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I'm an aspiring auther. I have an account on Fanfiction.net, on which other works of mine can also be found. I'm always looking for new pony pals, so anyone who wants to, please feel welcome.

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Yay, a new Avatar! Well, then of course Midnight_Rainbow didn't really suit me, so I changed my name, too. Squeee! :pinkiehappy:

I've finished my first book! It took a friggin' decade with my blasted ADD and such, but I still did it. I was scrambling to get it done, which was why I didn't have much time for fanfiction for a while. Now I need an editor because quiet frankly, I don't trust myself. The only professional people I could find are really expensive, so boo to that! I almost feel like a total idiot asking this over the internet, but anyone want a shot at it? If you do, get back to me. Now that the book is done, I can get back to this type of thing. Yippee!

Hey, thanks for the fave to Equestria: A History Revealed! :twilightsmile:

Looking forward for new ponypals, eh? :trollestia:

So, as far as visual art goes, I'm...not good. :ajbemused: Anypony wanna do cover art for me?

...Please? :heart:...

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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