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Twilight has been summoned to Canterlot for important training as a princess, but she is unable to bring Spike along. Unfortunately, her closest friends are unable to watch him, so she turns to her newest friend Trixie. However, will Spike be uncomfortable around her or will he be able to look past her previous actions and consider making her a friend?

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Pretty good so far can't wait to see more

Oh, I am enjoying this so far, but for Celestia's sake, Twilight is being too harsh on Spike by telling him to behave for Trixie. She didn't scold Trixie in any sort of way. That is totally unfair of how she talked to Spike and making sure he is good for Trixie. I have a bad feeling though, that something will happen and Spike will be blamed for something he didn't do. :twilightoops:

2556944 Didn't realize I made that mistake. Thank you for pointing it out.

2557246 I understand what you mean, and I could have explained it better, however, in this story Trixie has been living in Ponyville for a while trying to make amends and repair her reputation. Twilight was the first to accept her and be the bigger pony. She wants Spike to do the same. Also, she is following Fluttershy's example of how she convinced Discord to change his ways; by treating her as a friend and showing her respect.

As was the case with its predecessor, it's riddled with errors, but it's still a decent read, and you do manage to draw some emotion form the characters. Besides, I'm ecstatic to see Trixie and Spike getting shipped no matter what.

2557636 Oh, okay. I can't wait until what is next, I want see if Spike will give Trixie a fair chance. Everyone(pony) deserve a second chance. :twilightblush:

2558034 I apologize. This has been my style of writing for a long time, and old habits are hard to break.

Alright, I am shedding liquid pride right now. I see Trixie in a whole different light now. She is really caring and sweet toward Spike, and knowing Spike being the good dragon that he is, he is giving her a chance. And at least Trixie and Rainbow so far can feel for Spike having to do all these chores that Twilight has assigned him. Twilight works him too hard. I hope when she returns Trixie will at least have a talk with her about taking it easy on Spike. A baby dragon, and I don't care if he enjoys being her assistant doesn't need to work that hard. :fluttercry:

i used to hate trixie's guts. but since i read this she's doesn't seem so bad to me anymore

2565095 Should reach Averystrange story, Kindness Reward. Its a Fluttershy/Trixie coupling its realllllly well done.

http://www.fimfiction.net/story/5764/kindnesss-reward (I hope it was okay to post this. Im sorry if its not.)

2564069 I had written that thinking since Twilight became a princess, she and Spike have taken a lot more responsibility in Ponyville. But that is something I'll keep in mind as I continue writing.

2565095 Wow, I'm surprised I could have that effect. Thank you.

And it begins. Their first night in bed together. It's nice to see Trixie acting so sweet toward Spike, to say nothing of having any interaction with him at all! I'm looking forward to seeing them grow more and more attached to one another, followed by Twilight's reaction to their unexpected bond. :twilightblush:

Also, there's this flaw that I forgot to mention in the first chapter:

her five closest friends

Spike is her closest friend. Always has been, always will be.

2566813 To be fair, I think she would consider Spike closer than friend. She would look at him like her own son, or at least family.

2566813 Yea, I hope Twilight's reaction will be a good one, which I believe it will be. 2566834 Yea, I believe she does consider him more than a friend, more like a son or little brother, but sometimes I feel, and this isn't anything to do with fanfictions or anything, I feel that Twilight sometimes either forgets about Spike and always tell the girls she loves them, or sometimes she just neglects Spike's feelings at times. I am just a huge Spike fan, and it kind of hurts to see him excluded from most of the non-dangerous fun stuff the Mane Six does. I hope Season Four brings to light that concept of Spike being left out most of the time and the Mane Six, finally realizing it.

2567340 Fluttershy and Rainbow already brought up the issue of Spike's exclusion in "Just for Sidekicks." What we really need to hope is that they elaborate on the issue.

2567405 Yep, very true, I almost forgot that. Fluttershy feeling bad and saying that "Oh, my what was I thinking. Of course you would feel jealous for not being invited." Speaking of the Equestrian games being held at the Crystal Empire, and Candance not inviting him. That was such a troll move. Also, Rainbow Dash saying that Spike would have had fun. But Twilight saying that she bet Spike was having a good time watching all the critters. It is like Twilight in a way shrugged off the idea of Spike not being invited. And indeed, I hope they to elaborate on this. Maybe have Spike run away in a two-part episode leaving a note for Twilight and the others to read telling them how he feels about being left out, and even if he is a friend to them or just an assistant.

