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Though Scootaloo normally appears to be a happy and lively little filly, every once in a while she reacts in a way that catches other ponies attention. Especially the ponies she spends the most time with, Rainbow Dash and her friends, seems to take notice of these little things.

When she finally reacts in a way that cannot be ignored, it is up to Rainbow Dash to find out what terrible secret Scootaloo is really hiding.

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Omg yes it's finally on here :pinkiehappy: This is by far my favorite fanfic ever, very good job. Who doesn't love Scootaloo? :scootangel:

This has earned it's spot in my favorites, feels good bro :ajsmug:

346871 In all seriousness though this story is amazing. This story has become canon for me, I can't see Scootaloo any other way. It also always brings me to tears. I feel so strongly towards this fic that I'm going to read it again tonight, and most likely end up in tears :fluttercry:

Definitely worth the read, I cannot recommend this story enough. I'm not lying when I say it's my fav :twilightsmile:

cool. will read later, when i have the time. tracked. :pinkiehappy:

Yay! Glad to see this here. This is one of my favourite Dash/Scoot stories. :rainbowdetermined2: :scootangel:

Yay I get to read this soon! :pinkiehappy: <- everyone else was doing it :P Had to

346871 Wow. I knew it was my most popular story, but didn't know it was this popular :) Thanks ^^

Ahem... Now then, I've come up with a brilliant analysis of this story as a whole:
And that about sums it up. I love me some sad Scoot - well, bittersweet anyway - and while this may not be the best I've read, it's certainly up there. You did a good job with it. So, thanks. For the nice story, that is. :twilightsmile:

This is by far one of my favorite fics I have ever read. Sad yet happy at the same time, though I did laugh at the fact she was living with the chickens. Such a sweet story, a few manly tears were shed, cause nothing really pulls at me like a family story. Specially with Scoots :scootangel:

372550 Haha, yeah, thought the chickens was a nice touch to lighten the mood and give a shoutout to the fandom XD

It took me a while, but I finished reading this fic and I'm glad I did. I can see why so many people like it.
It was hearwarming and provided some interesting points to think about with both Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. Although neither of them are my favorite characters or anything, I can greatly appreciate the justice you did for both of them, giving them greater emotional depth and personality than we have seen in the show as of date. Great job, you deserve all the praise you get :twilightsmile:

401793 And thanks for this reply. Though I love getting praised (who doesn't?), getting actually constructive replies like these are what makes me a better writer. I'm really glad you enjoyed it ^^

That was wonderful. :pinkiesad2:

Scotaloo stories always touch me. Especially when they're well written! :pinkiesmile:

yes, great chapter/story! keep up the good work! :)

definately going to read the whole story! love it already, poor scoots!

516422 Must've taken forever. I'm glad you liked it ^^


I dig this story.

Scootaloo always summons protective feelings in me, and I guess this fic proves it!

:rainbowhuh: Da... Huh... Wha... All that in one chapter?! *head explodes*

And now I'm crying. That's a first from any fic I've read. Good jOb!!:fluttercry:

530783 I try my best ^^ Glad you liked it.

Brace yourself, my tears are everywhere. Amazing job friend.

A very heartfelt story for Scoots and Dash, the backstory for the kid's mom is really touching especially. Well done on that part.

604668 I'm especially proud of that as well ^^ Really glad you liked it :)

All that in one chapter??? and theres 12 more?? You sir, have my attention!

637237 I should say, though. It was originally meant as a stand-alone story the first chapter. The following prequel and sequel I made on demand from people who really liked the story, so they're sort of different.

With that said, I'm personally most proud of what I've done in "Single Wing". Though it has its flaws, I think it's my best work so far :pinkiesmile:

sooo sad!:fluttercry: i want to cry so hard:raritycry:

372168 lol i was listening to dubstep:twilightblush:

I really love your characterization of copperbolt and candyfeld (haha) nicely done!

745464 Thanks. Copperbolt is 100% original. I wanted to make her this playful, youngish mother, perhaps even a form of motherly Rainbow Dash. I'm glad you liked her, and "Candyfeld" too :yay: Heartfeld is not my OC though. I borrowed him from CosmicWaltz's story "Fell Into the Right Hooves" which was the first fanfic I ever read (with his permission of course). Though the two stories are unrelated and the "Candyfeld" thing was my idea :twilightsmile:

Isn't this your only story?
Nah, just an hour or two.

Anyway as for my review/comments, the story was beautifully written, though perhaps things happened a bit fast in the first chapter...
We ever going to find out what happen to Scoot's dad? Why he left? I always like to think best of ponies so I think he either had a good reason to leave or he regrets doing so... and he didn't turn up at the funeal because he either couldn't or didn't know about it.

746470 It's not my only story actually, though it's my only good one. On Deviantart I have some more that was made in a few hours or so.

The first chapter was actually meant to be stand-alone, and it was something I originally wrote pretty fast. The reason I made the rest of the story was that I had so many people ask me to make a sequel, so I thought I would write Scootaloo's story and this was what it ended up with :twilightsmile:
I wanted to make Scootaloo's dad appear in a chapter in Warmth Under Your Wings to kind of make Scootaloo realize something about Dr. Heartfeld. But when I had written it, it felt kinda forced, so I had to remake it and decided not to include her dad. If you want to know how I pictured him: He was terribly sorry for leaving, but never had any real reason other than being young and immature. Since then he had a lot of inner conflict and decided to come back, though he was surprised to find that Copperbolt was gone, and felt somewhat responsible for it. He then spoke with Scootaloo, apologized to her and offered to take her in. But he did not want to take her in because he loved her, but because he felt ashamed, and Scootaloo got mad at him for never having cared about her in the first place and then realized how much Heartfeld had actually cared for her well-being, even though he was just her mother's doctor. As you can see it's quite a lot of conflict, and I could not fit it into those three chapters without it either getting too long and boring or too short and superficial like the first chapter was, so I decided to have RD act the parent instead, and then simultaneously have her grow as an adult.

Ah I see... that's rather interesting. Quite interesting as well... and not how I would of imagined the father to be...
I guess everyone can have different portrayals of the same character.

747509 That's one of the fun things about stories imo:pinkiehappy:

Ch. 7 (Single Wing pt. 6) hit me hard... It reminds me of when my own mother had a stroke a year ago and we almost lost her. Luckily, we got her to the hospital in time and she recovered (but is still somewhat disabled). Thank you, askesalsa, for writing such a touching story and reminding me of how precious our loved ones are. :heart:

756052 You're welcome. I'm really glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

It's nice to see this story getting the recognition it deserves. If you browse for all stories with Scootaloo and sort by rating, this is on page 1. :scootangel:

770662 Woo! Never thought that would happen o.o You were the one who forwarded me to 600 people right? Thanks mate :)

This story earned its place in my top five favorites. Check it out on my user page. I'm also looking forward to your next story. :pinkiehappy:

776321 Editing that one at the moment... it's four times as long, but I'll do my best to make sure it's worth the read :)

It's a beautiful story but, I can't help but think of Rainbow Factory!:pinkiecrazy::fluttershbad:

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