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Got a story you've written that means more to you than the others? One that you consider your crowning achievement?

This is the group for that story. Finished or in-progress, new or old, good or bad, everyone is entitled to have their best work on display here. There are no restrictions on what can be submitted to this group in terms of genre or cast; just because someone doesn't like it doesn't mean others won't.

Basic Rules
1. Members may only post one story in this group, though it may be placed in all applicable folders (allowances can be made, with permission, for sequels/series). This is meant to be your best or favorite work, so choose thoughtfully.

2. Be respectful to your fellow writers, even if you don't approve of their work. They're proud of their material, so consider how you want your own work to be criticized when handing out judgment.

3. Members who submit multiple stories or routinely antagonize other members will be warned and eventually removed if violations continue. Love and tolerate, people.

4. Wow, you're still reading these. I kinda ran outta real rules so this is a test to see if you actually pay attention to them. You passed!

5. Okay, seriously, why are you still reading? The last rule told you there weren't any more. Go add a story or review for someone.

6. ......Why are you looking at me like that?

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A masterpiece collection that I cherish. Hmmmm... Not sure if I made one yet but soon or later I will.

I am planning to make a masterpiece of a MLP AU series, and a follower of mine did say that my story was a masterpiece in itself so...count me in:scootangel:!

I suppose...:coolphoto:

344802 Lol...

Hey, can you make a folder for stories with 1k favorites? :twilightblush:


I've read all your rules. Do I get a cookie? :unsuresweetie:

Welcome, true believers:twistnerd:

  • Viewing 1 - 8 of 8