2567496 Ah, but yet again I counter your pessimism with optimistic logic. The Equestria Games didn't take place at the Crystal Empire because they haven't happened yet! The mane six simply had a job to do, and a baby dragon is not the greatest choice for convincing a cold, clinical businessmare. When the EG do take place, I'm quite certain Spike will be invited.

2567531 Oh, yea, you are right again. *facehooves self. :facehoof:*. I agree, after I watched "Games Ponies Play", it would have been in my opinion a tough task for Spike to handle in helping with the arrangements. Hopefully when the EG does happen, he is invited and not left out again like he was during the Young Fliers Competition in "Sonic Rainboom".

2567545>>2567531 You know, seeing your comments and looking back on recent episodes, it seems like Spike is becoming more and more characterized as a throw away gag. He needs another episode like Dragon Quest or Secret Of My Excess.

Lets see where this goes.:twilightsmile:
I'm hoping it is a SpikeXTrixie story.:moustache::trixieshiftright:

2567643 Exactly. That is how I feel, besides his two big episodes in Season 3 "Just for Sidekicks" and "Spike At Your Service", it seems like to me that he is indeed a throw away gag and just invisible. If he did have more episodes like Dragon Quest and Secret of my Excess, then maybe he will finally be included more and appreciated more as a friend. I would like for an episode like Owl's Well that Ends Well, and he runs away, but they make it a two-part episode.

2567677 I'm thinking it will be part 1 of 2.

A few grammar error, but not bad.
The next morning should be interesting. Depending on who wakes up first.:moustache::trixieshiftright:

Aw.. this was a sweet chapter, and I love how Trixie is slowly falling for Spike and how he is treating with so much care and love. However, I have a bad feeling if she goes through with telling Rarity about Spike's dream, he will be very upset. Oh, I can't wait for Chapter 4. :pinkiehappy:

Well, saw this problem coming a mile away.:facehoof:
Trixie vs. Rarity! :trixieshiftright::duck: Next on "A week with Trixie"

I'm on team Trixie for this.:moustache:

2568912 I'm sorry if it bothers you, but this has been a major part of the show since episode 1. If you're gonna do a ship with Spike, it needs to be dealt with one way or another.

2568688 I don't think I'll bring up Trixie's dream hoping until the follow up.

What a short day they experienced. Breakfast, working at the orchard, skipping lunch, then returning home to skip dinner and go straight to bed. Also, I think that after pulling her stage all over the country, Trixie would have built up some pretty strong leg and back muscles, perfectly suited for applebucking.

Trixie should probably feel just a teeny bit of guilt over intruding on Spike's dream.

2570592No, I think you misunderstood me. I know Spike can be shipped with any mare. Just was saying that if Trixie is going to have feelings for him that she would have to get Spike to see that Rarity isn't the only mare for him, plus twice Trixie messed with Rarity. First it was her hair, than it was a miss-match dress. All I'm say is before Trixie can even get that close to Spike heart, she's going to have to deal with Rarity.
And that won't be easy.:trixieshiftright::duck:

2571209 To be fair, you are right for the most part. I probably should have gone into more detail of what happened at the orchard, like them enjoying lunch and such. However, as far as the dream, it was more like a reflex on Trixie's part. Also, Trixie doesn't seem like the type of pony to work when she could show off her magic. Old habit's die hard after all. I'm sorry if the chapter disappointed.

2571982 Everything disappoints in one way or another. Iron Man 3 disappointed in a few ways. The chapter was neither better nor worse than what I was hoping. :twilightsmile:

2565139 I love that story.:pinkiehappy:
As for this story, I'll wait to see what happens in the morning.

Curiouser and curiouser. I am intrigued by what is to come next. I wonder how Fluttershy is going to react to Trixie sitting Spike for Twilight?

2592878 I'm glad you enjoy it. It may take a while for the next update though. I've hit a bit of writer's block.

Ooooo a :moustache::heart::trixieshiftright: story.

Looks interesting, must read.

There appears to be too much repetition in this story

2610275 I apologize for that. I admit my writing skills are still very rough.

Trixie is so out of character in this fic that I'm actually enjoying her more than her being in character

2619183 To be fair, this is set after she was possessed by the amulet and I figured an experience like that would have a big impact on her.

2620163 I know, I just wanted to explain why I wrote her as such.

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really good! I cant wait to see what happens next:rainbowkiss:

I never really thought on Trixie and Spike being a couple until some time ago. I'm really enjoying this story and can't wait to see how the rest of it plays out. Keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy:

First, I was Rainbow team :rainbowkiss:, but, in a moment, I am Trixie Lulamoon team now.:trixieshiftright:

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