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Life changes: this is just a simple fact. Sometimes the changes are great. You can gain new friends, or even have your role model take you under their wing. Other times changes can be terrible. You can lose family, and maybe even be taken away from everything you care about.

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This is very promising. Keep up the great story. I really look forward to what you make of this.

I'm rather enjoying how this story is going so far, and I'm interested to see how it will progress from here. Good work so far...don't slack off.

Looking forward to more :)

Always a sucker for feel good Scoot stories.


Ah well... I hope you enjoy what is it come.


I had a feeling I would see you two. ;D


But but procrastination is totally my special talent. Just kidding I find writing this a lot of fun, so it's not likely to take a lot of time.

Now, why on earth would you expect to see me?


I spot you a lot in comments of stories I have read. You seem to like Scootaloo and Dash stories. So I had a feeling I would be seeing you sooner or later. Its that or some one that shares that exact AV, witch is totally possible.

Careful, guys. This one is observant. =P

Yeah, I have been reading a ton of Scootaloo and Dash fics. You are quite observant.

Loved it!

Looking forward to reading more!:derpytongue2:

Nice, I was waiting for this, great and happy start, with a dramatic and sad finish, overall, great :twilightsmile:
Also I can already see what Rainbow will do in following chapter regarding Scoots situation, or at least I'm hoping that it is what she will do.
Can't wait for Chapter 2 :rainbowdetermined2:

I can totally picture Rainbow blowing up the orphanage wall with sunglasses on, then carrying Scootaloo on her back as they fly into the sunset, with the police in pursuit. :rainbowdetermined2:

Seriously though, I love it. Scootaloo and RD stories are awesome, and this is written very well.

Almost made me cry man!:fluttercry:

Rainbow will not let Cloud Dream take Scoots to a orphanage. :twilightangry2:

No! Not the orphanage. Anything but that.


Heh, sorry all good things take time. While I may be the writer, my grammar cannot be trusted, so I have to wait on my proofreader to feel like working. But the next chapter should be out on Sunday or Monday.


Let? Maybe not, now what you really have to ask your self: "can she do any thing about it?" :rainbowderp:


I am very happy you like it. I did my best with the end here, and yet I still feel like I could have done a little bit better. Meh
It should be interesting.
Coming Sunday or Monday. :rainbowdetermined2:


Hah, while that would be as Rainbow Dash puts it: "so awesome." This story is a logical realistic fic ;D
Well written... :twilightblush: I don't know about that. But I guess a lot of that can be credited to my team of proofreaders. My Grammar is so bad it can be weaponized; I think.

Why do I love sad stories the most? As long as Rainbow Dash doesn't die I won't be to depressed.:fluttercry: Can't wait for the next chapter!:scootangel:

Considering you chose a name like 'Heartstrings,' I am not surprised. =P

NOOOO! I knew there was something bad was going to happen to him, good chapter tho!


...Well I hope every one saw it coming in truth. I mean there is no OC char tag and there is a sad tag. Then the picture as well.

BUT, I am happy you enjoyed it. Chapter 2 is "done" you can say, but it needs to be checked. I am waiting on my last proofreader. Hopefully it will be done later today.

I would post it with out him checking it but... I would say its unreadable with my level of grammar and spelling.


Lyra Heartstrings is a background pony you know that right?

2355641 look forward to reading it. hope the sadness ends in massive scootalove even if it takes a few chapters


Ahhhhg, you and your MOAR. Right after I post chapters, things take time my friend!

Stay cool, "MOAR" will come in a day or two. :rainbowdetermined2:

fantastic. love your OCs. keep it coming

getting good keep it going :pinkiehappy:

Well, as I expected, Rainbow was considering just running away with Scoots :rainbowlaugh:
I can already see how Morning Dew is going to be a bitch to poor little Scoots, which most likely will get her depressed even more, but thats just my prediction.
I bet Rainbow could get things talked over with Twilight, and through Twilight she could contact Celestia, but I guess that would be just to easy and would make the story short.
Well, I'm waiting for more of the goodies :twilightsmile:

Love to read it right now but I have homework to do.:raritydespair:

OH GOD...THE FEELS! I'm in physical pain! :raritycry:

Gosh, really? =O

But why pick that particular background pony? What about her do you enjoy so much? What is in a name when they mean so much in the universe they source from? =P


I was reading Background Pony (by SS&E) at the time I created the account and her coat is mint green. Who wouldn't like a mint green pony? By the way my avatar is a picture of Lyra.

Oh and great chapter lightfox. I don't want Rainbow Dash to run away with Scootaloo though. Can't wait to see how this story unfolds.

Going to be taking a small break, and giving my proofreaders a break as well. Next chapter won't be around till Monday.

Sorry about that, but my proofreaders are going to kill me if I keep up this pace. :twilightsheepish:

Stay awesome everypony. :rainbowdetermined2:


You BET I'd kill you if you keep it up! X_X

This is so good keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

So I still like this but Sunnyrain... W T F. Also blaming Twi for a crate is kind of stupid logically but I guess a stories gotta have conflict... MOAR! :flutterrage:

awwww ya dont worry scoots rainbow dash has got this:rainbowdetermined2:

Good..good :scootangel:
As I expected, Twilight will assist her, and also Morning Dew is being a snuck up bitch to poor Scoots once again, so far I enjoyed every single chapter, keep the good work up :twilightsmile:
Also, I've spotted this which may confuse someponies, this line

“Welp, let’s do this.”

for those that don't know, "Welp" pretty much means "Well", so I'm just pointing this out for those that don't know, this is not a spelling mistake.


Its not really a leap of logic to blame Twilight, and trust me when your life falls apart before your eyes you're not in the best state of mind to think logistically. She is the one that ordered the box, it is on some level her fault. :pinkiesad2:

As for Sunnyrain, she uses her story like a weapon on other ponies that are depressed. I will go more into Sunnyrain I think in a different story. :rainbowderp:

As for having conflict, you don't HAVE to have it, it just makes things more interesting. As for moar... you will have to wait till monday :rainbowwild:


Thank you :rainbowdetermined2:


Well thank you, I am happy you are enjoying it. I do have to say I am surprised by the amount of people that like the story so far.

Once again, thanks for reading everypony. You are all awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:

Morning Dew is being defensive. “If I don’t like anypony then I can't be hurt”

And I expect either Rainbow or Twilight to go completely ballistic when they hear Sunnyrain's story.

Its not really her fault, I mean you can argue that Twilight was the cause that set those effects in motion. But she did not make the crate, she did not deliver the crate nor did she secure the crate. But yeah when your stressed like that I guess blaming someone helps. 2375980

I want to kill Morning Dew with my bare hands. Is that normal?
And Sunnyrain's family must be absolute assholes.
I'm way too angry today. :twilightangry2: :flutterrage:


Morning Dew has had a hard life. (( would be Sunnyrain's words ))

Ahhh, but at the same time, would Sunnyrain have ever gotten her talent if they did not send her away. :scootangel:

yay update this story looks like it wil be good

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