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Ever since they first met, Fluttershy always wished Spike would care for her like she did for him. But he never did take his eyes away from Rarity. Thanks to new circumstances, she may just have a chance to show how she felt to him, but what will he think of this?

Cover art is by the very talented Darth Zew. Big thanks to her.

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Aww this is so cute!:yay:

2805316 If you know anyone who does good artwork, send them here. I would love for someone to do a picture of Fluttershy giving Spike a raspberry.

2805329 You're welcome. I wonder how Spike would handle it when he finds out what's going on. He'll probably run away brokenhearted and the girls will have to find him.

2805333 Let's just say the climax will be pretty intense.

I while I am immune to cuteness I know it when I see it and this story has it. I can't wait to see where you go with this.

2805872 No prob, I like what I like.:pinkiehappy:

Alas! Would that I were an artist of any computery talent, and could accompany your work. :applecry: I got this for you, though:pinkiesmile: Consider it fanart, of a kind.

General Rarity cast her sunken eyes over the line of Stallions —who was she kidding? they were foals— dug in to the trenches, snarling curses across the cotton-strewn battlefield, and she fought back her tears. She had led them to their doom.
Pillows whistled invisibly through the night, puffs of down appearing suddenly and seemingly at random, far away down the line or nearer by, the ground suddenly shaking as feathers and thread rained down on her troops. Return fire was steadily decreasing now. They were entirely out of ammunition, reduced now to the very last handful of throw pillows and shams.
They'd been so brave, her troops. They'd followed her into this nightmarish pillowfight unquestioningly. For a horrible moment, Rarity wondered if she'd led them on, too; but no, they had insisted. She smiled for the first time in weeks.
She turned her eyes to the east, where dawn was beginning to break. Somewhere far off in that direction, Fluttershy would be innocently playing with Spike—her Spike, and yet, he was not hers, nor should she ever have pretended. Let them enjoy the happy world she'd abandoned in her arrogance. "Please, Fluttershy," Rarity whispered, her sorrow almost overcoming her stoic glare, "be better to him than I was, darling."
The last of their ammunition was spent. Her troops were all looking to her, the barest traces of their fear only just visible beneath their zeal. They all knew how this would end, but still they pretended. Rarity snarled a bestial cry, pumping her hoof furiously into the air, her marshmallow-white coat blazed her silhouette against the twilit sky. The soldiers pumped their hooves to match, and as one, her army leaped up from their trenches and plunged into no-pony's-land as if to take Twilight Sparkle's Bookfort by mainstrength.
An impossibly high and dense wall of pillows appeared in the air above them as if hurled there by magic. Time stood almost still as everypony looked up to see their oncoming, 300 threadcount doom.
A single tear escaped Rarity's eye.
She hoped Spikey-Wikey would find it in his kind, dragon heart to forgive her...

Keep it up! I shall be watching for updates, and trying to curb my...er...literary enthusiasm.

2806139 Wow, that was a heck of a piece there.
"You magnificent alicorn, I read your book!"
You get 10 cool points if you know that reference.

2806216 That was not in the file!

This is really really cute :heart:
i want to read the next chapter >.<

2807526 Thank you, but, word of warning: I don't think the other chapters will be as lighthearted as this. I mean, between Spike having to accept not being with Rarity and Fluttershy finally having a chance after who knows how long, this pretty much demands some drama.

Apparently Fluttershy picked up trolling methods from Discord.
A adorable chapter.

2807757 Thank you. You actually just reminded me of the comic Prankstershy.

so much dawww I now have diabeetus

2808349 Oh god that thing always cracks me up. :rainbowlaugh:


I'm sorry, when I see 'curb your enthusiasm', it's just reminds me of this.

God, that show was funny.


2810523 Geez, I haven't seen that show in forever.

2810526 Sucks they cancelled it. That was, by far, one of THE funniest shows of have ever seen. And I love how that random theme song just plays out of nowhere. :rainbowlaugh: Too funny.

Ah, yes, my unquenchable thirst for FlutterSpike stories has been satisfied... For now.

I bid you a due, and please, keep supplying us the nostalgic chapters.


2812927:rainbowderp: Overdramatic comment is overdramatic. No offense.

2812938 Watch out, you might make Rarity cry...:raritydespair:

"Rarity suddenly realized she had no way to protect herself while Twilight had more than twenty pillows under her command." Over 20 pillows?! How many pillows does a pony need in their living room?! xD

I'm not certain why this works better than Sparity... It just does.

Hmmm... I need to process this.

2814922 Personally, I never thought Sparity had context of being a mutual relationship on Rarity's side. She always looks at Spike like a little boy and considers him a good friend, but not as someone who could be her special somepony.

Here's the thing. Sparity is cute ( and it may happen in the show) but I see Flutterspike to work out long-term.

This is indeed very cute and adorable so far. Also, FlutterSpike I think is a way better ship that Sparity. I mean Rarity I believe just uses Spike and don't really consider his true feelings for her. I mean yes she treats him as a real good friend, but never returns his feelings of love. Fluttershy will love him truly and unconditionally. :twilightblush::pinkiehappy:

2822554 That's how I've always felt. She considers him a friend, like a little buddy, but doesn't really have feelings for him like he does. Yet Fluttershy throughout the series shows more kindness to him than Rarity, since they first met.

When will we be able to read the new part can't wait

2822559 read the bottom one

2826758 yes thank you I have ready some pretty good stuff and I liked your work a lot I have read over 75 stories in one week and yours is definitely in the top ten .


A diverging path in love interests has never been so believable or so well recieved at the same time save for one other occassion (The Ones Forgotten)

You've broadened my day and my smile. This is just too bloody adorable. Liquid pride shall be shed, I'm almost certain of it. I'll see what can be done about your mini art-request, either by my own hand or my connections.

:moustache: Bravo, old bean

2827287 Wow, I guess I've really improved my writing since starting casual stories in college. Thank you very much.:yay:

This is going to be some super adorable mess.:yay:
If this is going to be a long story, let Spike hit a growth spurt.:moustache:

Show promise...I like that in a story. Keep it up.

Now that I re-read this, I noticed something.

Fluttershy beeped in fear.

Beeped? What is she, a car?



Fix that, would ya?

2880479 That must have been autocorrect, cause I put 'meeped'.

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