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There's nothing worse than feeling alone during the holidays, something that Scootaloo is all to familiar with. She knows that she has no family to celebrate with, save for a mother so drunk off cider she doesn't realize her daughter's heartbreak.

This is the filly's reality- the harsh card fate has dealt her. But this Hearth's Warming Eve, as she treks home through the brisk air all by herself, a certain rainbow-maned pegasus will show her the true meaning of family.

Cover image by Mickeymonster on DA: Mickeymonster/

Edited by DJ GarV the Expert

Chapters (1)
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D'awww that's so cute and so heartwarming bravo great job on this I really really liked it awesome job.:applecry::fluttercry::fluttercry::raritycry::raritycry::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::applecry::applecry:

Such a great story,I always love good Scootalove stories especially with Rainbow Dash.
Also quick correction
so she can look my in the eye and wish my a happy Hearth’s Warming Eve? Just once?”
Look me* wish me*

Yay, I'm mentioned!
That will be fixed. I didn't have time to do all the tweaking I wanted to, and I am doing that as we speak.

Comment posted by DJ GarV deleted Dec 24th, 2012

Oh, I didn't remember this was coming out.
By the way, if you need anything proofread, I've cleared my list, so I'm free. :rainbowkiss:


Awesome, I shall keep you in mind :twilightsmile:

Nice story, I would like to see this continued:twilightsmile:


As of now it's a one-shot. Sorry. I might do other RD and Scoots stories in the future (in fact I have one comedy involving them ready, I just need the cover image)

The title gave me high expectations. Then I saw the comma.


Sorry. I'll get rid of it.

NO. xD.

I thought it was really perverted. The comma was what stopped it from sounding really sexual. PUT IT BACK FOR GODS SAKE PUT IT BACK!

No! Keep it like this.



So you want the comma. Okay, I'll put it back :rainbowlaugh:

With the comma "squirt" means a nickname.
Without the comma it means a sexual act.

Remove itt...



Tell your perverse red friend that the comma is back. :trollestia:

I can read. I'm not a f*cking retard. Unlike you!



Red is my alter ego. She's evil. And I think she's on her period.

Fuck off.

See? Earlier she said that I swallowed a rather large amount of my friend's semen.

You were being an asshole.

split-personality mode activate?

It's always activated.

Implying that I'm a part of you.

She's... Well... She's annoying.

Implying that I'm female.

You're a bitch. There. I said it.

Implying I give a fuck.

1849721 so you have a split personality? lol i havent seen that in AGES

So... Rainbow Dash DID eventually recover from that accident?

Great story, by the way.


They are different stories. I recycled that idea, but they are two different realities.

And I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

That was a beautiful story, great job! I love Dash and Scoots sisterly bonding! :rainbowkiss::scootangel:


Yeah, so do I (which is why "Sleepless in Ponyville" has been my favorite season 3 episode thus far).

Also, thanks for the watch :pinkiesmile:

Very enjoyable story. Thank you for sharing with us.


No problem, glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Awesome story, almost didn't need to read to know it was awesome, and even with you being a filthy Giants fan, I can look past this to like and fav your story.

Merry freaking Christmas bro :scootangel:

Awww, this was a nice little story. Thank you and Happy Holidays. :heart:

Oh yes, this was just what I needed tonight. Very nice, very heartfelt.:twilightsmile:

if she met and cute (any)

Right in the feels, man!

And a Merry Christmas.

Nice. Go Big Blue

That cuteness AHHHH!

The feels, man. The feels. I can't contain them all.

my heart just exploded


If only they were still in it. If only....they sucked these past few weeks. :ajsleepy:


Thanks and Happy Holidays Yourself :twilightsmile:


Thank you and Merry Christmas back at you :pinkiesmile:


Congrats an an awesome Hearth's Warming fanfic! You rock! Woo-hoo! :yay:

This was great!

Just a suggestion, but this would be 20% cooler if you continued this for one more chapter and Hearth Warming Day. Like I said though its just a suggestion but still a great and touching story!

Good lil story, I enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

I am disappoint. What happened to little mini marshmellows?:ajbemused:
No but seriously this is a great story:pinkiehappy:

All the sad and it makes me happy with the warm and fuzzy endings. I love warm and fuzzy endings.

It was too short not giving the emotions propper time to settle in.
Scootaloo's vocabulary and reasoning it too advanced and clean cut to come from a realistic child regardless of the exsperiences you portrayed.
Lack of key details due to it being rushed left me half interested in the cat that's currently outside my bedroom window.
It's a good concept but it needs about 3-5 revisions to get its money worth and to really bring on the feels and ensure they stay with the reader for the entire story.

This story was greatly made.:scootangel:
The only problem I have with it is that it reminded me of my depression.
Still great story!:rainbowkiss:

Fantastische! I wish I could do heartwarming. I just make everything depressing. Why can't I make warm, happy feels like you do? I do things like turn Fluttershy into a heartbroken, suicidal war veteran. Submit this to Equestria Daily.

How could anypony DISlike this? Have you no heart? This was great, one of those rare stories that truly deserves to be in the feature box. My only regret, reading it late at night when I'm super tired and can't fully experience the emotional roller coaster. That said it still made me cry like this, :raritydespair:.

It was a little hard for me to tell who was talking to who at times, but I'll blame that on me being tired and what-not. Although the longer I live, the more I'm convinced I will always be at least somewhat tired.

Pony on.

that was the most heart melting story i've ever read.
i was crying on the inside...
beautiful story, i enjoyed it entirely

I can't get the story to display properly on my nook. (it doesn't go past the title) Can anyone help? Great story by the way.

You should totally do a sequel of this where Scoots mother finally gets the help of... somepony(ies). I feel sorry for her. She obviously didn't have the emotional support she needed to get through the lose of her husband.

Oh, and great story!

I feel all warm an fuzzy now:twilightsmile:

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