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You gotta kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.


“Sometimes it feels like a barricade/To keep us away, keep us away/It kind of does.” –Interpol, “Barricade”

Spike seems to be overworking himself for some reason and it concern Twilight. But with the help of her yellow pegasus friend, she manages to get him to take a break. But something still seems to bother the dragon.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 32 )

Well that was very lackluster ending.

1132507 I know. This exactly isn't my magnum opus. It was more of a 'how can this work' kind of ship.

nopony can stand the flutterbeg face:fluttershysad:

Spiike + Fluttershy?... Sequel. Now. :flutterrage:

wow fluttershy...:rainbowderp: just wow... sequel?

I like Spike + fluttershy. A short but very nice fanfic :twilightsmile:

A nap? Heheheheheheh!

D'aaaaw. That's all I can say, that was cute.

Smiling, Fluttershy finally said something that seemed to even surprise herself, "Well, how about we both go have a pleasant take a nap?"

"Huh? But I'm not tired."

"Neither am I."


Then everything sexual happened.:rainbowwild:

"Huh? But I'm not tired."
"Neither am I."

I assume this is the product of writer's block. I know that feel, I just didn't think someone would actually do it.:rainbowlaugh:

Good short story, though I wish there was more.


Believe it or not, it was the product of a poll on deviantArt: seen here


Aw, man, you don't have the normal ending to it?


I had the original end planned and what not, but I figured get some feedback and what not. Apparently they wanted me to be the shipper that I am now known as. That's what I get for creating ships.

3053579 Well, that's too bad. I really wish I could see that other ending. You don't think you can send it as a document or something?


If you send a message, I can more or less recreate it if you really wish.

This face! This faceee!!!:fluttershysad:

Short, but good.
Stop a moment! Did Fluttershy call Spike for sleep with her, without they are tired?:moustache::heart::yay: Good end, bro.:moustache:

...and Spike takes a 'nooner' with Fluttershy ;-)


How you know it’s a fictional mlp story, twi is asking spike to stop working

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