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The idea behind this group is that if you read theirs, then they read yours, so your exchanging stories! Also, you may story exchange with Lunnana too

We can help you, and you can meet new friends, ask questions, or at least find something that interests you!
Without you, what would this group be? So you'll be happy to that this is a group for YOU! It's yours!

If you think your someone who can help or inspire other writers, it would be wonderful if you joined our club!

Warning: Do not join group if you are:
1. An idiot
2. Offended by ponies
3. In risk of being stupid

Thank you!

(p.s. Members may put any stories in any folder!)

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346905 Welcome to the group :twilightsmile:

Well Hi there i will try to be a pretty consistent sharer here if that's OK.:twilightsmile:.

346053 aw, your too kind :twilightblush:

346052 It's your group. You put the effort in making it and you'll be the one managing it. All credit goes to you!

Thanks for making this group! :heart:

345938 Oh, I'm so sorry, I forgot to credit you because I had thought of doing it ages ago, and then you reminded me of it, so loads of credit!!!! :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: Thanks everyone

1. An idiot
2. Offended by ponies
3. In risk of being stupid

I'm fucked:applejackunsure:

That is all. Equestria is ours.


345938 I agree, what a brilliant idea.

This group is awesome! Whoever came up with the idea for it is a genius! :trollestia:

  • Viewing 1 - 9 of 9