For those of us who join way too many groups.

We know who we are.

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440109 Why did you join so many groups?

I am subscribed to 2500 groups. Is that enough to join this group?

Comment posted by brony_789 deleted Nov 22nd, 2020

On deviant art im a member of about 300 groups and i havn't even been on that website for a year :rainbowlaugh:

398849 The way I used to do it, is I copy pasted all of the groups in notepad, then word processor and looked at the number of paragraphs.

Nowadays, I just look at my spreadsheet where I keep tabs on all of my groups.

398848 196 × 5 - 1= 979 (not sure about the 196 part tho as I counted quickly).:derpytongue2:

Is there a better method to count group or other things like it that you know of?


398838 How did you count my groups, btw? What method did you use?

379114 make that 979 by my count.:derpytongue2:


Comment posted by just for reading deleted Mar 20th, 2015

I'm in 403 groups :trixieshiftright: that good enough?

379115 Not really, I've even suggested him to join some of the groups I'm in. The more the marrier.

Even if we were, there's no beating MetaKnight145 who is in 1450 groups.

379114 Are you and ocalhoun having a contest?

379113 Since my last post I've joined some more groups. I'm now a member of 860 groups.

350184 My count is 168. It's not much, but it's still more than most.

I join groups for no reason. Bring on the love :rainbowwild:

Follows For Follows

I...don't even :rainbowhuh:


I'll add my groups back onto my page until you're done counting.


1: :rainbowderp:
You actually took the time to count all those groups? That must have taken forever!
2: NOOOO! I'm not #1! :raritydespair:
I need to join more groups! :rainbowdetermined2:

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