, which is FAR more difficult than passive perception of surrounding stimuli.

So play a dozen songs all at once while reading a book and chewing cinnamon gum and lighting a rose-scented candle. If they're all playing and you can read the book and taste the cinnamon and smell the candle, it can't possibly be a dream. There is no way the brain could handle so many simultaneous complex recreated senses.

I remember many dreams exceedingly well, and in each there was one very uniform consistency: even in the most vivid mental recreation, at best only 2 senses were being optimally simulated at a time. If high focus was put on taste and smell, for instance, the visual details of the location blurred and became indistinct, background sounds tended to fade dramatically or vanish entirely. The few times all senses momentarily engaged, the sensations became highly jumbled and incomprehensible, the dream lost its narrative flow at once and then I woke up because there was so much neural activity it overrode the sleep cycle.

Mm, yes, that's actually an even better idea. :twilightsmile:

Nice to see another author use the human population to throw Twilight for loop like that.


That experiment was very clever. Always nice to read a story where people are actually using their brains. Also, Ryan opened with an experiment to Twilight. Talk about picking the right way into her good graces.

He hadn't even considered the possibility of accidentally not playing anything. Sure there was a very, very, very small chance the voice could have randomly guessed which of his many videos he picked the first time, because he knew something was going to play. But to correctly guess something that wasn't even supposed to happen? Slowly but surely, the veil of doubt washed away from his mind. When he spoke again, his voice barely came above a whisper.

Well, to be unreasonably pedantic, it's technically possible he hallucinated both the voice describing the music and the display describing it, but that's probably too specific for real hallucinations. And, well, there comes a point where the amount of sensory deception needed makes the voice of a talking unicorn being imaginary the less likely option.

Well THIS is a fun chapter :D

If I were him (or Twilight), i'd be very concerned about using the shower... Or tbh even poking the curtain. Don't wanna dislodge whatever weird effect is causing this thing to act as a faster-than-light or interdimensional speaker :D

Now, the question is, what experiments Twi may run on this... Could see if light passes through too. Pressure waves obviously do, so what about gases? Who knows, it may not even be the curtain which is acting as the speaker :O

If anyone can work out how to turn this into a portal, it's Twilight (and let's be honest - she'd be so eager to turn this into a portal xD)

Yes, i'm taking this comedy fic too seriously. Sue me :twilightsheepish:

Amusing story so far. I'm just afraid young Spike might start gossip about Twilight talking to her shower curtain to the wrong ponies. This kind of thing do travel fast and Ponyville's residents are quite good at jumping to conclusion.

"Did you hear that Twilight is keeping a stallion locked up in her bathroom?"

A pause. "Is that what it's called? It was really beautiful, and I nearly fell asleep to it."

I'm just picturing Octavia overhearing the sound, marching into the library and tearing up the curtain out of jealousy.

"Well, I am the personal..." There was a brief pause.

Uh-huh, I see what you're doing there, Twilight, withholding potentially security-risk-related information, whether it be personal or at the national level.

I mean, I can't really blame her--there's still a whole lot of unknowns to all of this and she probably can't rule out the possibility there is some nefarious intent behind all of this for somebody, so wouldn't hurt to take the precaution for now.

Either that, or she just didn't want Ryan getting the wrong ideas about her without first getting more context...but the fact she opted to just overlook her close ties to the royal family (to the extent that she is, in a sense, royalty herself already, thanks to Shining Armor) entirely rather than explain it all out in the proper context suggests the former possibility over the latter regardless.

"THEY CAN MOVE THE SUN?!" Now it was Ryan's turn to shout in disbelief. A quiet whimper sounded out from behind the curtain, and Ryan surmised Twilight was probably massaging her ears just like he had previously. "I mean, the moon too, but the sun?!"

Yeah, moving the sun is kinda a whole order of magnitude more impressive than moving the moon (though pretty impressive in of itself, so rest assured, Luna, you're special too :twilightsmile:).

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