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Inky Scrolls

What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutiemark?


Starlight Glimmer, former dictator turned guidance counsellor, is given an anonymous note, seeking help and advice. As she asks her friend Rarity for advice, her day is set to take an unexpected turn.

And as the weeks and months role by, Starlight learns something important about each of her closest friends - something which will continue to help and provide comfort for her in her darkest days.

This is an anthology of the stories in Starlight's Saga, so if you've already read them separately then this won't add anything new. For those who haven't yet read through Starlight's Saga, enjoy!

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Why thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.


Well done! As one who has suffered with depression for years, I found this treatment of the topic to be done with good taste. It was particulaly nice to see that recovery was a process for Starlight and that she still experienced bad days.

My single constructive criticism is of Pinkie's chapter. Her interaction with Starlight felt less developed than that of the other characters.

Thanks for the constructive criticism, I'll bear that in mind for the future. I've always found Pinkie quite a difficult character to write for!

I'm glad you felt my representation of depression to be realistic. I've suffered from dysthymia for many years, with the occasional bout of major depression just for banter, so I'm very familiar with how it can ebb and flow.


Lovely Story about Good ol Glim Glam. This is one of the few Stories that covers Starlight away from the frame of a a simple one shot. GREAT WORK. ^^

Thank you - I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I like the Gleam Machine a lot as a character so it was a pleasure to write a story for her.

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