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Princess Flash Sentry

I'm not really Flash Sentry. That was just the lulziest pen name I could think of. Twilight is still best pony though.

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I am both a troll writer, and a fanfic writer. The trollfics consists mainly parodies and rather over the top and exaggerated cliches. The decent stuff is mostly comedy or dark stuff. So, If you follow me for the trollfics, since those are the majority of my fics, remember that trollfics are not the only thing you'll be seeing here.

Twilight is best pony FTW!


Food for thought 2 · 1:28am Jan 15th, 2015

You all know about the whole "unicorn master race" and stuff like that. There seems to be a bit of a unicorn bias in Equestian culture. Heck, there are groups like the "Unicorn supremacy group" that are all about the "unicorn master race," and the group also discriminates against earth ponies. Earth ponies seem to have it bad. That, and not many bronies have an OC that's an earth pony. Now, rambling over. Here is the question: Do YOU think that there will be an earth pony rebellion sometime in

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