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Just a socially awkward potato that can't go one day without writing something.

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Hello, everyone! I am Nocturnal Reverie!

I've been a part of the MLP:FiM fandom for a while, but didn't do a lot of writing for the fandom until recently, when all of my previous stories came flooding back to mind, and suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about them. So, slowly but surely, they are being written.

If you read Amending the Future in the past, I am so sorry I never continued. I needed time to grow as both a writer and a storyteller to do that story justice. It will continue! In fact, I'm almost done with the rewrite of the first chapter, so you should see something soon!

I have several other stories along the way; but currently, as a challenge to myself, I wanted to write A Christmas Carol using Hearth's Warming, based on the episode that did the same thing. Such an idea came about from a series of "So, if this is..." questions in my own head when thinking about the episode. A couple scenes later, and I'm suddenly enthralled in the story, and it's the end of November...

So yeah, I'm hoping it'll be done by Christmas, with an extra chapter to be published on New Year's Eve :raritywink:

Thanks for reading! See you all soon!


A Few Words Before Chapter 18 Drops · 6:09pm March 1st

Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to tell you all how grateful I am to all of you for being so wonderful. For probably the first time in my life, the path I believe I was meant to take is clear; and you guys have been a large part in helping me see that.

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Comment posted by Vinyl_melody deleted Oct 25th, 2022

Why wasn't I following you earlier?! That issue is resolved now!

Hello! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy the story!

I don’t mind taking suggestions, and I am curious about your idea! It more than likely won’t be incorporated into Scootaloo herself, as I’ve already got plans all the way to the end of the story for her; but depending on what it is, it could appear later on down the line with another character.

Hi :twilightsmile: I adore Unseen, Unheard. It's a really well-written story, with a unique and interesting take. I look forward to seeing more!

Also, I don't want to be an unsolicited backseater, but I had an idea for an item that could be given to Scootaloo to potentially give her character a bit more freedom down the line. If you're alright with it I can send a pm about it, but if I'm overstepping my bounds please do say so, or just ignore this :derpytongue2:

Thank you for following me

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