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One night, an amazing display lit up the sky over Ponyville. A comet, brighter than any in living memory, was making its way through the sea of stars. The residents of the town gathered en masse to witness the spectacle. As was the tradition for such an occasion, many ponies made a wish on the celestial body, hoping that maybe, just maybe, some of them might come true...

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hmm. someone's gonna wish for the status quo at the end, I bet :P

I really, really enjoyed this story, so Imma track it and give it a thumbs-up. But, there were three things:

ONE: The blank space at the end.

TWO: You know, I think I go have breakfast with my sister after all... but how do I get down from up here?
-Corrected: You know, I think I'll go have breakfast with my sister after all... but how do I get down from here?

THREE: "You weren't looking!" the she replied, prancing back to her seat on the other side of the table.
-Corrected:"You weren't looking!" the pink mare replied, prancing back to her seat on the other side of the table.
-Corrected V2: "You weren't looking!" she replied, prancing back to her seat on the other side of the table.

Sorry, my proofreading powers activate sometimes. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm tracking. You should get a proofreader or proofread it yourself. :pinkiehappy:

In the event that you need a proofreader though, feel free to PM me. :twilightsmile:

Scootaloo ... what have you done??
:scootangel: Nothing...
Still though, this looks good and you should feel good. Tracked.

Heartwarming, though I suspect things are going to go south before the end.

Can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

If I were Scootaloo, I'd just say that she didn't make a wish because she thought it was childish (or something to that effect) and is starting to regret it

I see lots of potential here, good work up to now, I'll be tracking for more. :twilightsmile:

*Hides the reset button* :scootangel:


Props to those who know what's that refrencing. Anyway, this was a good story! tracked

Wait, Pinkie didn't wish for Sugarcube Corner to be made out of cupcakes?



Aww, I loved it! Keep writing!

Oh wow. I submitted this at 5 in the morning and I woke up to this? That was certainly unexpected! Thanks a lot for the comments, guys. To those of you who pointed out typos and grammatical errors: Thanks, and please continue to do so. I will definitely go back and fix them as they are pointed out, and I'll try to lay off the late night editing while I'm at it. :derpytongue2:

me want moar! good story bro. acctually better than i thought it would be! hope this turns out well. track and like for u

A most interesting start. Tracking...:twilightsmile:

Wow. I really like where this is headed... the different memories, and Scoot starting to find things weren't exactly as she suspected.

Well done so far.

More! (if that's all right, of course)

Be careful what you wish for...


Happy End: Scoots wakes up again in her old house...and Rainbow's sitting at the table eating cereal.

If Rainbow had parents around before then that means Scootaloo's wish sent them away too. Bummer.

399906Wouldn't they still be together because unlike scootaloo's parents rainbowdash's parents would of already had rainbow dash before the would of had scootaloo so they would still be together

417985 i believe somewhere in the story it was said that Dash was raising Scoots. Which means their parents are gone. But we don't know if Dash did or did not have parents around before the wish.

Oh no... I really want to know what happens next.. do you know how soon the next chapter will be out?

Was your wish to be featured on Equestria Daily? Cause if it was, wish granted, dude. :pinkiehappy:
REALLY want to know not only what happens next, but also what everypony wished for. Fav/track. :twilightsmile:

Next time a comet apears:

Scoots: "Excuse me, mister comet? I think you got things a little confused last time. I wanted Rainbow Dash to be MY sister, not me to be hers. It's better that way. I get a sister, and Rainbow Dash has a family again. That would make both of us happy, and aren't wishes supposed to make ponies happy? So this time, I wish you had granted my first wish the way I wanted it to be granted! And that includes a reset back to the day the wish was granted, because you had to go and take your own sweet time coming back so I can fix this. Seriously, what were you DOING the last sixty years!?"

426327 It was sleeping off some silly filly's wish that made it rewrite years of history. You're supposed to wish for little things, like pink snow! :twilightsmile:

What probably happened is that since she wished to be RD's sister, her 'parents' are now RD's parents, and her folks never made that house that she grew up in since her real dad never stayed around to make it. I wonder what Twilight and Rarity wished for...


Twilight was one of the following.

"I wish Princess Celestia knew about my feelings for her."
"I wish my library had ALL the books!"
"I wish for a book fort. No, wait, a book FORTRESS!"
"I wish my fanfiction was real." (Warning, Twilight ships everypony with everypony)
"I wish I knew what to wish for." (And by the comet had gone, she did!)

Rarity was one of the following.

"I wish Blueblood knew what it was like when he was such a pig to me at the Gala." (Princess Bluebelle has not left her room since the apearence of the comet, regardless of the best attempts of the most eligable stallions in Canterlot.)
"I wish my sister had her own room at my place. Then maybe she would actually play there when her friends are over, and not make a mess of the actual store." (Man, is she going to feel silly when she finds out what her sister wished for.)
"I wish I could make outfits fast enough to stay on schedule."
"I wish Twilight actually knew how to dress and accesorize to look her best."

"And Fluttershy wished to be a tree, and she lived happily ever after."


EDIT: Tell RD what you wished for, and then immediately go to tell Twilight. DO NOT tell the rest of the CMC, because they will make it infinitely worse. Somehow. Also, tell Pinkie by writing her a note, and then running away as fast as you can. This way she is aware of the problem, but you don't have to be there for the Pink'splosion.

430620 Well. That made me see it in a different way. hehe. Tell RD, then she shall probably deny the fact for a while, go to twilight, twilight will probably understand.

Well then. I was afraid for a moment that Scootaloo's wish had caused her parents to die or something. Though this does raise a question: why did Sweetie Belle really wish for what she wished for? Scootaloo's wish hadn't taken effect then...


Isn't reality warping fun? Depending on how exactly it functions you can have all sorts of outcomes. It's certainly something to think about, and rampant speculation is always fun to see (for me at least, as I know exactly what's going on :derpytongue2:). As for an explanation of said reality warping, Scootaloo herself doesn't care too much about the exact mechanics of what's going on, but somepony else might...

I believe Sweetie would've made the wish anyway, especially since Apple Bloom's always had AJ. (Before the wish)

Applejack is:


Lawyer Cutie Mark Crusaders!

Ah, yes. One of the implications of being sisters.
You need parents.

*grins* Excellent! I'm loving this story so far.

Very, VERY interesting so far.

Can't wait to read more.:twilightsmile:

And so we reach a whole new level of awkwardness.. Just when Scoots manages to regain her balance somewhat, this happens. Obviously, we'll soon reach a point where pretending she knows what's going on will no longer be an option and she'll have to come clean. I really wonder what's going to happen next, though I must say I really hope the wish isn't reversed; as tragic as it may be for Scoots to lose her old life, I love the idea of Rainbow and her living together as sisters and the relationship you've created between them is very cute. Keep it up!

Also, I really wonder what Pinkie wished for. It's something she is unwilling to tell Dash for some reason.. Until you say otherwise, I'm going to interpret this in a manner supportive of PinkieDash :pinkiesmile:

I... I just have the feeling that this is going to end in so many tears. :fluttercry:

Aw man...

Here I was hoping that Rainbow had wished to have parents.

Looks like Applejack managed to put two and two and two and two together! :facehoof:
("Don't you go muddlin' the issue with yer fancy mathematics!":ajbemused:)

gahhhhh cliffhangers! I can't wait to see where this story goes, if scootaloo still wants her old life back, and what celestia does to fix these problems.

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