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Scootaloo has always been a filly with big dreams, but can they all come true?
At the very least, she can always follow in the hoofsteps of her hero, right?

(For an amazing follow-up/side-story, please read Shine by The Descendant.)
( Muffinz has written an awesome instrumental track here: EQBeats Page. Check it out!)
(Another great song here written by Fifths89 over on Youtube: Tiny Wings. Give it a listen!)

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Very, very nice! In addition to pleasing my inner grammar-nazi, this story... Is just so beautiful. ;w;

I almost feel ashamed of my own fanfiction, at the moment. My version of Rainbow Dash offering Scootaloo flight lessons is so anticlimactic.. This, however, genuinely brings a warm feeling to your heart. (Or, at least, mine.)
I'm glad I took the time to read this. :'3

Another Scootadash. I like Scootadash. I'll give this a try. :scootangel:

@Kasper COEI
Thanks for the kind words!
This is actually my first real attempt at creative writing so I'm really floored at how positive the reception has been from you and my other pre-readers.
Glad you enjoyed it! :scootangel:

Awww yeah, you finally posted it! I'm still surprised at the way you managed to pull a happy ending out of this, it's freaking fantastic!

Rather interesting =D

I do so enjoy Scootalove. :scootangel: This was well worth the time I took to read it.

I so do love friendshipping. Why can't more folks cultivate such powerful friendships in our world?

Oh, and fantastic story. I started getting the "manly tears" twinge (sadly, none appeared; darnit :flutterrage:)

I wish I could give this story a thousand likes. Thats how much I like it :pinkiesmile:

Holy shit, 35000 words? Challenge accepted.
Your story is very nice, and it has been far too long since I have seen a story like this.
Good work. Now to read the OTHER chapters.


Scootadash is my fave pairing, and you did it so awesome :trollestia:

I think I'll even give this a like... something I haven't given anyone since I read My Little Dashie...

Hot damn. This was Scootasad, but GOOD Scootasad. Kudos for spinning such a great tale and ending out of such a depressing premise! I reckon this could be worthy of Equestria Daily, if you haven't sent it already. :scootangel:

beautiful work!
I absolutely love it. Near perfect pacing, lively dialogue, and a strong grasp of the characters. I wish I could write half as well as you :twilightsheepish:

This was awesome. Thumbs up x infinity. And the ending... I love that song.

Thanks for all the support everyone!
So glad you liked it!

Same here. ScootaDash forever!
I still haven't gotten around to reading MLD yet, but from what I've heard, that's high praise indeed!
Thank you!

I actually submitted to EQD on Thursday and am currently waiting for a response. I have no idea how long that might take, though...:twilightblush:

I couldn't believe that no one else (as far as I've seen) has used that song before!
The hero worship between Scoots/RD and RD/Wonderbolts would make it perfect in a lot of situations!

You are an amazing writer, and I am totally not at all tearing up at Wind Beneath My Wings. *sniff*

You're evil.
Great job!

Scootaloo held her breath and contorted her face in concentration as her wings began to give off their familiar buzzing sound. With a burst of effort, her hooves left the ground. She floated there about six inches off the ground, flapping with every ounce of energy in her small body. Ten seconds in, her cheeks were glowing red and the strain in her face was apparent. She finally released the breath she was holding and collapsed onto her belly gasping for air.

Okay, see, this doesn't make any sense. She has plenty of wingpower and stamina. She tears all over town on that scooter--- she's even towed two fillies and a full grown mare behind her with little effort. That's more than enough thrust to get airborne, even without any lift. She should be able to shoot into the air like a bumblebee.

This is just incredible!! Many manly tears were shed and I'm not even passed the first chapter!!


Seriously, I just finished this, and I can't get over this. It is so well written, not just grammar wise, but the depth, the plot is so well made. I wouldn't be surprised- no. I WOULD be surprised if this DOESN'T end up on EqD. I am absolutely tired of the same old fic of Rainbow either being a lesbian bitch or getting grossly involved in a gory fic, as usually the case. This fic has touched me a lot, it reminds me of Transcendence, but I can't really compare it because in just 4 chapters it left a more powerful mark than the 9 chapters, plus Transcendence isn't even finished so Rainbow still seems like a jerk who for no reason blew Scootaloo off. Oh, also it isn't Scootabuse. I also see a lot of that, which frankly disgusts me. In fact, since i wrote this much, I might as well rant.

