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A group dedicated to the coolest filly and her even cooler surrogate sister and mentor!
Submissions to this group need to have both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, and the submission should be about them or have them playing a prominent role.
Whether dark and dramatic, or casual and adorable, if it's Scootalove, it belongs here.

Please submit stories to one folder, only! If a story can go in multiple folders, please pick the most prominent or relevant category. Avoid using the main folder, please!

Feel free to drop by and discuss any number of things in the group's message board, as well!

Oh, and one last thing: no romance or clopfics, please. Thanks, Bronies!

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I recently received permission to do a sequel to this story. I was wondering if it would fit here, as it technically is and is not the obvious character from the aforementioned story. I would be more specific, but I don't want to give too much away about it. Just be advised that it is EXTREMELY touching, both during the dark part of the story, (which happens to be most of it), and the ending, which leaves room for a sequel, if this story is received well. :pinkiehappy:

It was so awesome :rainbowkiss: how Rainbow handled Scoots' problem back in Flight To The Finish.

Still hoping for Sleepless in Ponyville continuation on the sister bonding. Don't disappoint me, S4! :rainbowderp:

hehe, rainbow dash has a bucket on her head:eeyup: cute.

Season 4 can't wait

300th member:pinkiehappy:

Yes just what I need:pinkiehappy:

325106 ok thanks I love scoot and The story I wrote is a real tear jerker so I don't think I will post it for my and everyone elses sake. :scootangel:

Depends on what you mean. If Scootaloo is dead, to take an extreme example, then I'd call it Scootabuse and it would not be fit for the group. If it's something where she's coping with the loss of her parents, or reflecting on getting bullied, or whatever, that's something different. The idea is that this group is (or was) a response to the massive amount of stories where Scootaloo was beaten, bruised, battered, killed, and the generally lazy route authors took when they needed a sympathetic character to make people emotional over. And really, to celebrate the Dash/Scootaloo sister/mother/friend relationship.

I feel like we've been getting a lot of stories added recently where Scootaloo is simply the main character; that is not "Scootalove." She needs to be the main character, and positive things need to happen to her. We're looking for upbeat, generally happy stories. If it gets sad on the way there, that's ok. Heck, it can even end bittersweet or with a sad tone if it's done in the right way. Just so long as we're left with a positive vibe from best crusader.

*The only caveat I can think of would be if the fic took place in the distant future, with an elder Scootaloo in her final moments or something. I'd still be wary of it.

what about sad? I recently did a sad one, not that I'm proud of writing it, but it is good so far and has a great moment with Dash and Scoots

I don't get why we can't post romance if this is scootalove

oh my gosh that banner!:rainbowdetermined2::heart::scootangel:

311122 k I will :rainbowkiss::scootangel:

I hate people that spam stories

It seems there were some consecutive cases of people mis-clicking which folder they wanted. Both times when I went to delete the errant addition it had been already removed by the person who added it.

Feel free to PM me if you see something askew, wrong, or otherwise not suitable for the group!

It's come to my attention that there is somepony adding Scootaloo fics to the wrong categories, unfortunately it's impossible to tell who it is.....

Is there a reason the non dash folder has no stories in it?

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