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With Twilight Sparkle still adjusting to life as a princess, Rarity becomes convinced she can help her friend by finding her a special somepony. And when that somepony turns out to be Fluttershy, awkward dates and adorable moments are sure to follow!

Cover art by mocha-creme (Thanks to OminousBrony for the suggestion!).

For a different take on the same characters, be sure to check out my RariTwiShy story, Our Lady's Courtship.

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Well, this thing has Spike so might as well see where this goes.:applejackunsure:

I wonder how ironic a date in the everfree forest would be after her last one.

3183582 Yes, it would. :twilightsheepish: :fluttershysad:

And thanks to everyone who's favorited this story so far! You're giving me a lot of confidence to keep going!

I am intrigued. However, the chapter length kinda threw me. I'd heavily advise lengthening your chapters out with long shpeels of the mental states of the characters and the physical descriptions of what's going on around them. It's kinda like an episode, but you only have the rough outlines of the main characters, and have forgotten to draw the background. If you add those elements in, you'll have a much more colorful story (like the show) and it'll make the story TRULY come alive.

Oh, and this:

β€œI suppose I’m been a bit…

I believe you mean I've, good sir.

Other than that, I'm liking this. Just slow down and let us smell the roses.

<3 DarqFox

β€œAnd what?” Twilight frowned. β€œWhat’s wrong with my dancing, Rarity?”

It's a step above the Harlem Shake... which is hardly any better.

3183374 You didn't expect Rarity to go about this alone, did you? :duck: Spike is the perfect partner for this due to his own proximity to the lavender uni-er... alicorn while Rarity has her closeness to Fluttershy.

:yay: Another Twishy story, that's a good reason on its own to fav and follow. Nice chapter as well, by the way. Looking forward to the rest. :twilightsmile:

Although....NOT a fan of Appledash, I am very intrigued by this setup, and I do let how you worked Flash Sentry in there. Following :twilightsmile:

3183654 Thanks. I'll try to remember that. I want to use this fic as a personal experiment for spacing out my story instead of trying to fit everything together in one go.


I understand where you're coming from. The Frozen North was my personal experiment at slowing everything down to see the sights, and mute the dialogue. There are less than 30 lines of dialogue in that story, and the setting was the most important character.

Sorry. Tangent. ANYHOOF! I believe some vivid descriptions could do you good. Sight, sound, smell, feel, taste. The more of them you use, the more there the readers will feel, and the more avidly they'll read this story.

<3 DarqFox

You do realize that writing this shipfic isn't going to do anything to help you right? You're just feeding the beast. You'll be seeing Twi and Shy rubbing noses every where you go. PinkLestia on the subway walls. When Luna and Applejack dancing under the moonlight looks back at you from every mirror, you'll know the end is near.

I'm sorry.

3188422 Yes, and when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back! It's going to be fun all the way down.

Geronimo! :twilightsmile: :heart: :yay:

...Oh and thanks for reading!

Excellent. I see you took the tip of adding more description, and you have NO IDEA how wonderfully it worked. I was so into the story, I felt like I could have smacked Spike for being a typical male.

Well done. I await further updates.

<3 DarqFox

3209881 Thanks for the advice. I look forward to your looking forward to more chapters. :twilightsmile: :heart: :yay:

Heheheh. I have my Bewley's ready for brewing, my couch fluffed for sitting, and my laptop charged. I will wait forever if I must!

<3 DarqFox

Such a lovely chapter :yay:

She remembered dancing with her at the birthday party Pinkie Pie had thrown for her alligator Gummy.

I remember that scene, I always loved the way Fluttershy was smiling at Twilight there :twilightsmile:

This was an awesome chapter, this story has so much cute potential I can hardly wait for more.

3209881 Hey! Spike did very well in giving her advice I reckon.

Now this is has gotten very interesting. Let the awkwardness begin :pinkiehappy:

Adorable. A tad bit fast-paced, but adorable. Again, go all out on the details and everything. Slow down so we can all smell the roses. You could easily have made a huge shpeel out of the setting when you described the meadow. The spa could easily have had a huge shpeel on the atmosphere.

You seem a bit fast.

<3 DarqFox

β€œI had some help.” Twilight felt her ears twitch. β€œA lot of help.” Another ear twitch followed. β€œActually, it was all Spike, but I supervised him thoroughly! And I packed this basket!”

All for you, she added silently. I hope you appreciate me for it!

Oh god, I almost died of cuteness exposure. :twilightsmile:

Ah, the direct approach. Most effective in dealing with potential love triangles.

1,000 bits say Fluttershy make lip contact on Twilight.

Yay it's back!

Cute chapter, though Fluttershy made me question her character judgment three times in one chapter :rainbowlaugh:

3245908 Yeah, I guess I'm not using to spending so much time on the details. Promise to keep working on that. Thanks for reminding me and don't ever let up!

Daring Do was currently in the middle of a tavern brawl with a gang of pirates on Isla de Los Caballitos

'Island of the Little Horses'? How would that be different from any other island in Equestria? :trixieshiftright:

β€”but she just couldn’t pay attention. Every description of Daring Do’s wings and mane made her think of Fluttershy.

No no no Twilight, Daring Do is supposed to remind you of Rainbow Dash, now get it right! :raritydespair:

Aww, poor Twi and Fluttershy. :fluttercry: I'm glad Twilight has an idea, but waiting a month? I-I don't know about that, by that time Fluttershy might think Twi has moved on.

So it's going to be about nightmare night. Okay.

*grins knowingly* Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh...... I can smell you! I can smell the fun coming.

Keep up your details. Make it vivid!

<3 DarqFox

Did the HMS Rarishy just crash into the ESS Fluttertwi? :raritywink:


My two favorite writers in the whole history of ever are reading this?! :D

Woo! Yeah! Expression of Love is amaaaaazing btw :) As i've said many times!

DarqFox, also, everything you do is incredible writing! Totally adorableeee!!!!

Well, that goes for both of you actually. :pinkiehappy:

That last quote from RD was sweet. I wonder if Twilight caught it ...
Fluttershy was evidently more open to a relationship than Twilight had even dared to imagine :heart:

I have a big grin on my face now. That was so cute, and now that they are a couple, only shennanigins will ensure. Looking forward to it. :yay::twilightsmile:

"Now get out of here so we can snuggle! :twilightangry2:"

3378423 I'll do my best to please. Glad you like it so far! :twilightsmile:

3379291 Oh, just wait for a couple of chapters from now. Snuggling like you wouldn't believe. :yay:

Oh wow... Cuteness induced heart pain... just, so, adorable. :twilightsmile:

So... Would this be TwilightShy? Or is it FlutterSparkle?

They say shyness is a seductive trait.

What about "Flutters" and "Sparkles"?
Awesome nicknames.

3428586 I didn't know that and I doubt the person you answered to did either. Thank you good sir/madame.

Cute-heavy? Cute-heavy? This was way too adorable to even be in that region! Everything worked so nicely and it shows nicely that Twilight and Fluttershy were made for each other. Good job, this has certainly become my favourite Twishy out there. :twilightsmile:

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