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Apparently, this was briefly featured on July 1st, 2015. Thanks for reading everyone!

Spike has been away on royal business for about a month. Pinkie, Twilight and the rest of the gang are planning a big party for him when he returns. Things seem to be going smoothly until certain happenings lead Spike to question the way other ponies see him, specifically one purple-maned unicorn, and a turn of events results in them seeing a part of Spike none of them-including him-knew existed. It seems they didn't know as much about Spike as they think they did...

Chapter 15 is up!

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Being a Spike fan, this immediately hooked me. :twilightblush: The question is now how Spike will be like when he returns since his maturity is spoken about. :twilightoops:

Is it just his maturity that has grown, or his body as well?


Some line breaks would have been nice, my eyes ain't what they used to be! :rainbowlaugh: Anyway, very interested to see what you have in store.


3000029 Or maybe after a month living it up in a castle, he realizes how drab and boring his life in Ponyville is?

Love it, love the arcs, love the dialogue, I just love this thing already:pinkiehappy:
Need to paragraph though, only complaint :ajsmug:
Ya gotta good start and a bright future, mate, I'd say Good luck but ya don't need it, this is gonna own :twilightsmile:

3000059 Yeah, maybe he wants to be his own man and live in Canterlot, I mean, what man doesn't want his own? :moustache:

Wall-o-text. Use a extra enter between paragraphs and at the top of the edit page click the indent tool. Aside from that, characterization seems solid, and you did a nice job with the glimpse at Spike and Twilight's daily life. The conversation could have used some detail, such as Pinkie jumping excitedly when she heard Spike was going to be back. True, you don't need it every time someone speaks, but in large conversations with multiple speakers it breaks up the manatomy.

Comment posted by XineLegacy deleted Aug 6th, 2013

15 likes already!? I love you guys so much! :yay: As for the paragraphs, I actually did put indents but I don't know why they didn't show up. I'll try to fix that and insert some line breaks as well.
3000210 As for the conversation, I do agree it could use some detail. Thanks
for the heads up.
3000067 2999989 Glad you like it!
Hey, just to celebrate 15 likes, I'll try to finish another chapter tonight!
:twilightsheepish: Thanks again guys!

3000457 This story is interesting you have my full attention.

3000457 No need to rush, take your time with the story. It is quality that counts. :raritywink:

My guess is going to be simple comedic misunderstanding.

Pinkie latches onto the baby part of 'baby dragon', and throws Spike a party fit for a one year old. Spike goes to pains to point out that he's not that much younger than Twilight, possibly with hints that his maturity is more adult than he is being given credit for. (i.e. His 'royal business with Luna c could have been filmed to a heavy bass line and sold at adult stores)

Luna the warrior princess of ponies and nature's perfect weapon together for a month what do think will happen I think THIS!!!! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

For some reason the line "It seems they didn't know as much about Spike as they think they did..." keeps making me think of the fic 'Spike's Destiny' where its relieved to all of them that he's Celestia's son. As such the same premiss keeps butting into my head for this story as well...not that I think its where this revel is going since I'm gonna bet it has something to do with a dragons life span or something or a similar nature...just a though that keeps coming to mind is all :twilightsheepish:


Grow spurt? Well i guess celly was taking care of him while he had that, i heard those are painful as hell..

3000457 Get the spaces right first. Appearances are very important.

Alright, the spacing is fixed and I'll probably have the next chapter up in around six to eight hours. And once again, thanks so much for reading. I never expected to get in the popular section with my first fic!:pinkiehappy:

A short start, but it looks like something promising. Lets see where this goes...

I'm liking the look of this story.:twilightsmile:
Bear witness to what your life is like without Spike and weep.:moustache::facehoof:


The name of the title is "Aged Scales". I think it kinda tells us what is going to happen to Spike:raritywink::raritywink:.

The real fun is gonna be how everypony reacts when he comes back from his royal duties. Will he have wings? How big is he? Did he all of a sudden have a marefriend....or even a dragonnessfriend? Hell, what if he got himself a crown similar to Twilight's? Seriously, the possibilities are endless!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

And in a related note, it's kinda going to show us that Twilight has some feelings for the drake, I wonder what all the other mares do when they discover that they have feelings for the drake as well. (Not to mention who :raritywink:)

You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

Spike story go!... What are you waiting for?! MOAR! :flutterrage:

Okay, slight delay. I'll post the new chapter in two to three hours. Sorry 'bout that, but some things came up. :moustache:

you've got me interested in seeing where this is going, looking forward to more

one Spike is purple not pink and 2 he is not tall enough he stick him with a the moon goddess warrior and he is tall and badass

3004375 Oh, sorry about that. You spotted a typo. Thanks for the heads up.

Chapter 2 is up! :yay: And I've already started Chapter 3. 10-15 more likes and you'll get it in less than 24 hours...:twilightsmile:

Spike learned teleportation!? COOL:moustache:

Spike can teleport fire breath? *About to get up to go to bed- See's that scene- immediately sits down to wait for MOAR*


Who is Spike ship with ?

Ah asume that you are a vinyl scatch fan by the way you made rainbow react.:derpytongue2:

Twilight, I think that you aren't going to have a passenger anymore... :moustache:

Like where this is going and if you update this quickly as you say I might bend my rule about not reading incomplete stories.

Oh I like this. Very unique look at Spike growing up and dragons in general. Looking forward to much more! :twilightsmile:

Aw.. Spike learned how to teleport with his fire breath! :yay: I can't wait for him to get to his party and meet up again with his friends. However, that conversation they had before Twilight left was kind of upsetting with them asking Rarity if Spike was annoying to her at all with his visits. :fluttershysad: Looking forward to the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Yep, you got me hooked to this like a drug addict to crack... Not really, but you get the idea =P
Looking forward to see this story unravel.

Alright, so I have the third chapter pretty much done now. It's really late and I'm gonna get some sleep. If this thing gets a couple more likes, I'll post Chapter Three as soon as I wake up.
Thanks again for reading guys, and good night! :pinkiesmile:

Wow Spike has really changed over the months,

sweet! Spike has gained a level in magecraft :moustache: maybe he can create his own moustache spell? :pinkiehappy:
will this be a Splight? :moustache::heart::twilightsmile: or is that to much to hope for?

That was awesome! I loved the ending to this chapter.

gonna bee great. Not a pun!

You really could go for some longer chapter to actually give them some meat. What we got was nice, but it doesn't feel fulfilling because there's so little.

This is a good start. You capture the tone of the characters very well, I can practically hear them saying the lines and your narrative is overall quite good.

I think you should stop with the "TIME WE ARE IN NOW". That form of writing is, to me at least, amateurish and detracts from your otherwise quite good writing. I suggest sneaking the time into the actual narrative instead of having it in bold an caps at the beginning of each part. That would flow more naturally if you ask me.

One specific nitpick:

"she not help but gasp in awe. " I think you missed a "couldn't" after "she".

Good work otherwise and keep it up. Happy writing.

Alright, Chapter Three is up!:yay: I think that y'all are really gonna like the next one. :ajsmug:
3006155 I like small chapters because I can write a lot of them in a small time. But I think the next chapter will be quite long so don't you worry! :raritywink:
3006256 Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I think you're right. I'll try to take care of that for the next update. Oh, and thanks for the heads up on the typo. I'll take care of that, too.:twilightsmile:

I cant wait for spike to tell them off. :moustache: and you forgot the n in again, its in the paragraph when they make his clothes bigger

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