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Welcome, one and all, to the Official Poniverse/MLP Forums Fimfiction group! This group is open to any and all hoping to expand the Poniverse fanfiction community, whether you hail from MLP Forums or one of her sister sites, or are a Fimfiction user alone. We're open to any and all kinds of stories (within reason), so post 'em if you got 'em! And besides that, feel free to discuss whatever's on your mind in our forums.

—Who We Are—

MLP Forums is the world's largest brony forum, with over 35,000 members and counting. If you're looking for a fun, safe, and well-organized online community to meet other bronies and pegasisters, we'd love to have you join!

Poniverse is the brainchild of Feld0 (creator of MLP Forums), and it is the MLP fandom's first online transmedia supercommunity. Poniverse is the hub from which bronies can interact with each other across multiple media and multiple sites, including MLP Forums, Pony.fm, Equestria.tv, PoniArcade, and PonyvilleLive!.

—What We Do—

We are the library that holds the fanfictions of Poniverse. You are free to submit your stories to our library, member or not. We hold periodic writing contests, sometimes related to Poniverse's mascots, sometimes not (but always awesome!). We are also a leg of the support that MLP Forums offers writers. Whether prospective, novice, or experienced, you can access our tremendous network of support and guidance by adding your story to the library.

Of course, having your story linked to Poniverse comes with a set of stipulations. I know, it's another group with rules, but Discord belongs in stories, not groups. We'll be concise.

Rule 1: Mature-rated stories are strictly prohibited. Specifically, this means no stories with sexual themes or imagery, no stories with excessive gore, and no stories that otherwise surpass a Teen rating. Poniverse strives to be family-friendly, and that includes any content in its library.

Rule 2: If your story is successfully published to Fimfiction, you may request a review of it. Just add it to our library and post your request either in the group forums or AK Yearling's Writing Resources on MLP Forums. Someone will get back to you shortly with feedback.

Rule 3: Consider first reviewing another author's story before requesting a review yourself. Naturally, this isn't so much a rule as a request, but keep in mind that a network of support only stays strong when those in it both give and receive. No matter how inexperienced you may think you are, your external thoughts are always valuable to another writer looking for exactly those external thoughts. Before you take, pay it forward!

And that's about it. If you have questions about Poniverse, MLP Forums, or anything at all, feel free to ask any one of us. We'll be happy to answer!

We hope you all enjoy your time in this group! Write. Read. Comment. Review. And most importantly, have fun‼


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I'm not a member of Poniverse yet but I need help. I tried to register, but as soon as I filled out all the fields and clicked on "Register" it would not let me in. Can somepony please help me?

As part of the Golden Oaks project, I've uploaded a reading of Palm Palette's "Pony, Please". Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!

I've been on MLP Forums for a while and somehow managed to overlook the fanfic section there. Finally looked into it and now I'm here! I'm looking forward to adding some of my own work and reading what others have done. :)

Well the only reason I created an account here was to enter the competition! Anyways because I'm actually really fast and efficient when it comes to writing things up I'll probably get a story done in only a couple of days or maybe even a few hours! I'll probably just need someone to proofread it before it's uploaded and the story is literally going to be my theories of the show and even reality itself and it's all going to be compacted into one seemingly short story! I actually haven't even started work on it just yet but I'll probably start tonight. :)

So when we got the fic done, we just send the link to it in here?

It's probably going to take me forever to get oriented (just look at that group intro). Batbrony invited me, so I'll just blame him. :derpytongue2:


Okay, thanks man.

Is your story uploaded on Fimfiction yet? If not, do that first before you add your story to this group (since you won't be able to until it's uploaded on Fimfiction itself). If it is uploaded already, click on the 'Stories' box, go to whichever folders you'd like to add your story, and you'll the see the green 'Add Story' button in the top right corner of said folders once you click on 'em.


Its PPR from MLPforums. How do I add my story here?

385212 I hope to, but can't make any promises.

Very cool, I look forward to seeing what you come up with if you get an entry in! :twilightsmile:

385205 I started this 3 days ago, but haven't gotten much into it. Hopefully i can get it done by then. :pinkiesmile:

We'll take submissions until December 28th.

385167 what's the deadline for the contest?

I'm working on my one-shot christmas story, hopefully it doesn't turn out too bad.

By all means, go right ahead! I will never refuse being called one of Batman's many nicknames. :raritywink:

385148 Ohhh ok, thanks, bats(can i call you bats)? :applejackunsure:

Oh no, you can have Teen rated stories, anything rated from 'Everyone' to 'Teen'. 'Mature' rated's the one category we won't allow, sorry if that wasn't clear! :twilightblush:

385085 So let me get this straight, no teen or mature rated stories, things like "Silent Ponyville", or anything of that nature. Just a family friendly fic?

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