(Whatever else you do, please remember that you cannot post NSFW links or imagery, by site rules. It just doesn't end well for anyone involved.)

We do what we like and we like what we do.

This group is hereby dedicated to posting whatever you want.

Weather it be debates, common discussion, funny .gifs, rants, raves, complaints, whatever, nobody really gives a shit..

1. Don't be an asshole, eh.

You can pretty much do what ya like, just don't be an asshole, don't going around being an asshole, or wish for beings to get sudden infant death syndrome like Clemenshone did, or any of that shit, eh. (basically just don't be Clemenshone)

2. Don't fucking spam, just don't, eh.

Don't post the same thing over and over again, 'nuff said, eh.

3. Follow Site Rules, Eh.

'Nuff said, eh.

Admins are not immune to rules, eh.

Seriously, eh.

4. Have fun, eh.


6. Absolutely no hatred towards minorities AT ALL.

7. Don't ban smiles. (unless she breaks a rule ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °))

Within the boundries of the few rules we have, there's not much you can't do, so go insane, eh.

Clemshone is BANNED from this group just as she is the old group, this is technically part of the fourth rule since I didn't bother to add the number five over it, eh.

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I was just asking myself the same thing

"Absolutely no hatred towards minorities AT ALL."

Does this include Canadians?

When did I join this?

I'm from the future...

It happens.

Comment posted by Mega NewWays97 deleted Jul 3rd, 2015
Comment posted by Crimson Eon deleted Feb 24th, 2016

yeah, i guess that's true:trollestia:

though, it's seemingly growing, ain't it?

I don't know. This place is actually pretty shitty.
It's a cheap rip off of the group after all.

so, what are you doing here, eh?:ajsmug:

hai Flabby!:rainbowkiss:

This is absolutely disgusting. No wonder Jenna made it.

Comment posted by Julia deleted Jun 2nd, 2015

Man, I hope we never have to move here permanently.
No offense, it's just that it would suck if the old group was deleted. We'd lose all of our shitposts, all of Raymanguy's family speeches. We'd lose the Chaos-verse...*immediately begins copy/pasting all of my Chaos-verse stories into Google Drive*

Wait, wait, wait.

If this group stresses the rule of "No NSFW content" and is not marked NSFW, why is the group's name The New Group Dedicated To Doing Whoever We Want? Cuz I'm pretty sure doing someone counts as NSFW. :unsuresweetie:

Eh, screw it. #HISV

I didn't sign up for this!

Since when the fuck did things group spawn out of?

It begins. Our own little diaspora.

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