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Guardians come in many colours and personalities, protecting others or misusing their power. Rainbow Dash is just one of them. As she encounters her favourite filly Scootaloo alone after dark, she soon finds herself tangled up in a complicated network of protégés and presumed protectors, both from the present and the past.

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Proofreader(s): twilight-the-pony (also The11thWonder, Nonagon )

Sequel: Lonely Mountains
Trigger Warning: non-descriptive (sexual) abuse of a minor
Rated Teen for adult themes and violence.

The events are set somewhere after Sleepless in Ponyville, but before the coronation.

This is my very first fanfiction (in the hope that this doesn't scare you of).

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This looks like it is going to be a very interesting story. I can't wait to see it completed!

Welp, looks like somepony is gonna be the target of a rainboom powered punch to the face.:rainbowdetermined2:

well done keep it up and you'll get many views

Guardians of Mmany Hues

will be added as soon as my proofreader finisheds them.

Sexually abused Scootaloo? Not sure I'm down with that, too far outside the spirit of the show. RIL'd for revaluation.

May only be once scene, but it sets the precedent for the character. If it's not the impetus for the plot then it is at the very least a piece of world building that clashes or conflicts.

One little lost soul does not like this story...
Only one? Pfft... thats the one who hoped for getting horny.
I must say that i loved it so far!
Read it while i was on a trip in a boring car...
Im most certainly gonna favorite and like.
But sadly, i could use some more Spike....
Its a simple request, you dont need to add him.
But now, im gonna go for a swim.

Of course abusion is way out of the scope of the show. That is why we have fanfiction.
And the whole point is that this has consequences. If it hadn't it wouldnt be a bad thing to do...

For me, the spirit of the show is to show how friendship works and people help each other when in need. I tried to do the very same with this story, only with more adult themes. I just wanted to see how the charakters would react to "darker problems."

I know it's not everponys cup of tea. Never thought it to be.
Maybe you will like it when you read it later.

Thanks for the heads up. Also to the other commentors, likers and favouriters (is that a word?).

The story is already fully finished, so I can't really add too much stuff. But there is a little Spike on mail-service-duty a few chapters in.

God damn it scootaloo is not fucking handicapped!!

I feel you, but we do have a lot of stories were she can fly. We can let a few pass were she can not.

>>To the writer

It is my thing on this website to read every story that has Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo in it. This means the good and the bad. I am happy to say: that it is very unlikely that your story will leave my favorites. It is rare for me to keep a story there after it is done, but its some thing that you have managed.

My praising of you aside. I wanted to tell you to keep up the good work. You clearly have a good idea going here, and I am sure quite a few of us can't wait to see it to its end.

Stay awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:


I am flattered. I hope you will enjoy the rest of this story just as much.

Great story so far, I like the entire thought behind this. I didn't notice any errors, so great job proof-reading it.
I give you :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Is there going to be any more? I am addicted to this and I love it!

You are writing so good chapters....
But they are too short :raritydespair:


It is finished at 42 k words. As I said in the description I will add chapters as soon as my proofreader is over them. So good luck for you!

the story is great so far. keep it up. poor scoot :(:scootangel:

I love it....
9/10 for this chapter...
MAKE EM LONGEEEER:flutterrage:

*racks bolt back on M16A4* where the fuck is Ms. Birch!!!! no one gets away with scootabuse of that magnitude alive!!!

:pinkiesad2: Twilight has a lot to do before this irrational jump to conclusions is forgiven.

:scootangel: Love the story :scootangel:


Thanks. I know chapter length is one of my problems, but I try to seperate them thematic. Also the story is already long enough without padding it with extra scenes (total 42k). So we still have a lot to go :yay:

But do not fret, a few of the next chapters will be much longer!

And i thought i had the D'aww flu!
Now its certain!

im not getting my hoped up this is tagged tragedy which mean no happy ending, the hero hast to fail...


Sir, I hate you right now...
But still...
I love you...

Breath taking, that all i can say :fluttercry:

Take as many stallions as you need for the task

Why no mares? :derpytongue2:


What's confusing you? Maybe I can help ;)


Because you would say "Take as many man as you need.", indicating both male and female despite saying man.
I just ponified man. Also most of the Royal Guards indeed are male in the show.

Me likee...:pinkiehappy::coolphoto:

It iz really showin' off ze magicz of tha pairing.:coolphoto:

I can't feel anything about this chapter except... Awkwardness...
I guess... you got the procedure wrong?
Its not like when i do it?
I.... this is just weird...:twilightoops:

This chapter was...interesting to say the least. I had no idea that they had this kind of medical technology in Equestria. It gave me shudders.

Lol... Pony Gynecological exams. Just when I finally thought I'd seen everything on the internet... :facehoof:

Still, fun story and I like how you dealt with Scootaloo's condition. Makes more sense than having stubby wings. After all, if that steroid monster Snowflake can fly... :rainbowwild:


I spend a week reading different papers about medical examinations after child abuse and also asked a few women what it's like for them to go to a routine check up. All of them said I got it quite right.

I felt it was important to show that aspect of abuse as well. It does leave more than just mental scars and this has to be dealt with as well.
I also left out the more disturbing instruments that are used to document evidence after child abuse nowadays, like gigantic cameras etc.

@NekoThaCat What do you think is wrong? You can also PM me. That doesn't have to be public.

3246113 Lets just say that...
Cameras on... rubber... what's the name in english...
Lets say bendy sticks. Made out of rubber....


I think you mean the use of a vaginoscopy or hysterocopy. Yes. That would also be a possibility.
As far as I know depending on the region you life in and other factors routine examinations are also done using this technique.

However as far as I could find in the medical papers about child abuse it was never used there and I think state of the art is still the normal speculum or camera speculum combinations, although it is more intrusive. I am no medical scientist, so of course I am not sure which technique is best or more widely used right now, but I think my description is fairly accurate.

Also there are no computers in Equestria and therefore no tiny digital cameras.

3246344 Yes it is.
I don't think Sweden might do what your contery does ^^
But uhh...
Just ignore it...


Well... I really am not qualified enough to comprehensively compare gynecological standard procedures in different western countries. However I can assure you that the papers I read were conducted by doctors of various countries in Europe and the USA and that I did my very best to make the story accurate.

That a technological advanced country like Sweden with a government funded high budget healthcare system also features (at least in some regions) doctors with high-end technology accessible in the praxis doesn't really suprise me.

Anyway. Thanks for the comment!

"Words are a means of despair or hope, sorrow or joy, depending on the wielder. Written or spoken, it makes no difference. They caused wars and ceased them alike. Ending a life with them was just as easy as starting a new one."

Did you read this somewhere or did you come up with it while writing this? I love this quote and had to save it!

I came up with that myself. Glad you like it that much!

good chapter but one little thang i nodest

“I like Dr Staple. He gave me cookies and I told him how much you helped me and that I want to life with you.”

live i baleav u meant

other than the fact hooves cant bleed even the semisoft hooves of my little ponies, posed that before i was done oops :P this story is still extreamly good in my opinion keep it up pls and ty

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