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"You think you know me..."


After finding her assistant missing again during her court duties, Twilight finds Spike with none other then Fluttershy and learns that the two have been a couple for a while. After overcoming her shock, she is told the story of how the two, unexpectedly, found comfort in each others embrace...

Chapters (10)
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I guess he finally gave up on Rarity. Tracking. Will read later today. I'd start on it right now, but I have a headache. :facehoof:

Very well done and very sweet, plus tantalising views of a near-future Ponyville. Looking forward to more!

I know we can’t be together now, no matter how much I wanted us too.”

In this part of the sentence, the "too" at the end should be a "to".

So basically Twilight just walked in on her little brother and one of her oldest if the not oldest friend making love while she tries to sort out her feelings for Princess Luna. Sounds like it's one of those days. :twilightoops:

“Well,” spoke Fluttershy, “a month passed and everything was normal. The two of us were just friends still, but we had gotten closer. Then one day…”

Oh boy I wonder what sort of event elevated their relationship.

Flutterspike has never really caught my eye before, but dammit you made it work! :moustache:

Joy, another story with Twi/Luna in it... like we don't see those enough. :ajbemused:

Commence read.


"Upon seeing Twilight, she flew forward and cowered in front of the unicorn."

Wow, Twilight's wings fell off. That really was some shock, wasn't it?

I have to say, this story is great. Please update soon, I look forward to reading another chapter. :moustache:

I applaud you for trying out this very underused pairing.

A Flutterspike story? You have my attention.:pinkiehappy:

Spike you waited over ten years without telling her anything, chances are she is going to find someone else.:facehoof: I will admit that he is patient and a really strong resolve.

Congrats on the feature box.:pinkiehappy:

Sorry about my earlier griping, after seeing so many fics with 'hidden' shippings in em it gets really old... but I like it at this point either way :pinkiehappy:

Well I can officially say this is my first ever SpiShy...and I love it!! :pinkiehappy:

"...a small purple sprite appeared at the top of her horn and flew outside the window."


Everything this guy touches turns to gold and this little tale is yet another example. Well done! :twilightsmile:


All and all...I like this story.

Spike/Fluttershy pairing?

So someone else has written a FlutterSpike besides me, okay cool, let's read it.

Huh, it's taken them only two chapters to rival, nah, dwarf my story.


*Several deep breaths later*

Author, if you have the time please read mine, if you enjoy it I won't feel as frustrated...

Dude, I wrote this BECAUSE I read your story. I loved it. I really didn't think it was possible, but you did it. You made Fluttershy and Spike work. I wrote this because of you. The fact that you love this story, that's making me smiling right now.


“Well,” spoke Fluttershy, “a month passed and everything was normal. The two of us were just friends still, but we had gotten closer. Then one day…”


My feelings are mixed. I enjoy both Sparity and Flutterspike. Should I feel happy about Spike moving on with Fluttershy or sad that Rarity did not give Spike a chance? Hmmmm.... ANYWAYS! Great story so far and I hope to see more in the near future. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Subatomic Seal deleted Apr 6th, 2013

2385715 I was thinking the Fire Nation attacked, but that works too.

I ignore most things Spike, so I have no idea why I am going to read this. But I am.

2384066 The Fire nation attacked, that's what.

2385624 Hmm... Hold on a second, gotta find an appropriate reaction for this...

Ah here it is!

uh, video's kind of blocked, but I get the message none the less!

When the fire nation attacked...

P.S. I'm so sorry for all these fire nation jokes, I can't resist! I promise, on my two pistols, that I will not make any more fire nation jokes.

Fluttershy Spike?

Well, bonus points for novelty.

The Aotrs Golden Rule of Shipping is "any pairing that, upon reveal, causes one character to scream, spit-take or otherwise overreact is the best pairing" and this clearly qualifies!

Nice work, watching with interest.

2385825 ??? Blocked, odd I'm watching it right now, you on a tablet or some other mobile device? Sucks when that happens doesn't it?

No I'm on my computer, just says Youtube won't show it on the site

You sir/ madam, deserve a moustache!:moustache::moustache::moustache:
Cool. I would like to see this.

ah cliffhangers my mortal enemy

Never has a less frequent ship been done quite so right.

:moustache: + :yay: = :heart:

I approve of this Ship

amazing work and i cant wait to see where this goes:rainbowdetermined2:

make more! Make more! :fluttershysad: if.. if thats ok with you :moustache:

Dawwwwww. Tracked, liked, follow. Please continue good sir.

This is a wonderful story. Every character is acting exactly as I would expect. No-one is being OOC at all, and it works beautifully.
One thing though, Fancy started dating Rarity a day or so before Spikes 17th birthday. Rarity is now pregnant, three months after their wedding. Spike at this point is still 17, so Rarity started dating Fancy, and got married to him less that nine months later, if my math is correct. Seems a bit quick, only a bit though I suppose.

when do u update?

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