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I'm a random guy that claims to know how to write. I'm constantly being proven wrong.

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Age: 26
Gender: Male
College Major: Economics
Life: None
Friends: None
Loser: Yes

Well, I'm not honestly sure what to put here, but I'm the stupid guy that updates stories every so often, hoping to make some friends, but doesn't. Regardless, I got into MLP around early summer 2011 because of 4chan, and... I wasn't instantly hooked. It was only when I got about 5 episodes in when I realized that it was a great show.

How I started reading fanfictions for MLP is a better story. I had never read fanfictions of anything before, and I was super super bored at work, and one of the very few websites that I could get to was TV tropes, which led me to a spinoff of cupcakes, which led me to actual good fanfictions.

I started writing fanfictions right around December 2011, but finally submitted around January 2012, and I still don't matter to anyone! Looking back, I see the reason for this is because for as awesome as I thought I was at writing... I wasn't! Regardless, I trudge along, hoping for something awesome to come my way, but in either case, I keep on going.

A few facts about shit:

- Yes, I'm an economics major in college, and have no aspirations of doing any writing professionally. This is all for fun, and any day, I could say "this isn't fun anymore", and up and quit.
- While I have read My Little Dashie, I wasn't that impressed. Further, I have never read Past Sins, Fallout: Equestria, or Anthropology. Further, other than the last one, I don't plan to either.
- Lastly, my activities outside of this website are work, school, D&D, Guild Wars 2, and doing stupid shit with friends.

- My list of editors:
- World of Chaos: My older brother
- Burning Desire: My older brother
- Anniversary: My older brother
- Lost Princess: Kitsunehero and NintendoGal55
- Luna's Dreamscape Journey: Kitsunehero
-Rainbow Dash and the Jetpack: Kitsunehero
-The Pit: Kitsunehero
-An Apple Flavored Dessert: Admiral Hoofsome, Jake R, Kitsunehero, Karrakaz, and Phaoray
- Good Morning, Scootaloo: Admiral Hoofsome, Kitsunehero, and Phaoray
- Rainbow War: Admiral Hoofsome, Kitsunehero,
- Sunny Skies and Pinkie Pies: Admiral Hoofsome, Kitsunehero, and Phaoray


So I posted a new story two days ago · 10:15pm Feb 17th, 2015

What I've learned is that I am truly awful at getting around and posting stories at a reasonable pace. Seriously.

I'm not trying to exaggerate here. I seriously suck.

Good news is that you don't have to worry about the story taking 10+ months for it to finish. It's already done (except minor edits).

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I loved world in chaos, read it in a week and got lectured at work for reading while cooking. ..

Totally worth it. .. changed my view on writing and now I can't get certain scenes out of my head weeks after finishing the read.

Great job! !!!!

I can be your friend if that's all good with you :fluttershysad::fluttershysad:
Let me put it this way: if you don't say yes there's always the ones you can buy off the black market :ajsmug:

989262 Too busy fapping to do pony shit atm. FAPPING.

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