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Scootaloo has always kept one small fact about herself from her friends, and she hoped to keep it forever. After reluctantly telling Rainbow Dash what it is, the two pegasi, the older in particular, learn what a sister truly is.

This story takes place between S3 E6, through S3 E7, and beyond into its own tangent. The only canon I, well, ignore would be what transpires after S3 E7.

I don't have any pre-readers or editors, so if anyone wants to do that then just say so.

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Nicely written and well thought out. :pinkiehappy:


Loving this so far.:rainbowkiss::scootangel::heart:
Can't wait to read more.

A lot of good stuff in here, maybe get an editor or someone to help with spacing/ some small punctuation stuff, but I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. At the very least it looks like a different take on the standard orphan scoots can't fly story. :scootangel:

You should really indent your paragraphs.
Other than that, though, really liking it. Please don't keep us waiting too long for the next chapter, though.

4183177 I forgot to indent!!!:flutterrage:
Sorry, I copypasta'd this from my MS Word document, and it didn't keep the indents.:facehoof:

It's a good idea. I thought she might not be flying because she lacked a teacher but the episode with Pound Cake sort of killed that idea. Undeveloped muscles though makes a lot more sense. She does seem to be improving a little. She managed to get up to the second story of that building in As the Sweetie Belle Toils. Almost anyway. Definitely keep going with this.I'm on the side that wants to see her fly.

I have seen this idea a few times, but I'm the crazy person that challenged them self to read every Fanfic that has Rainbow and Scootaloo in it. :pinkiecrazy:

4190757 'Tis the life of a Scootalove-lover :rainbowkiss:

I like the idea thought I may refine it a little if I were you.

They're not really built for flying anymore; the muscles needed to get off the ground are mostly unused. Instead the muscles for scootering are strong.

It seems like you're suggesting that pegasi have two major muscle groups involved in flight, one big set for thrust and a smaller one for maneuvering, scootaloo's thrust muscles are underdeveloped and her maneuvering muscles, (which i guess are a lot of fast twitch groups) muscles are overdeveloped. I'm get why the flight muscles are underdeveloped, but I'm not sure why she would need to let her maneuvering muscles atrophy to correct that problem. But I'm also being super picky here so do what you want, it'll be interesting to see where this goes.

4193561 She uses the rear muscles for thrust instead of the front ones, and that's no good for flying. The rear muscles are too bulky to grant flight, so Scoot needs to let them decrease in size. I suppose I could use better wording :T

This story is awesome so far and as for reading any story that Scoots has the problem you have so should be an interesting thing to expand about keep up the good work

I honestly don't want to see Scootaloo give up her scooter or flying. Why can't she learn to fly her own way and still keep her scooter? Or could the scooter be enchanted to ride on clouds??? I bet she could make some awesome tricks that way.

Aaawww this was so sweet, it will be sad to see if Scoots chooses flying over her scooter and vice versa since she'll have to give up one or the other and she wants both of them so much, I know how that feels

I would have loved to see Princess Luna destroy the nightmares and go flying with Dash and Scoots in their dreams.

Oh my gosh that made cry :pinkiesad2: it was the sweetest Scootaloo/Dash moment I ever read in any story thank you so much for another chapter I can't wait to read more

Great chapter :-)

I really wish we could see Rainbow and Scoots spending more time together in the show. The writers seem to have forgotten about Sleepless In Ponyville for some reason.

:yay: aaw another fabulous chapter :twilightsmile: I wasn't surprised at scootaloo's decision and it was a very cute little scene where she had decided but nonetheless everything is going well in your story and I hope for another update soon though don't rush yourself :pinkiehappy:

Well, Scootaloo can probably still ride a scooter or skateboard as a hobby, but she can't boost her speed with her wings any more, so let her at least have that so she can have some fun now and again.

Nice sisterly moments, well done.

I like the story, a piece of hopefully constructive criticism though: the first three paragraphs read like a synopsis of the story to this point which is kinda unessecary

4382263 That's just what I use as introductions. If needed, I can edit them out and change the intro to fit. Sorry, I'm just terrible at introductions sometimes :P

So glad this got a Feature without breaking 1,000 views. Good to read these things before they get finished. I'll have more narrow comments in the chapters, but I like it so far.

