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I call it beauty, you call it brutally murdering everyone. Same difference

A little about me!

Hey! I'm SmilingKittens, or Emily, whichever you choose. I'm your typical everyone/teen writer who enjoys candy color ponies of the winged, horned, both, or none categories. As you can tell, I am a big fan of Pinkie Pie best pony btw but will respect your opinions as well. I do have a lot of otps pinkiedash,twishy,rarijack,spikebloom,scootabelle,taviscratch to name a few. but I will find a way to ship everypony with everypony, even if it requires going out of my comforts zone. So I guess I'll just say a few things about me:

I Like
-Pinkiedash (a lot!!!)
-the color orange
-cats (hence my user name)
-romance/comedy to write; occasionally slice of life
-reading fics made by you!

I Hate
-Flutterdash and Appledash (If you ship them, I won't hate you. Everypony has opinions)
-know it alls
-vomiting (terrifying)
-gore fics (again, won't judge you if you like them)
-reading bad fics by you! (except if guilty pleasure)

Well, I have no official rules for this site, so basically don't be mean, k? That is all

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TheWraithWriter is not responsible for any damage to the lungs, heart, pancreas, appendix, liver, colon, brain, or genitalia suffered during the reading of his works. Nor is TheWraithWriter responsible for any psychological damage caused during the reading of his works. Any questions, concerns, or lawsuits should be directed to TotallyNotAParamilitaryCorporation@MySpace.com

Our Business is Life Itself

Thank you for the watch! :twilightsmile:


No problem! Good writers deserve follows! And duh, I edit some of your stories, why wouldn't I follow?

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