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This story is a sequel to True Flight

This story is a sequel to my story True Flight and is basically, as the short description says, a continuation of that universe. I'll be posting any other stories I think of in this universe, rather than create a new story for them. Most of them will be one shots, and occasionally there might be a longer story that spans a few chapters. Expect slice of life, a little romance, and everything you hoped to see me do with the world I made. The first story is one for Hearth's Warming Eve and I have one planned for Heart's and Hooves Day. Outside that I'm not sure, and can't guarantee any kind of update schedule. If I get an idea, and write it, I'll put it here.

Tagged alternate universe because, heck, I made an alternate universe. This story, much like the ones before it, disregard S3 and, of course, S4. The cover art is a recolour I made.

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This story is a sequel to Working Towards The Future

This story follows up where Working Towards The Future left off. You should really read that story, and the first story "I'm Tired Of All This" before reading this. In fact, this description spoils those stories! So stop reading this and go read those.

It's been three weeks since the events of Working Towards The Future. Scootaloo is happy with Rainbow Dash and better yet, it's the day that Star Shine returns from Canterlot. Someone else who's just as important was also on that train. He's not too happy that the bane of his existence is still alive when he spent years thinking she was dead.

He's quite happy he can get his revenge though.

Rated teen for language and violence. At least one of them should happen. Tagged romance to be safe. Mild shipping may or may not occur. Also tagged Alternate Universe because, like the two stories before it, this fic totally disregards Season 3. It's set between S2 and S3.

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It's Twilight Sparkle's birthday and even though she thinks her friends are throwing her a surprise party, they don't seem to be very busy. Not with preparing a party at least. It's almost as if they've forgotten and that to them, today is any other day.

This is something I wrote for my friend Twilightsparkle13 as today (assuming it doesn't take forever to be approved) is her birthday and I wanted to do something nice. So as long as she's happy with it I'm happy with it. Comedy tag thrown on for inanity, no actual laughs guaranteed, as per usual with my comedy fics. I'm British, we have a different sense of humour.

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This story is a sequel to "I'm Tired Of All This"

Alternate title: Titles Are Hard. It's been a week since Rainbow Dash saved Scootaloo after she jumped in to Ghastly Gorge and Rainbow Dash is keen for her to go back to school, as well as make good on a promise. What happens though when despite her best efforts, the little filly still can't fly?

You call in the one guy who can make any filly fly.

This story is a direct sequel to my story "I'm Tired Of All This" and you really should read that story first. An OC will be introduced later in the story. Here's hoping I don't get torn to pieces for that! Alternate universe tag thrown on to be safe because this fic totally disregards the events of S3, most notably Sleepless In Ponyville and Magical Mystery Cure.

An audio recording of this, and the prequel story, is being done by Shimmering Honor and can be found on this youtube channel. Finally, this fic now has a sequel that can be found here.

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Inspired by the Sisterhooves Social and the latest Apple Family Reunion Apple Bloom comes up with a brilliant idea. She creates an five step obstacle course with various workstations for the Cutie Mark Crusaders to try several things in a short amount of time.

They're bound to get their marks after all of this, right?...Well they should get some cake at least.

I ran the cover art through a reverse image search and it found nothin', so source unknown.

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When Dash went to the Cutie Mark Crusader clubhouse to see if anypony was around she found something she wasn't expecting at all. It was a note from Scootaloo, detailing some of her past and her inner anguish. Scootaloo had been holding back far more pain than anypony knew and one way or another, she was going to end it at Ghastly Gorge.

My first attempt at a sadfic, inspired by my own feelings of depression and worthlessness. I decided to write my feelings out instead of wallowing in self pity. It was also written at 2AM so forgive any mistakes. I did proof read it but you can never be too careful. Decided to rate it teen for the suicidal subject matter.

Sequel can be found here!

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Every time Twilight looks at an atlas, or a map, she sees something that bothers her. After being unable to find the answer with research, she chooses instead to go to one of the two ponies who is bound to have the answer; Princess Celestia herself.

Just why does every place have a pony pun for a name?

No idea who the source of the cover image is, if someone lets me know I will be happy to credit them.

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It's Hearts and Hooves day and while Scootaloo doesn't have a special somepony she has romantic feelings for, there is someone she still has feelings for, and thinks needs a little proof of her love. She'll need a little bit of help to make the delivery, and she's nervous about what might happen, but she's going to do it anyway.

This is my first fanfic, not just of MLP but ever really. It's an idea I've been sitting on for a while now and my thanks go out to PSP7Master for giving me the nudge to actually write it. Also just to clarify, the romance is NOT between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash.

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