Keep me anticipating!

Here we are, the beginning.
This starts off rather well, but I wish Scootaloo's secret wasn't revealed this early. Maybe it's just me, but I feel as though there could have been many instances where Dash mentioned something related to the secret and she's hiding it.

Sometimes, even the best of friends (even so close as sisters) don't trust others with personal stories.

Anyway, good intro. Very descriptive.

Aaaw another lovely chapter :pinkiesad2: awesome job and I can't wait to see where this is going keep up the fabulous work :raritystarry:

Nice chapter, I hope Rainbow can take more steps to make Scootaloo's life better.

I've noticed you used a few "five dollar words", truancy and dissipated among them. They don't always fit, particularly when Cheerilee says them to Scootaloo. It seems unlikely that Scoots would know its meaning. Just a thought.

4430646 I had Cheerilee use that vocabulary because she's a schoolteacher. Therefore, she's bound to use words like that. Another thing to note is that she isn't particularly happy with Scoot, so she's speaking sternly. If they're too clunky then I can change them in a snap.

4427345 Didn't you know that this story got into the Home page's Featured Box? It was brief, but it was there. :ajsmug:

4432225 I didn't see it. Then again, I don't really go to the home page very often.

You're pretty harsh on yourself there in the author note. This chapter has some good stuff in it, my biggest concern is why scootaloo doesn't seem to get that dash would only be away for a month, I thought the would you like a poster bit was spot on however

Oh boy, this will not be an easy reconciliation. The best solution to me is to have Rainbow take Scootaloo with her. I'm sure she'd enjoy training with the Wonderbolts. I'm sure Twilight could take Scootaloo up to Cloudsdale in her hot air balloon. Of course, it might not be the easiest solution though.

Just don't have Scootaloo try to throw herself into Ghastly Gorge, that trope's been done to death.

Otherwise, I'm liking how this is going.

4499666 I can't do that. As you may remember, Dash went to the Wonderbolt Academy in S3E7, which is what I'm trying to lead into. :derpytongue2:

Why try to keep a schedual? We care about the story not the punctuality, take as long as required then post it (after editing), as long as we can continuse to read it we wont really care if its weekly or even semi weekly, just as long as it gets here when you think its good enough.

4530645 So she can't bring Scootaloo with her to the Academy???? :pinkiesad2::fluttercry:

The answer is simple... FLYING SCOOTER!!!

...It's gonna look like Dash just ponynapped Scoot...
Her badge was dropped outside the room with an open window and no Scootaloo.

This is sweet, and lovely, and gives me all those warm fuzzy feels! Favorited and upvoted, more please. :twilightsmile::heart:

4532579 If you remember, Scootaloo always leaves without the matrons knowing. That might be something I could do, but probably not cuz I have other things planned. For the sake of keeping the story believable, I guess I could have Kindheart be a bit bitter about it.

Just Fluttershy and Twilight left.

Nice chapter, well done. I'm glad Rainbow and Scootaloo have made up. I also can't wait to see the sundae Pinkie will be making since it is bound to be so awesome it will be the king of all sundaes! I suggest brownies are involved at some point, nice moist ones with bits of fudge inside. :eeyup:

4534875 Sorry, chapter ends there. :unsuresweetie:

I guess I could add a small part to the end of it detailing the sundae, but probably not, on account of it being so unimportant. :derpytongue2:

well maybe a few words on the Sunday i kinda want to see how epic pinky can get lol i mean its pinky pie Jesus theirs no telling what she can do but its your story lol total random thought when you end your story make it the begging of EOP :rainbowlaugh: no one whould ever ever see that coming

trixie. and kindheart is seeming more like cold heart.

I'm gonna guess Spitfire.:rainbowderp:

Hot Streak's mom is Spitfire, that's why Kindheart acted the way she did when Dash mentioned the Wonderbolts.

4552906 First!
4553186 Second! And good job with that third-level thinking, bro. I didn't think anyone would catch that :pinkiehappy:

Intrigiung chaptet, I'm intrested to know where this is going/ if somebody else wants to adopt scoots

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