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"Books are awesome" -Rainbow Dash
Ever since Twilight gave Rainbow Dash her first Daring Do book she was hooked however she said she had first editions of every Daring Do book except one where does she keep these books that she likes and others well in her library of course.
Hello and welcome to RD's Library now before you even think about joining remember this to check out the rules and even after you join check them out sometimes because they will be changing now as stated as the number 1 rule in the rules, no NSFW books,threads, or comments because this group is not for NSFW anything so anything that is NSFW will immediately be deleted until farther notice if our rules/guidelines change. Now anyone can add to this group weither it's books,threads, whatever.

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Now you can apply for admin

funny it has 10 storys and 10 meembers

Can't forget Daring Do Books but she collects all kinds of books

346644 Action yarns and horror stories, I hope.

Pegasus erotica, mostly.

What kind of books does Rainbow Dash collect in her library? :unsuresweetie:

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