[cue sudden writers block]

I had something to say, and I lost it. Oh well, I think I got the message across. For heaven's sakes, keep writing these great fics! These are the fics I enjoy reading; I rarely read fics, usually because they are one of 3 things: clop (ok I lied, that's pretty much all I read :twilightsheepish: wait wut:rainbowhuh:), totally bland, or are sad. This fic was sad towards the middle, but it totally pulled out in the end, so I don't end up feeling like crap like I did after reading My Little Dashie. Ok well that's my rant for now, and after reading this the current story I have been working on for 2 months now seems like shit and I'll try to write a story in similar meaning to this one, and try my best not to plagiarize it.

I... umm... wow... I...

Seriously, I got nothing. This story is damn amazing. I'm confused as all hell on why it doesn't have more views, but Jesus... just... wow...

Wow... this was a wonderful story :pinkiehappy:


Also may i get the song at the very end?

You have to remember that it takes a lot more wingpower to get off the ground than it does to propel yourself forward on the ground. Plus the doctors didn't say anything about using wings for stuff other than flying.

Ptero pretty much said it. It's much easier to move laterally, with wheels no less, than vertically.
Most people would struggle to lift a two- or three-hundred pound barbell, but rolling it would probably be manageable.
I may have exaggerated it a bit, but the physics are plausible I think.

Here's the song:
Wind Beneath My Wings
I wasn't sure how many people would be familiar with it so thanks for asking!

D'aww! This NEEDS to be featured on equestria daily. :scootangel:

530987 No problem, continue writing like i said. and good luck also have a good day (:

To be honest I was quite surprised that this story actualy had a happy ending seeing that scottaloo was the character the story was centered on but I like a happy endings. Was very good and enjoyed it very much. I was disappointed about the ending though cause I was hopping the song was more along the lines of.....

That was fantastic!

Well, that saves me the trouble of emailing you to come read this..

A beautiful story and an easy fave for me.

530187 Speaking from personal experience, I'd say if you haven't heard anything after 48 hours, give Seth a polite nudge to make sure your e-mail didn't get lost in transit. Because this totally deserves to be up there.

You know you've been emotionally affected by a sadfic when you subconsciously try and re-write it to make things better. I had a weird dream about this premise last night, and I woke up with the phrase 'Equine Growth Hormone Therapy' burned into my memory :derpytongue2: Keep pulling on the ol' heartstrings!

“Oh, that's easy. See, I was bouncing through town a few hours ago because I really love bouncing! I just don’t get why everypony walks everywhere when bouncing is so much more fun! But I was also there because Mr. and Mrs. Cake had sent me out to get some more flour from Mr. Grindstone’s mill cause he makes the best flour in all of Equestria! Even I don't know how he does it! But it's just perfect for making all kinds of things like-”


At first, I was reluctant to read this because not many stories about Dash and Scootaloo are very good.
I'm glad I did. This was an amazing story, being well written, holding a good plot and by being truly inspirational.
One of my new favourites :pinkiehappy:

This truly was beautiful. More people must see this. Definitely no doubt about it :twilightsmile:

Just keep a head's up for little errors here and there. Also, most writers don't capitalize the race names (unicorn, earth pony, pegasus) because they aren't proper nouns.

Other than that... wow. An emotional piece that isn't overdone and shows the depths of both Scoot's and Dash's characters.

I'm making you a present. I hope you like it.:twilightsmile:


amazing! poor scoots. :fluttercry:

oh im going to be showing this at the CFB meet up late today soo dont be surprised if ya get 100+more views later

it was so beautiful!!! :rainbowkiss::scootangel:


Not to mention, magical ponies. :scootangel:

For the fans....
be willing to give it all for others, not just for yourself


Got bumped over here to get some context before I read The Descendant's Shine. So worth it. Keep writing!

Few times does a story engage me this strongly. I was hooked from start to finish.

The story, the message, everything endured, and how it all came together: it was beautiful.
I may be a sucker for Scootalove, but this one just takes the cake. I'll probably come back and do a proper critique, but for now, just take that I was completely enthralled by this story and I will forever remember "How bright is the sun?".

Can't be Rainbow Dash?:rainbowhuh:
Just be pony Travis Pastrana:scootangel:
AKA even cooler than best pony Rainbow Dash
Yes, I realize that's sacrilegious but Nitro comes 1st

This is an amazing story. Thank you for writing this, I absolutley love scootalove.:twilightsmile:


This is your first real attempt at creative writing? I cannot wait to read your second.

5 stars and 2 thumbs up.

when I realized what the closing song was I headdesked but this is really good for a first story.
Very sweet.
edit: congrats on getting on EQD

This story just went Live on EqD. Expect an influx of new readers shortly.

Just saw that!
They didn't even tell me that it was going to be posted before they did it!:scootangel:
Oh, well...
Have fun everyone!



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