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You have discovered: The Secret Group
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This group is a secret. Invite your friends to join, resulting in an awesome underground group where all we do is make plans that never really come to fruition. Once enough members join, or as soon as I can get going, I'll try to establish a weekly meeting place where we can all chat and stuff. Maybe we'll even start a collab

Post whatever you feel like in this group.
Excessive spamming of added stories will result in more severe regulations being placed upon additions.
Self-advertising won't get you banned, but it is frowned upon.
Keep it clean, people. I don't want this to become a secret porn distribution center.
NSFW is allowed if it pertains to the thread and if the admin finds it pertaining to the thread.

If you have any questions, Just PM me.

Secrecy is king, too bad it's a democracy.

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shhh...I have discovered your little secret, but don't worry...
Your secret is safe with me.
Wanna know why?
Because I forgot about this group already

(literally zips mouth shut and gives a thumbs-up)

You have discovered: The Secret Group

It's a secret!

Found it. It took me approximately five nanoseconds to figure out where you are hiding.
Now... Anyone here know where I can find the cure to writer's block?
*Revs chainsaw.*

Neat that'll help when hiding from molly!:rainbowdetermined2:


I found you all.

Random puppy: SSSSHHHH!
*whispers to new people*
Don't tell anybody!

I've started a group on Fimfiction called the Tournament of Canterlot where authors can submit their stories and then try to get their followers to sponsor them by donating to Oxfam’s Syria appeal. At the end of 2015, the stories who’ve gained the most sponsorship share in cash prizes up to $5,000, depending on how much is raised.

There’s also a place for musicians, voice actors and other brony artists to offer prizes for specialized criteria such as the story with the best villain or the best shipping; motivating authors to advertise their stories/ the tournament, therefore raising more money for the Syrian Refugees.

Tournament of Canterlot

I'm Spartacus!

an awesome underground group where all we do is make plans that never really come to fruition.

Oh, this is so for me!

Perception increased by 1

I could use that.

Sneak increased by 2

That could be useful too.


*Wakes up after taking LSD*

Uh... haii :rainbowhuh:

It's a secret to everyone.


found it, finally:derpytongue2: about time

362624 I think so...*post my stories in groups*:scootangel:

Sounds like fun! So, I just post whatever story I want?

*Orlunu rolls to spot. Natural 20!*
If it's supposed to be secret, it's gotta be a good idea to look inside. :raritystarry:

326486 She doesn't follow me >:D

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