• Published 10th May 2013
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A week with Trixie - Flutterfan457

Twilight needs to go to Canterlot on her own for a week, but she needs help from an unusual source to watch Spike

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Chapter 2

Trixie arrived early the next morning, carrying a surplus of bags full of items she believed she needed for the week. She was still slightly worried how Spike would behave in her care. She honestly wondered if he was scared of her. Trixie couldn't help recall all she did while using the amulet. She had practically become a power hungry tyrant of Ponyville, turning it's ponies into her slaves. Fortunately, they didn't really hold any animosity toward her. Even as she made her way through town and passed other ponies, they waved to her and smiled warmly the same as any other. They were too kind to her she felt. As she neared Twilight's library, Trixie saw a royal chariot high in the air approaching as well. She trotted a bit faster wanting to be punctual. Once she arrived, she knocked on the door a few times.


The door opened a few seconds later, Twilight smiled pleasantly at Trixie who resisted the urge to bow to her.

"Trixie, you're here. And not a moment too soon."

Twilight looked to the chariot as it landed, waiting for her.

"Just a moment gentlemen. I'll be right out."

Twilight lead Trixie into the library where Spike was trying to carry Twilight's bags for her, shaking and sweating as he couldn't make them budge. Trixie couldn't help but smile seeing him so determined to finish so simple a task. Twilight shook her head and took the bags from him.

"Trixie, I have a list of things for you to read through while I'm gone."

Twilight levitated one of her scrolls to Trixie. Trixie read through it seeing different things Spike would need and who to contact if she needed help.

"Just some common knowledge things, but I wanted to be safe and made sure you knew."

"Trixie will be sure to read through it extensively and take good care of little Spike."

Twilight smiled warmly as she levitated the other scroll to her.

"This is a list of work I need Spike to take care of for the week. Don't worry. It's his usual assignments, so just give him a little help along the way and he should be able to handle it."

Trixie nodded in understanding. Twilight turned to Spike and hugged him tightly.

"I'll be back at the end of the week Spike. You take good care of yourself, okay?"

Spike hugged her back, Trixie wanting to aww at the sight. One of the royal chariot ponies entered the library.

"I'm sorry to interrupt Your Highness, but we need to make for Canterlot right away."

Twilight nodded and picked up her bags. She turned to Trixie with a stern look.

"Take good care of him Trixie. You don't want to see how I'll react if he's not well when I get back."

Trixie pulled back in fear slightly and nodded. Twilight smirked and walked to the chariot, allowing the royal pony to load her bags into it as she took her seat. The royal ponies returned to their harnesses and carried Twilight away, she waving to Trixie and Spike as they wave goodbye to her as well.

"So...I guess I better get-"

Spike stopped as his stomach rumbled, making him blush. Trixie looked surprised.

"Did Twilight not make you breakfast?"


Spike stopped as a scroll appeared before them. Trixie unraveled the letter and read it out loud.

Trixie, please forgive me, but I had completely forgotten to make Spike breakfast this morning. Please make him something; there should be plenty in the kitchen for him to eat. Tell Spike I'm so sorry.

Trixie set the scroll down as she carried her bags inside.

"It seems her majesty realized her mistake. She wished to apologize for it."

"Ah, it's not a big deal. She always gets strung out when she has a special assignment from Celestia. She literally exploded when she was getting ready to head to the Crystal Empire the first time."

Trixie couldn't help but laugh at the thought of Twilight Sparkle, who many see as the most organized of ponies and Celestia's personal student, erupting in anxiety.

"Come little Spike. Trixie will prepare breakfast for you."

Trixie went into the kitchen, searching for the items she would need. As she cooked, Spike set the table for them both, which Trixie found adorable and charming. She finished and placed a platter of pancakes with bananas baked into them. Spike looked at them curiously.

"Banana Pancakes?"

"One last thing first."

Trixie summoned a jar of zapapple jam and placed several pancakes on Spike's plate and spread a generous amount of jam onto each. Spike eyed the dish curiously. He cut a small piece and sniffed it, noticing a mix of the sweet and tasty flavor of zapapple and the yummy taste of baked banana. Spike bit into it, slowly chewing it before a big smile formed on his face.

"Trixie takes it you enjoy her creation?"

Spike nodded, having zoned out on the new delicious flavor he experienced.

"Yes....thank you for making it."

Trixie smirked with confidence as she enjoyed her own serving.

"Trixie attended extensive cooking classes while studying at Celestia's school for gifted unicorns. She is glad these skills are still proficient."

Spike raised a brow at her. He had to admit she was good at cooking, but really? She praises herself for it? He decided not to think about it. He did promise Twilight he would behave. After a short time, they both finished breakfast, Spike feeling very satisfied.

"I'll take care of the dishes."

Spike cleared the table and began washing the items they used. Meanwhile, Trixie looked over the list of things to do. Some time later, Spike had finished his work and walked to Trixie.

"What do we need to do first?"

"Apparently we have to make a few deliveries."

Spike rushed to Twilight's desk and pulled out a large scroll. Trixie shook her head in shock.

"This is a normal work day for you and her majesty?"

Spike simply shrugged and smiled.


Rainbow Dash was very busy on her patrol assignment for the Wonderbolts. She'd been working constantly since she became a wing pony. Rainbow Dash was flying low over Ponyville when she spotted Spike with another pony she didn't quite recognize.

"Who's that?"

She swiftly flew toward the ground, but froze when she realized who it was.


