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This story is a sequel to Guardians of Many Hues

Tears freezing on her cheeks in the cold mountain air, Rainbow Dash closed her eyes. In her final seconds, she could think of nothing but her daughter... Scootaloo...

This is a sequel to my other story Guardians of Many Hues. I recommend reading it beforehand, although you should be able to understand most of it by just reading the recap.

Warning: death, war, mild torture, extremely sad
Rated Teen for adult themes and violence.

A huge thank you to my amazing editor and proofreader Kevinltk. You're more than just amazing! Also big thanks to twilight-the-pony for additional proofreading!

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Looks good... I'll put it on "Read Later" :twilightsmile:

i honesly dont thank rainbows dead iv seen thes kinda storys b4 i hope im right bout this lol

what about the crystal rainbow was charging?
and scootaloo has somehow gained the element of loyalty? :rainbowhuh:

well crud so much for happy ending

All I can say is be careful.

Ponies like myself read guardian because of the love we have for scoots and dash...

And then you do this. I...

Just be careful and respectful, this is best pony and filly after all.


Please don't worry too much. I know why people love the Guardian. It's for the exact some reason I wrote it. I do love Rainbow and Scoots.

I know what I'm doing here. At least I think so.
I know, judging by the speed they came, that at least two of the three dislikes so far have neither read the Guardian nor a single word of this story.
This story was already banned from a Scootaloo group as well, and I can understand why, although I think it was a little too hasty.

I know people tend to get irrational and emotional when it comes to stuff like that.
Please know that I found myself apologizing at night to my Scootaloo plushie, hugging her dearly to make up for the pain I inflicted on her.

Guardian of Many Hues was a serious story and so is this. I could have gone for the classical "they didn't find all the foals from the orphanage yet" or the "Scootaloo meets her love from the orphanage again". But instead I wanted to address a serious topic: mourning and how people/ponies handle loss with the help of their friends.

I didn't do it for the fun. I didn't have fun writing most parts and sometimes I even had to take a break because it was too taxing for me, but I think the result is more than worthwhile reading, especially for Scootaloo and Rainbow fans. I don't want to spoiler, but you will all get it once it's there. Just be patient until then.


Crystal and element will be addressed in abundance a little later in the story.


Tragedy,dark,and sad, are usually hard tags for me to read when it comes to scoots and dash, but if you believe it will be worthwhile and if it will do them justice in the end then I will follow.

Liked and faved.good luck.

P.s. Watch out for the more zealous scootadopt fans they tend to tear stories apart.

Gees this is dark; just how did RD get in this mess

This story has barely begun, and yet the suspense is killing me

Following up a scootalove/adopt with dark sad tragedy isn't helping that suspense either


I'm aiming for one chapter each day. So it should be over soon.


Here's hoping for the best
Here's preparing for the worst

Take us unto the breach my friend

If I had to find some way to compare these to the guardian, I would say this story is the dark knight Rises, and the guardian the dark knight, don't get me wrong its not bad but were the guardian took a idea that had been a hundred times and some how made it feel original and fresh, these just feels more cliché, that and the pacing in the guardian was perfect, here it feels like the really emotional moment's don't have enough build up.
Again this is just a opinion, I am going to see where you take this story, I won't like it yet, but I well keep on reading.

(how is it I'm getting first comment? I never get first comment,EVER)

Still sad,but things are starting to move in the general direction of looking up.

Also much scootalove detected,makes me feel better about reading this.Honestly this story has already pulled at more heartstrings than I care to admit having,sadness for dash, sympathy for scoot.

I however predict more tears to be shed by the end of this thing so brace myself I shall.

Write on my friend,write on


If you have already been shedding tears, there's a lot more to come!


Don't get me wrong there manly tears of course



But yeah, keep that song, it will fit quite a few more chapter ;)


I can see what you mean and I'm curious if you're position remains the same until the end of the story. Please let me know

If you continue to deliver emotion like in the 3rd chapter, or 4th if you count the recap I well definitely like it, but I don't think you well be able to make it better than the guardian in my eyes

P:S I would be lying if I said I thought Linkin Parks new stuff was better than there old stuff, but to me it's really good, and thought that living things was a huge emprovment over a thousand suns


I may need a moment...:fluttershyouch:

That may have hit me a little harder than I thought it would...

The death of not just rainbow but any of our favorite ponies is always hard for me to read.

