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Im 17, and I play, Terraria, Team Fortress 2, and Battlefield.


I'm not dead.... · 5:02pm Oct 21st, 2013

Hey you wonderful guys, yes the 26 of you. Just wanted to say that im not dead! Currently I have 276 updates to read and 254 stories to read later... but i just cant read anything... I dont know why or how... even Sweetie's Mansion has updated it and i havent read it so i think i might have killed some part of myself somehow. Anyways currently i have been obsessed with writing so thats a good thing. with the rewrite of Forgotten i have a prologue and back story and overall the quality is like

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I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

366990 I am on the same boat, I have been trying to get my story for my OC out, but it is always getting beaten by the essays and homework. I hate school. :flutterrage::derpyderp2:

352959 I have a huge writers block right now, ive made a bunch of progress with forgotten as in story wise and how i want it to go, the problem is writing it out, not to mention i have a job now, and schools kinda been kicking my ass as well, if i've mentioned an idea feel free to use it. I want to write some but I've hadn't have the chance you know...

Hey man. So, I have a question. Are you working solely on Forgotten? Or are you going to be tossing your other stories back out there?

i guess it'll be sad, adventureous, comedic in some ways, human, alternate universe, and slice of life... i think

  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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The story I'm working on right now

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