Rainbow Dash sprinted toward Spike at top speed, thinking he was in danger. She landed with a loud thud and set herself between Spike and Trixie.

"What the heck are you doing with Spike?!"

"Trixie is simply looking after him for Princess Twilight."

"No way! Twilight wouldn't leave him-"

Spike tried to pull back Rainbow Dash before she started a fight.

"It's true Rainbow! She asked Trixie because you and the other girls were too busy."

Rainbow Dash looked guilty.

"If she had mentioned this, I would have said yes in a heartbeat."

Trixie looked hurt hearing this.

"Her majesty trusted Trixie with her assistant. She-"

"Yeah, well, Twilight should have mentioned you!"

Spike pulled Rainbow Dash away from Trixie.

"Rainbow, take it easy! Twilight thinks we should give her the benefit of the doubt."

"Spike, you can't be serious! She used you as a basketball, for goodness sake!"

"Well, yes....but...."

Spike looked conflicted as he thought about it, making Trixie recoil in shame. Rainbow Dash pulled Spike close to her.

"Spike, I'll take a leave of absence. I can keep an eye on you."

"Twilight wanted me to stay with Trixie. She said-"

"I'll take the heat for it! I-"

"Hey, if Discord is allowed to be free, then we can at least give Trixie a chance."

Rainbow Dash was surprised to hear this, but realized Spike had a good point. She sighed and relented.

"Okay, okay, I....I'm sorry Trixie."

"Trixie....understands your concern. But she means no harm. I only wish to do as her majesty asked of me."

Rainbow Dash looked at Spike with an exasperated look.

"So....mind if I tag along? Just keep you company for a little while?"

"Trixie does not mind. Do you young Spike?"

"Trixie, please, just Spike. And no, I don't mind."

With that, the three continued on, Rainbow staying close to Spike, making certain to keep him in reach in case she needed to pull him away quickly. As Spike picked up the needed packages, Rainbow Dash noticed that Trixie was allowing Spike to do most of the work. As Spike made his first delivery, Rainbow Dash spoke to Trixie, trying to be friendly.

"You seem to be sitting back letting Spike handle all the work."

"Well, Trixie was told by her majesty-"



"Twilight. She doesn't like to be referred to by a title."

"Um, yes.....Twilight....said she wished for Spike to complete these tasks. Trixie felt it would be better to let him handle them himself. She will certainly lend him aid when needed."

"Really? You seem to think highly of him."

"Well, he is a surprisingly hard worker. "

"Yeah, he's also one of the nicest little guys around. He deserves to be treated with respect."

Trixie backed up slightly in concern, hearing a defensive edge in Rainbow's voice. Thankfully, Spike returned from his first delivery.

"Okay, that's one. Next is...."


Rainbow smartly saluted as a royal Pegasus soldier landed in front of her.

"Where have you been?! You have work to do?!"

"I apologize sir! I needed to check a situation, make sure that a civilian was safe, sir!"

"What situation?"

"I had thought an unsavory individual was in the area and I investigated."

"Well, is the situation under control?!"

"Sir, yes sir!"

"Then get back to your assigned patrol!"

The Pegasus flew off. Rainbow Dash sighed and turned to Spike.

"I gotta go Spike."

"It's okay Dash. I'll be alright."

Rainbow Dash gave him a bug hug, surprising him and Trixie. Rainbow flew off, sparing one last concerned look at Spike.

"Young Spike has many good friends. You are very lucky."

"Um....well, there's always a chance to make new good friends."

Trixie smiled warmly at him as they continued.


That night, Trixie and Spike returned to the library, having finished their work. Spike slumped onto a chair, worn out from the day while Trixie put away the day's list.

"What would you like for dinner, young Spike?"

Spike shook his head at her still giving him the title 'young'.

"Whatever is fine."

Trixie walked into the kitchen as Spike felt sleep starting to come over him as he rested in the chair. Spike couldn't help but worry about her having to deal with Rainbow Dash. He shook the sleepiness out of himself and walked into the kitchen, seeing Trixie working hard on dinner, looking a little sad.


Trixie ceased her work and turned to Spike.


"Um....I'm....I'm sorry about Rainbow Dash."

"There is no need to apologize. Trixie has not exactly been the most respectable pony."

"Well, yeah, you made mistakes-"

"You are too kind."

"But you are trying to set things right. Rainbow....she just has a hard time letting some things go."

Trixie lowered her head in sadness. Spike placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"For what's it worth, I think you're alright."

Trixie smiled slightly at him.

"Thank you. Trixie appreciated your kindness."


Trixie returned to preparing dinner as Spike set the table. She made a simple meal of vegetable medley, the two of them enjoying it as they felt the day start to make them doze off. When they finished, Spike tried to gather the dishes to clean as he did in the morning, but Trixie could tell he was to tired to do so. She used her magic to set them aside for later and placed Spike on her back,.

"Come, young drake. It is time for bed."

Spike didn't argue as she carried him upstairs. When she arrived in Twilight's bedroom, she noticed the basket Spike normally slept in. She was about to gently place him in it, but Spike nuzzled into her, obviously comfortable to be so close to her. Trixie couldn't help but smile at him gratefully. She opened the covers to Twilight's bed, set herself in it and placed Spike gently at her side as she covered them both. Spike continued to sleep soundly and cuddled closer to Trixie. She placed an arm around him as she settled down to sleep. As Trixie slowly fell into slumber, she sent out a silent thank you to Twilight for giving her this chance.

End of Part 2