I've stuck with you this far,but after this I think I'm gonna need to read some twidash or some cute scootalove.

I've said it before I'll say it again
Write on my friend,Write on


At least there is going to be a lot of Scootalove later in the story.

3395772 Here's hoping.

From the first chap I knew we would have to deal with this,but knowing it doesn't make it any easier.

Rest easy O master of the sky.
May the Maker's breath be the wind beneath your wings.
May Celestia's sun light your path.
And may Luna's moon guide you home

Ihateyouihateyouihateyou!!!!!! First story good.:pinkiehappy: Second story BAD!!:flutterrage:


The story gets more "something" in the later chapters, so stick around!


Sunday! My fortune cookie says sunday is going to be your day.


I hate you for this.

I hate you sooooo much.

That letter made me cry good chapter

Good job, you made the ponies cry..


the feels.

Nice work, still in character even tho the show should never convey something to do with death, or at least in this detail.

Two days?!?!:twilightoops:

Two days till what?

ITS MY SCOOTALOVE AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!:twilightangry2:

On a more rational note.

We get a healthy dose of our daily recommended scootalove,:scootangel:and dash being awesome.:rainbowdetermined2:

Can't wait for more but as you have stated, SUNDAY.

See you then my friend, Write On,Write On

P.s. Them feels are still getting to me

I'll admit that the first story was a little too slow for me, but this one is turning out to be... well, terrible. In a good way I assure you. :raritywink: Damn you and your feels sir. Damn you.

Comment posted by shadow avenger deleted Oct 26th, 2013

I didn't cry, but maybe that's because I have seen so many sad things I'm just been hardind.
Your writing is still good but sad moments have to really be done well to make me cry, your touching moments on the other hand have made me well up, you are amazing at creating touching moments but your sad moments need a little work.

And again you managed to deliver a great and touching chapter.
I really like your stories and this one is no exception.
New i only hope that things don't go even more down hill for poor scootaloo, 'cause i don't know if i could take it:raritycry:

another great chapter :scootangel:

twi loves rainbooowww twi loves rainbooooww :twilightblush::heart::rainbowkiss:


You are cruel,you know that?

Playing with both my weaknesses on this site. scootalove and twidash.cuz now you just doubled whatever feels I was having a minute ago.

Chap was short sweet and to the point,but really that was all this kind of scene needed.

Much more scootalove anticipated but I have to ask the question,will we be getting anymore dash flashbacks?

Because all we've seen so far was during her getting surrounded and execution.(manly tears on that one btw)

Would love more explanation on what's happening in the north.

This is just me getting too curious for my own good,so just ignore me and keep going with whatever flow you've got.

As always Write On my friend, Write On.


There isn't too much focus on the backstory on the north because the story is meant to focus on those affected by Rainbow.


Fair enough.

Like I said,ignore me and move on

Personal you could have done better, is still emotional but there is the mistake of not deeply describing another charters emotions in the sad parts, your problem is that you are are having sad moments where I should feel well sad but the way you present them is sort of the format for touching, and because sad and touching moments have opposite emotions they clash and I feel nothing.
Let me explain sad moments are in my opinion at its best when you are describing what the characters are feeling, you are not doing that and instead caring it through dialog, which is fine for a touching moment but dose not work for a sad moment, another problem is that sad moments hit there hardest when you feel like characters are alone, in the first chapter even if she is not alone you should try and make it feel like she is.
One other thing that touching moment at the end to short.
So final verdict good writing but it does not hit many emotional home runs.


You will get your explanation soon enough.

I new she wasn't going to die

That was....... depressing in every way possible......... THANKS FOR RUINING MY DAY!:twilightangry2::raritydespair::twilightangry2::flutterrage:

I take back EVERYTHINGI said about this. I LOVE YOU.

Or just hug you to death, i haven't really decided yet :pinkiecrazy:
Seriously though you really got me with this one, i really thought you killed her off for sure and anticipated a story where scootaloo has to overcome this (and her managing to do so, because i just can't stand seeing scoots beeing sad at the end of a story)
but you gave me THIS ... which is now about 20% more awesome than i anticipated :rainbowkiss:
Thanks and i wish i could like this story more than once
So to show you my appreciation have some mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Not a bad trick, definitely unpredictable, apart from the fact she lived, you my freind are verry talented

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