Fun! 170 members · 397 stories

Find yourself bored, angry, or even sad? :raritydespair:
Tired of fumbling around confusing, contradictory, and constrictive rules?:ajsleepy:
Just want to go wild? :rainbowwild:

Here you can do anything! You can self-promote a story you've put hard work and effort into, create role play chats and be your favorite hero, start a discussion about which pony is more grammatically incorrect, or even make threads about spider-men! :pinkiecrazy:

Everything is allowed here! The only rule is to have fun! :twilightsmile:
Site rules should still be followed too though.
Spamming threads over and over again is disallowed too.

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I think I'll have lots of fun in this group:pinkiehappy:!

Yay, fun, because my life will always be too boring, :yay:
it's FUN time
...i'll walk myself to the forums.

Can Anypony be my friend?:pinkiehappy:

343070 Are you talking about creampies, bro?

Oh. right. Your a virgin still and don't know what is what. :facehoof:

343023 How is that related to cream pies?

I just said no NSFW images. What of that do you not understand?

342992 The fuck are you talking about?

I joined because Smiles

342972 Are you saying you prefer the cherry ones? :moustache:

342963 What's wrong with cream pies? The lemon ones are pretty good, in my opinion :moustache:

No one here does. :rainbowwild:

No. What is wrong with you! Those under the age of 18 will be joining and lets try to keep this fun for all. :yay:

*Insert 'Too many Pinkie Pies' clip here* :pinkiecrazy:

I don't see no twitches. :derpytongue2:

Seems like your a bit dull to me. :trollestia:

They don't exist for me. :ajsmug:

>Everything is allowed here!
Does that include my favorite cream pie pictures? :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

# of funks given? Zero.

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