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This story is a sequel to "I'm Tired Of All This"

Alternate title: Titles Are Hard. It's been a week since Rainbow Dash saved Scootaloo after she jumped in to Ghastly Gorge and Rainbow Dash is keen for her to go back to school, as well as make good on a promise. What happens though when despite her best efforts, the little filly still can't fly?

You call in the one guy who can make any filly fly.

This story is a direct sequel to my story "I'm Tired Of All This" and you really should read that story first. An OC will be introduced later in the story. Here's hoping I don't get torn to pieces for that! Alternate universe tag thrown on to be safe because this fic totally disregards the events of S3, most notably Sleepless In Ponyville and Magical Mystery Cure.

An audio recording of this, and the prequel story, is being done by Shimmering Honor and can be found on this youtube channel. Finally, this fic now has a sequel that can be found here.

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I like it so far despite it not being named Scootasequel, ah well the chapter name makes up for it.

Glad you're liking it :twilightsmile: I'd have called it Scootasequel but I think it would have given the wrong impression :ajsleepy:

2495928 Yeah if I saw a story with that name I'd think it was a comedy.

Well now you can consider it an inside joke and you're part of the cool kids crew for knowing it :raritywink:

Thanks :twilightsmile: I've already gotten five chapters written up and she's still not done her first day of school :pinkiecrazy:

Take that, people who said the last one was fast paced!

Thank you, that means a lot :pinkiesmile: I like the concept myself and I'm surprised at how this has gone given how it was something I'd never even considered doing.

This seems pretty good. I do have to wonder who, if anypony, Rainbow will talk to about Scootaloo. Also, the other crusaders are going to be curious as to where she had been and why she didn't show up at school. I look forward to finding these out and more. Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

The school scenes ARE written but so far the OC is yet to make an appearance. I'm surprising myself with this. I think I have one more chapter to go before the OC is introduced, and in terms of on here...let's see...she doesn't go back to school until chapter six.

Well...this is either slow paced or perfectly paced :twilightblush:

I know Rainbow is going to get help from your OC to help her fly. I was talking about Rainbow's other friends. The rest of the Mane 6.

Ahhh to be honest they aren't making an appearance except for Twilight. I'm trying to focus solely on the relationship between Scoots and Dash. The OC is there to answer questions and fulfill a role neither one could.

I'm working on moar :pinkiesmile: I'm up to nine chapters written now but I'm trying to refrain from posting too much and then running out of new updates to post :twilightsmile:

Nice. Very nice. I'm ready to see what happens next. However, take your time.:twilightsmile:

Bahhh, I'm waiting for the time people tell me to hurry up and update something :pinkiecrazy: I'm going to throw an update up tomorrow though :twilightsmile: When it's all written I'll then throw up updates a lot more frequently of course.

I was wondering if a sequel was going to be made and I finally found it!:yay:

Can't wait for more.:scootangel:

Well I'm glad you found it :pinkiehappy:

Soon...soon. I feel like writing some more so I think I'm gonna fire up my ponimusic and start writing a new chapter, bringing me one step closer to constant updates.

2542496 Teh pony music.... We must activate it.

I am, I am. Four hours of Aviators :pinkiecrazy: Although I don't think I'm going to write for four hours. I mean, I'm already taking time out of writing to write this comment :rainbowlaugh: I'll go write some more now :fluttershysad:

My hat's off to you. Can't wait for the OC!

:raritystarry:If you PM me with some names of cities and towns around you, I might be able to think up some names for you.:trollestia:

You have no idea how much I love that clip :raritystarry: He's actually still a long ways away. I've not long finished his introduction and it's at about chapter ten, so he's a few weeks away yet :raritywink:

Oh and I'm still waiting for you to PM me, you silly filly :twilightsmile:

Pretty fun chapter, though I can't help but feel sad, remembering what this series is about, even though I read it like a week or so back when this story came out, up to the first chapter and read the next two when they came out or soon after. This chapter makes me wonder what would the point be of Dash giving up after only a couple DAYS worth of training, compared to say a week or a month (I doubt a year). :applejackconfused: But eh, I'm sure you have your purpose/reason behind it and we'll find out soon enough... hopefully though, it's NOT a pony from Scootaloo's past who adopted and abandoned her or worse yet, maybe even her birth father (that thought just came to me, compared to the other thought of who the mystery pony is as I was reading this). :unsuresweetie:

I'm wondering just how Scootaloo's return to school will be, if her friends Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle didn't see the letter Scootaloo had left for them and it was taken out before they could, as I doubt Dash took it with her when she ran off to save Scootaloo from jumping to her death. Of course, you've hinted it's not going to be pleasant and it's not going to be happy, I can only wonder how Scootaloo will react if she doesn't blow up at them for not caring (:facehoof:) like she did at Dash before she revealed that she loved Scoots in a platonic way, which I have to wonder about when I re-read it recently, how it didn't seem so hollow; if it was the first time Dash said it to Scoots in this universe. Ah well, it's not important for you to say, but I can't help but wonder, being the inquisitive person I am. :twilightblush: Well, I look forward to the next chapter tomorrow, if that's when it'll be here! :twilightsmile:

I think my head just exploded :rainbowlaugh: I'm just going to reread that to address your points :twilightsmile:Although obviously I won't give too much away :pinkiesmile:

The pony in question is not going to be anypony from Scoots past. I actually never even considered that, but I think if it was then I would have hinted at it. Scoots would remember the name. Actually you can consider her asking about the name a sign that she genuinely has no idea who he is. I didn't consider that either. I'm a better writer than even I know :rainbowhuh:

