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(Set during Sleepless in Ponyville)
The Cutie Mark Crusaders are planning a camping with their big sisters, or in the case of Scootaloo, the big sister figure she wished she had. However, before that can happen, there is something else Rainbow Dash has to do first, meet Scootaloo's mom.

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Her mom is named Rain Dance, her aunt is named Sandstorm...she's got an older sister named Sunny Day, doesn't she?

7497017 No. No older siblings in this version. Only child. Hence the desire for Dash to be her sister.

7497070 Kinda figured. It was more a comment on the fact that both relatives are named after moves in the Pokemon games.

I'm surprised that RD didn't wonder why she and the other Element Bearers didn't get royalties from the merchandising they're doing with their cutie marks...
...or maybe they did, and that's where RD got the money to by all those Filly Guide cookies...:rainbowlaugh:

7497704 As representatives and defenders of Equestria, all official Elements of Harmony merchandise must first gain approval from Princess Celestia. A small percentage is then taken by the crown for the licensing and merchandising rights, a portion of which is then given to each of the bearers when a significant amount of bits had been sufficiently collected.

Sounds like mom's got cancer. Exhaustion from little, sleeps a lot, and the observations. All very reminiscent of mine so yeah that sucks for ScootMom.

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