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swiggity swooty. It's been a blast!

About Me!

Hey there! This is my userpage I guess. I'd like to think I'm more interesting than I actually am. If you'd like to argue with that statement, well, you can learn more about me down here!

Name: um...Hoofry Poneigher?
Likes: MLP, history, MLP history, whole bunch of stuff
Occupation: Dinosaurs.
Place of Residence: Under your stairs

Favourite Mane Six: I guess Fluttershy's pretty cool?
Favourite CMC: Scootaloo's awesome.
Favourite Episode: Lesson Zero

I'd like to think I can periodically release updates to my story, Equestria: A History Revealed. A chapter a week is what I'd like to aim for. But sometimes I can get busy with University work (and dinosaurs). I'll try to keep you guys posted though!

Featured Stories

  • TEquestria: A History Revealed
    Loose Change is arrogant, conspiracy-obsessed, and most likely just all-out insane. And with the help of that homeless pony who lives in a box behind the donut shop, her essay will reveal the truth behind the entire history of Equestria.
    Hoofry_Poneigher · 122k words  ·  206  11 · 12k views

On the Future: Thanks Yous and Farewells · 4:17am Mar 23rd, 2015

Of course, even the final blogpost is super late. Well, at least I stay consistent.

Now, to cover the future. When I first came up with the idea to write this My Little Pony fanfic, I knew I’d just write one. This was always the end goal, I wanted to publish a fic that I could be proud of, and that would hopefully entertain other people too.

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Thanks for following me and The Sparkle Essays. It looks like your story about an essay writing pony looks fun! I'll give it a go!
Thanks again!

Would you be interested in joining and adding your stories to the group, Species of Equestria? It is a group designed for organizing all the fabulous stories with different species into smaller groups with other stories of their kind. Click the link and join!

Who are you and why did you follow me? :rainbowhuh:

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