The return to school will be...mixed at best. It's going to be a little while yet before the whole "confession" thing. But by the time I'm done everything will hopefully fall into place and be pretty cool. Do you mean that it didn't seem hollow the first time Dash said she loves Scoots, as in it felt emotional? Because that would be awesome and just what I was after. I think the first time anypony says "I love you" it is the most powerful time those words are said. Though you're right that the new chapter will be up tomorrow :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the awesome comment :pinkiehappy:

Actually... no, I did not. //dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Scootaloo.png I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't have said it to begin with, but I was just confused when I referenced how I would've imagined Scootaloo reacting if her friends seem to not care that she's not been around anywhere lately or if they learned of her unknown bullying (if one could consider it that: everypony telling her she's not good, could do better, etc) beforehand possibly; similar to how Scoots blew up at Dash before she said "I love you" even if that was the point of the prequel to this, I know. To make her feel wanted and loved finally, even though one would think maybe she'd be more skeptical of it the first time it happened if she never heard it before Rainbow Dash said it. But somehow, based on what you've hinted at or told those of us reading the story, I doubt it's gonna get that heated or dramatic exactly when she goes back. :derpyderp1:

Also, dunno if we should consider that Scoots actually asked for his name, since she said "Who's "he"?" and Dash didn't really give a name exactly, just a description of what he does... :twilightoops:

Minor note or two: did ask if there was a reason for somepony else training Scoots instead of Dash herself, when Dash sorta quit herself after only a couple DAYS of really doing so. Since I don't know if that makes her seem very loyal as a teacher, even though you gave her her reasons for being the way she is in the show: napping constantly, with being in charge of the weather team, etc. But if it wasn't an oversight and will reveal that in the chapters to come, I will wait to find out. :rainbowdetermined2: :twilightsheepish: And I dunno about you being better than you give yourself credit for (though I've only read this one series) :derpytongue2:, just seemed likely that with the mysteriousness (not saying who it is) one would think if Dash and her buddy are possibly the same age (or a few years apart, even though Scootaloo's fairly young, one would say, and dunno how old Rainbow/Mane 6 are in this story, as well as Scoots) and she didn't know her friend was someone associated with Scoots' past, it might be a motivator to fix things or make Dash try again herself. I dunno, but it just seemed like might be an intricate part of the story to have Scoots facing a pony from her past (minorly or majorly), especially if it was someone who ditched her, like her own parents. :twilightangry2: But I will trust you know what you're doing and again, you have your reasons for doing these things as you are to Scoots and bringing in a mystery OC pony into the story. And you're welcome! :heart:

Rainbow tried with the very basics of flight, and Scootaloo didn't get them. She thought she knew what Scootaloo was doing wrong but it turned out even that wasn't the case. A pony doing the things Rainbow told Scoots to do should be able to take off even if just a little bit. But I do think a lot of those issues will be addressed later in the story, especially when I go into a lot more detail about certain things. Rainbow is brash and impatient and if somepony doesn't get something right away then she'll just give up on them. I'm much the same way and am terrible at explaining how to do something. That's what I wanted to get across and that was the original plan...hopefully things will all make a lot of sense later on down the line.

It's coming my friend, there are three updates next week :twilightsmile:

...But you're Twilight Sparkle...and I don't think Rainbow would be happy with what's going to happen :pinkiecrazy:The third one is going to be fun though, I can say that :twilightsmile:

Wait a min... Is 16 KM 4 amarican miles!? 16 KM in swedish miles is 1.6 miles!!! Cuz 10 KM is 1 swedish mile... arrgghhh... im an egghead...:facehoof:

Hey being an egghead is awesome :twilightsmile: I asked google to do the conversions so I assume we're talking American miles here and I wasn't aware that different places had different length miles. That's awesome :pinkiehappy:

Cheerilee has the strength to destroy doorways it seems.:eeyup:

She destroyed a lot more than that to get to Big Mac :eeyup:

2570470 She was on a magic potion binge at the time and even then it took a little time to break past the mountain of furniture. Not the instantaneous door ownage that just happened.

She didn't destroy anything though. She opened it with such speed and force that it hit the wall pretty hard and that's what broke it. I also didn't go into detail on how broken it is (which I admit I probably should have done) but nothing is permanently broken. The door isn't in pieces or anything. Meh I'll just take the "now damaged" bit out. :ajsleepy:

2570484 That's alright. You really shouldn't take anything I say seriously at the moment anyways cause for me its like...... 4 am.

And I love you for being nice :twilightsmile: She only really lets go with Rainbow, but she will loosen up a little as the story develops :pinkiesmile:

Personally I shrugged things off so much and acted like nothing was wrong so much people actually just stopped asking me what was wrong. I consider that one of the worst things that happened to me in terms of people's reactions. To me it gave me the clear message that they just didn't care anymore.

well as i said to you, i'm almost 90% Dash in the personality test
/)'3'(\ :rainbowkiss:

to both of you, dasponi, i have already told you this earlier, and will keep reminding you, the brony fandom will always have your back when you need help

That she is :scootangel:
Daily updates next week, look forward to it :pinkiesmile:

Gah I need moar!!!! It's so goooood! Been trying to read this whenever I could. :P

Thank you so much for saying that :twilightsmile: I've contemplated combining every two chapters into one long one, but I passed up on the idea. I will try to update more frequently though :raritywink:

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